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NEW TOSHIBA SAS Drive will not setup in my Dell PowerEdge 850? 64-Bit System, SATA With Win-7 PRO 64.

My DELL POWEREDGE 850 is a 64 Bit System. I have Win 7 64 Pro O.S. installed on SATA with 'no apparent errors'. But sadly, my new TOSHIBA 2TB SAS MG03SCA200 SCSI remains unidentified no matter what I try? I have a: SATA 7Pin to SAS 7+15Pin Data Power Cable Adapter that should do the trick? See eBay: 262059703135. Now my SAS spins up, but EASEUS Partition Master and Windows HD Partition never 'see' the SAS at all? I tried to locate 'drivers' or a 'installer' that may wake the SAS, but it remains unseen and unable to access? I tried the SAS Drive and Adapter on a HP 64-Bit System with the same results ~ no-go. ANY help will be greatly appreciated!

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  • Anthony Cardenas
    Anthony Cardenas Apr 07, 2018

    Larry, thank you for your helpful reply! Apparently the PowerEdge was configured with a SCSI controller, OR a SATA Drive version. Mine is the SATA and will support 2 SATA drives and a IDE CD/DVD Drive.

    Thank you too for letting me know about flashing the SCSI bios. I need a "simple" Card that can accept one or TWO SAS and hopefully one SATA drive? It was good to learn that SAS cards will also accept SATA connections too!

    Larry, I have seen many SCSI/SAS Control cards but only a VERY FEW have female card connectors that appear to match my smaller SAS cable?

    Almost ALL other SCSI control cards I have seen are VERY elaborate and need very special/large connecting cables, made for older SCSI I think? As you know, some also require batteries and terminators too!

    I have two PCIe edge connectors and one has a Five-port USB 3.0 card I installed. I would gladly remove the 3.0 USB card for a working SAS + SATA card!

    I wanted to mention again that I have Win 7 Pro 64-Bit that installed fine. The only special driver I needed was for my 3.0 USB card above.

    Thank you, Larry. I DO appreciate your time and help.


  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    old parallel SCSI forget that, please,this is SAS, now. serial, now.
    the w7 installed fine, no not to SAS .
    it installed to the SATA drive, big difference that.
    no the SAS termination are built in and automatic, that ended over 34+ years ago.
    you need a SAS card first.
    not sure why you bought SAS drives,?
    must be a fire sale?
    That's how I get mine, GRIN.

    here is my first SCSI card, (1994s late)
    it must be terminated correctly.(old skool)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    know that SAS comes on SFF standard cables
    HP custom cables.
    and Dell custom cables.
    i avoid the custom types. unless dirt cheap used.
    SFF is small form factor, wiki it.



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Using a DELL 13 year old server... 850 model.
REDUX #3, (im almost up to speed on YOUR GOAL)
you bought the wrong server, sure been there done that.
and discover to your chagrin that the SATA port
is useless for SAS new drives.
well it is. sorry.
not only that those 2 ports are slow, Intel ACH7 chips are Slow.
but so is that old Pentium inside.
omg some with CELERY chip dogs

i see that call SAS SCSI back 13 years ago
ok that cute, historically.
the CTO order new server had 10 choice on
just the controller (drive) with cables for data
power , backplane and cage, all missing in yours.

there is only 2 cures.
1: buy the dell parts missing in your server.
card + cable + sas cage (and matching backplane)
I bet only uses ones exist now,ask DELL that.
2: buy a cheap raid card, and flash it to HBA mode.
JBOD mode.
now some images

NEW TOSHIBA SAS Drive will not setup in my Dell Po - ide-v2jzpkvbuwxiggkcn1zz0rrd-3-0.jpg

850mb-v2jzpkvbuwxiggkcn1zz0rrd-3-1.jpgsometimes the limit, is firmware, or the driver
or simply , Dell didnt have 2+TB hDD to test back in 2005.!
reality of that fact.

Posted on Apr 07, 2018

Testimonial: "Larry, my control card is just like the card you posted. The board numbers match mine too. There are "SATA 0" (blue) and "SATA 1" (black) ports, but no mention of SAS. The large IDE (blue) connector is present too. The System BIOS was Version A03 and I just found A04 Bios online and it installed fine. Wow, July 2012. Larry, my Dell has a riser card with 2 PCI-E connectors, the largest is white with many pins and the smallest is black. This card also supports the front PANEL connectors (USB+COM), LEDs and power button, etc. Larry, you mentioned, "a new SATA card for 10 bucks, that works."? Will this new board support SAS drives larger than 600GB? Can you please tell me the board name or maybe it's number? Thank you, Larry. Your efforts ARE greatly appreciated! Anthony"

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  • Anthony Cardenas
    Anthony Cardenas Apr 07, 2018

    Larry, I checked: "850 Systems Installation and Troubleshooting Guide"... AND "Dell™ PowerEdge™ 850 Systems User's Guide" as well as the 850 Specs PDF, but NONE even MENTIONS "SAS"! SCSI, yes... lots on SCSI, but not a whisper about SAS.

    Wow, it's difficult to accept that SOMEONE has not set up a PowerEdge Server to use just ONE (two would be better) SAS Drives? I understand than HUNDREDS or maybe THOUSANDS of hard drives WON'T be on the "approved drive list/file" you mentioned... and I suspect that file would be massive if most "drives" were included!

    Thank you, Larry!

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    sure they have but they dont use fixya for help, there are 1000s of posts at DELL
    on topic, on this forum , Fixya it's about PCs
    and laptops and printers dead.
    not servers. (complex it is) PC are toys by comparison.
    there are 4 top server forums. fixya is not in the list ,sorry.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    next up a card, you said $10 now that is a tall order,, for used working raid.
    but I will try.
    this fact here is why home users don't buy SAS drives,
    hint PCs dont use them or have ports for them.
    some workstations do, but are not PCs'
    I have one,of those. HP XW4600 with raid.

    next ,coming to you next. a working card.
    and matching cables. yes, sorry sata cables are useless to SAS drives. sorry.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    I have a LSI-9211 flashed by me to HBA
    This is one of the most common raid cards made (old) and can be run in RAID mode
    or HBA mode. (host bus adaptor, no raid)
    new cards its the flip of switch to do that,but the prices is way too high,
    $300? up?
    the card is x4 express, and works in X8 riser ok. quote.
    "PCI Express x4 MPN:
    Internal Interfaces:
    see how it does both?

    $10 for raid gets you a dead card on ebay.

    but you are free to search all day for better prices, not me.

    let me make a list of things that make it too expensive, a raid card.
    1: new.
    2: newer designs.
    3: extra port jacks, 1 port does 4 drives.
    4: external sas jack. at rear.
    5: faster cards. cost more, just like processors. do.
    6: and most expensive of all are the genius smart cards.
    a: autoformats and syncs data on new drive added. (expansion mode)
    b: emAILS YOU for drive x bad. nice.
    c: read the top data sheets at dell on there new RAID cards, endless and amazing feature sets. and not FREE. $$$$$$$$

    HBA should be the most cheap cards but are not. (they are more rare)
    econ 101, rule, rare expensive.
    (not mine it can be flashed to HBA zero cost)

    the card.

    now the cable, sas card to SAs drive.
    keep in mind most cables to SAS do not go direct to HDD, SAS.
    they go to a cage of SAS
    you have no cage, and you need a direct cable.

    here is the correct cable for SAS and NO CAGE

    that is it,
    see why all home users never use SAS drive.
    cost. of all the above.
    a fact.

    I do it because I run RAID here.
    SAS raid. caged,
    and one SATA raid, direct no cage
    i could do sas no cage, easy with the above setup.

    see, that is how SAS plays out.
    ask questions.

    what works with dell ive not a clue.
    the above are generic parts, not DELL.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    Ok Im sorry now i mentioned approved list
    if you are not using all the features of DELL RAID , then you dont need that.
    try to know that RAID drives, may not work right in some DELL servers, full blown servers.
    If you dont need raid say so.
    SAS is used in RAID systems.
    1: life is longer,
    2: they are fast.
    3: and the smart features are SERVER + RAID class grade , even with 100,000 drives running in a huge server farm, ever seen googles?farm?
    4: try to know dell did not test all 10,000
    sas drives, made , all generations, be super expensive that, and and ENDLESS! JOB.
    5: Sas has the 7 extra VPS pins, read up on that.

    lets back up why did you buy SAS server drives. it just a simple unloaded questions
    A: in fire sale, or B:gifted? or C: bought them by mistake.? no fingers pointing, just a question?

    my answer here, is for #1 above. mine.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    now pure dell raid cards, PERC.
    lets say you did buy the DELL server with the onboard (riser) fitted, PERC raid card H700 or higher.
    the server has a second book , if opted for raid sas.
    here (power edge raid controllers)PERC

    then in said book you read the driver support and see there is no W7 support. sorry, none.
    just a MS Server 2008, (closest match)
    ebay has $15 card used, H700

    the DELL page for Perc driver, h700 up
    are here.

    now the real magic, the actual PNP
    microsoft, driver locker, (catalog servers)

    as you can see MS only has what HP gave them.

    I'd get LSI card, as they seem to have the most drivers of all raid cards made.
    or supermicro.

    the other issue not broached by me
    is the raid card sizes.
    it has to fit in the small area, to the left of the riser. x8 or x4 slots (as the case may be)
    and DELL is mum on that, after all only DELL card fit (LOL)

  • Anthony Cardenas
    Anthony Cardenas Apr 09, 2018

    OK, Larry. I thought you 'approved' that Supermicro Controller and the link to it's drivers was most compelling. And that you liked the price too... Larry, the Egghead/Supermicro order is complete and it's sad to learn it is not Win 7 friendly after all ~ now I see that light at the end of the tunnel is a TRAIN!

    I have 'Win 2000 Server' available IF that is even compatible? I suppose RAID is possible too, but it is NOT a option I wanted to pursue because IF something went wrong ~ I WOULD want to be able to FIX it quickly.

    Larry, none of this is your fault ~ "I" just misunderstood you.

    Now I found the "H700" at $15 but it (apparently) has no SCSI connectors?? How are the drives connected, please?

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    why run 18 year old OS, and old cards to match.? windows 2000 is useless. today.
    sorry. (you can buy home license from MS MVP for like 15 bucks, no web usage just home LAN, sub net.) Get Win Sever 2008. cheap.

    why mess with w2000,? ever.
    it like owning flip cell phone now./
    or shoe phone, LOL ! "get smart maxwell?")

    why are you still calling SAS SCSI, it's not.
    the only part of SAS that is SCSI still is the old subset of commands are still there.
    its like calling new ford (Model A like)
    same deal. (forget the words SCSI ok?)
    and the 13 years old sales sheet.

    SAS ,SAS, SAS.... that is what you own.

    i do not approve anything,
    all i said was, 9211 and then OAC-usaS2-L8l both have w7 drivers.
    that is it. (many cards DO NOT)
    no idea at all on your usage.
    or wanting redundancy or
    just JBOB (HBA mode)
    my guess JBOD, so flash it to JBOD HBA.
    That also adds the Upgrade to huge TByte drives.

    Try to learn that 6GB/sec will never happen on old, SCSI parallel anything,(relics of the past) nor on that SATA card.
    SAS does that only.(and some SATA too but not YOURS ever. not ever with ACH7 chips)

    if something went wrong, well that will happen ,all computer made fail, so do most drives at the 10 year mark, or less on laptops. plan on it.
    The plan is avoid data loss, nothing else matters. unless....
    Always have backups. is super important data, have it saved OFF SITE (above the flood?)
    RAID is to keep a production server up..
    But we all know. things happen.
    PSU blows up.
    fans die.
    memory card shorts killing them all dead.
    and more, so backup.

    please ask lots of questions all so far are very very good, and welcome.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    The real question was
    "I bought the wrong server"
    and now I can not use my new SAS drives.
    what can I do.?
    answer buy cheap raid card (and the cables)
    or buy the missing parts not in your server
    H6i? and the card cages and cable set.

    it's listed in the 840s parts list (at dell)
    but can be expensive those parts.
    Id bet dell don't sell them after 13 years.
    but may be found on fleabay used, cheap.
    by exact partnumber.
    one more way to answer, above.

    summary here. (cheap raid controllers for SAS)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    finding 13yearo old dell parts is not easy

    look here
    not sure if this is right, the card is.
    but those blue dell cables may be sas.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    that riser card I posted, IDE/SATA
    is not controller. at all,
    it's wires. only./(PCB traces)
    it goes to the intel ICH7 chip (sata)
    South Bridge glue logic chips from intel
    on the main MOBO.
    in this case PORTS.


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Sounds like, if it has never worked, your motherboard is too outdated.

Posted on Apr 07, 2018

Testimonial: "Thank you, Jon! The 'new' 1TB SATA drive I installed was recognized instantly on setup. I preformatted that 1TB SATA with NTFS on a HP system. Win 7 64 Pro installed quickly. It's my NEW SAS (SCSI) that can not be recognized with the original Dell SATA Card. Jon, all I need is a "simple" SAS SCSI Drive Controller. ONE port will do, but TWO would be much better! My big problem is I don't know WHICH card to buy? The SAS Drive has a data connector that LOOKS just like a small SATA data connector, but it's not SATA. Thank you for your reply, Jon!"

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  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    no it dont look like SATA
    here is why that is wrong.
    well if not wearing glasses, sure.(me)

    one can lead a horse to water but cant....

    see why it wont fit? and the 7 extra VPS sas pins
    details matter. and the blocking thing there.see that gap, and the rise in the gap blocker that keeps the SAS cable from inserting in to the SATA drive, on PURPOSE.
    (you dont have a cable but cant see that sure)

    VPS pins.
    in real server cage, those 7 pin send errors
    to the cage backplane card, and LED on said card glow , telling you what sas drive failed. (the cage tells the controller the same thing, and takes actions on failures.
    and SATA does not run any SAS drive.
    the Intel ICH7 does NOT TALK SAS data/command

    RAID is complex. we could talk all day just on RAID, (or 5 days on the evolution of SCSI)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    if you look at the bottom right side
    above my HP DL380G7, does both
    but its special connector there, see?
    and the back plane is wired to the SAS raid controller, and does both SAS and SATA.
    but but with raid limits. ask.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    see my redux below.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    WHY do HBA. mode?
    answer it's faster, in some cases. (1 drive yes)
    but nothing is faster that a RAID run in the FAST modes
    10 drives, 500GB and array sized 500GB.
    Raid can be built for speed only. and not redundancy reasons, and more.

    Btw2, i flashed my LSI to cross 2TB boundary.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    now a short answer, say you said run it as HBA, 2 drives SAS and show up as E: and F: drives. not boot drives.

    1; install the LSI card.(to riser x8)
    2: flash card so 2TB works. and bigger.
    3: flash it to HBA for speed.
    4: connect the special cable.
    5: connect the power from PSU to the SAS conn. jacks.
    6: boot w7
    7: see the HDD new? sure. disk manager for sure.
    8: if in raid mode they will be invisible until you go to F2? mode in the raid and do add drive 1 and 2,. then windows sees it.

    F2 means at power on, go to the raid card prompt (different Fn key, on all makers of raid, RTM)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    F2 (or what the manual says) is the RAID BIOS screens. (setup)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    i will look now at newegg for your
    for SAS cards.
    cheap, ok?

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    lots of deals there on refurbs. $15

    this looks nice. with SFF connectors
    SFF is a standard. and is best.

    but faster is this.

    the deals there are amazing,
    not there last year,

    LSI is now AVAGO btw.

    last comment.
    ask dell what is good sas card.
    at dell, who knows, might find the card for $20, or get the dell cage up grade.
    used. (an option new, and still)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    that super micro card.
    the drivers are here,

    w7 there. for sure.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 08, 2018

    wow got free shipping there , on $18 card.
    at newegg. nice.

    here is the spec page.

  • Anthony Cardenas
    Anthony Cardenas Apr 08, 2018

    Larry, YOU are amazing! My goal is two SAS drives, NOT setup as RAID, but independent, using 1 controller card. Drive 0 to have Win 7 64 and 'most used programs' and drive 0 for files, movies and documents.

    I have the drivers you recommended and I just need to be CLEAR about the actual card? A SUPERMICRO AOC-USAS2-L8i PCI Express SATA/SAS Eight-Port Internal RAID Adapter.

    I hunted for everything egghead had in "Supermicro" (and there are many) then hunted down the price. Next I went to the SUPERMICRO site, found the card 'drivers' and they were indeed the same drivers you recommended!

    I bought the card almost instantly, but I also needed SAS Cables too so I ordered them as well:
    SAS Cables (100cm): Mini SAS 4i 36Pin SFF-8087 Host to 4 SATA 7pin hard disk.

    Larry, I DID take your recommendation and found a "Dell Server Forum" and joined. I posted my goals there, but I've received no replies yet? That was last night. Thank you for recommending a specialized group.

    SO ~ the SAS Card and support Cables are NOW ordered! I have the recommended drivers too ~ thanks again to you, Larry.

    You asked WHY I purchased the SAS? At the time of order I did not have my Dell yet, it was still being shipped. I KNEW I was going to need a larger "SCSI" drive so YES, it WAS a 'great deal' on a new-in-the-bag 2TB SCSI.

    I CAREFULLY read the specs and I was SO impressed with the SCSI speed AND it's outstanding MTBF ratings! That 5 year warranty is great too ~ so I bought two! When I opened the first drive I 'thought' I was looking at a "SATA" drive and I had no clue it was a "SCSI-SAS mini" connector!

    Then when the Dell arrived I was surprised that it was NOT a SCSI setup (as advertised), but a SATA setup instead! Now I needed a proper SCSI Control card ~ but not just ANY card, one SAS-mini compatible and more.

    Because the Dell was a SATA setup, I installed a NEW 1TB drive I had on hand. I also ordered 8GB of 'approved' memory to max-out the Dell.

    After ample floggings I got the Dell to boot to the empty SATA. Then I learned the "IDE CD" drive could not read correctly so I loaded a flash drive with a bootable Win 7 64 Bit OS... then installed same. Next I added a 5-port USB 3.0 card and that was the only driver I needed to hunt for.

    Larry, I HAVE seen one or three of the Google Server "farms" and the are INCREDIBLE! Years ago I recall seeing photos of the first TUCOWS site! (1993, Flint, MI) and their setup was in a barn ~ as I recall?

    But YOUR setup and operations are quite complex too! Of course as needs and hardware grows ~ so do the headaches of interface and failures! Seems that nothing this complex WORKS out of the box.

    Larry, I am holding my breath waiting for my new card and cables! I have the manual and I need to study it well. To flash or not to flash? How to get my Dell to accept the new SCSI card? Oh' the questions seem endless ~ but that's why I bought this Dell... to LEARN!

    Larry, I sincerely thank you for investing so much time and for sharing your incredible knowledge with me. I'm sure you have 25,000 'other things' that need your attention ~ but you dedicated SO much valuable time with me! Larry, I am both thankful and humbled.

    I trust my next message to you will tell of my SUCCESS with my new "rocket ship" ~ my OWN Server UP and WORKING. And who knows ~ maybe I'll order Another SAS and card for the HP I am using now! Film at 11!

    Bless you and yours, Larry!

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    ok to learn, sounds great. for sure!
    yes the server came setup for SATA
    or SAS (never scsi, as that is parallel)
    SAS means serial attached SCSI.
    only the commands are still SCSI but all electronics is serial.(SAS now)

    the Raid sold then is/was SAS, only. (or sata)
    the SAS card can in fact run sas or sata drives. (using correct matched cables) but never can it run any SCSI (parallel).

    us the word SAS and avoid word SCSI (relic names)
    the cables are all SAS SFF cables.
    the ends have code numbers, to tell you what you get.
    you got a SAS raid card to SAS drive cables set. (direct connected, not caged drives)

    this is the direct cable set for 4 sas directs. (

    the single end is called P/n# SFF8087.
    the other ends are for direct sas drive connections. (sas has no power wires)
    you must add them from PSU your self.

    the number used on the drive end connector is called SFF-8482
    p1 to p4, for 4 drives
    if you look carefully see this special vps 7 pins for SAS drives on the 8442 connectors.

    Yes SAS are very good drives, that is why the warranty is so good. (they are)

    and fast, in fact i bench marked my
    small SAS drive raid array of 8 drives.
    and it runs as fast or faster than a new
    SSD drive,yes, it does scream.
    Great for video servers too.
    ok, good night, time to read and sleep.

    that super micro, the
    HBA flash
    and RAID flash firmware are still there.

    The HBA is no raid just JBOD.
    just a bunch of disks.

    IM not sure on the raid restrictions.
    i will look that up in the morning.

    (modes allowed, some allow spare drives , and mirrored drives and off line spares and online spares, but its obvious once you
    do the control+C bios callup.
    see what it can do, or not.
    the updates at super micro are 2017, very current and good news there.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    hello... topic 10?
    drivers, (complex topic) for sure W7 as sub topics..
    most of these drivers, only work on real
    Server operating systems like
    Microsoft 2003, 2008 or 2012 Server OS.
    I run 2012R2 on mine.

    what is supported on any chip , yes chip
    is varies by year, and maker, of chip or card.
    some do support w7, LSI is top maker of cards and does support w7 on some cards.
    HP or DELL not so. much, if at all.

    how ever my HP P410 (raid card)runs on W10 ok. even on a works station by HP.

    what matters most it seems is the price.
    (me too)
    $15 is less than a potted plant.
    so if you get that and do the device ID scans
    on it (device manager) ask. how.

    then we see exactly what chip is there.
    chips come in sub classes (evolution of features, year, etc.)
    so only that matters,
    then what OS matches that exact raid hip.

    LSI example"
    id get the driver first from them first.
    for sure if plug and play fails, PNP
    at boot time. to find the controller.

    keep in find if the raid firmware is load
    W7 will not find the new driver,
    until you tell the controller to activate the new driver first (HBA firm ware no need to do that, this is called HBA pass-through mode)

    and 2nd place from MS.Com

    the supermicro does support all this,
    if you go to there home page,
    and then read the page dedictate to that
    exact card you see this.

    then on that page, click drivers
    then see
    windows, drill down
    see a zip file.
    called winzip.
    down load it and see that inside that 1 zip
    all driver for this car are in that compressed (packed) file.

    and see this
    as you can see , what is supported there
    is very clear in the names.
    extract the zip to a fold, say super.
    the tell windows to find the driver there.

    (in device manager we do that)
    we click in the raid card there,
    and pick update driver then say , find it on my computers. the to go the super folder
    and it finds , INF files and those load the binary files. to windows driver cache.
    here is the first line of said INF

    ; LSI_SAS2.INF - version W7.0 (Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2)

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    finding those at microsoft, PnP servers is super hard, my guess is due to the makers name changed 3 time LSI first then Avago now.
    best is to to this, use chip code.
    called Hardware ID's those work like big time, best. (hint that is how PnP works)

    click the raid card
    click on it right click properties.
    click details tab.
    last scroller to Hardward IDs per below.
    see that code, with that code we can find any drive made, it is if it was made. ever.
    hope this is not old hat.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    im remote in to my video server there.
    using ANYDESK APP. device manager,
    I run 2 mirrored huge raid drive there.

    VEN = vendor ( chip makers name)
    DEV = device code. very important to a match.
    we only do this if PnP fails.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    LSI-9211 cards, one of my favorite, cards,
    cheap, and lots of OS support, even intel uses it.
    a very good write up is here.

    and cross flashing , to HBA

    lots of secrets there, and very usefull.
    on how to setup FreeNAS

    they flat out say w7 works, OOTB, out of the box W7 Pnp finds it and loads the driver,
    and for sure online. live

    my most favorite is the P410 card, from HP
    it runs W10, OOTB.
    costs more but is 100x more smart, no pun
    on S.M.A.R.T technology there,
    The 410 tells you hdd #9 is bad !
    The APP on the server sent you email of that.
    So YOU remove it hot.
    you put in a new hdd, in slot 9
    and it rebuilds it all by itself (not you)
    smart, it is.
    that comment is just to wet your whistle.
    have great day, and have fun with raid.
    and your are 10x right, SAS is the best.

    that is if not Paul Allen with his 10 1TB SSD drives. in a RAID set....$$$$$$$
    holding photos of , the USS Indianapolis (CA-35) (1/2 joking)
    cheers !

    rumor is 9211 , aka: LSI SAS2008
    1000h 72h
    ven dev.

    here is the data base master here.

    see that H200 from dell is same card, or very near.

    now the 19 pages at
    for this code.
    done e the hard way
    page 10 , BINGO

    this is what makes MS PnP work, on this card
    9211 or by any other names.

  • Larry Ng
    Larry Ng Apr 09, 2018

    PLUS FREENAS support.
    and FAST too,



5 Suggested Answers

  • 2 Answers


Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

  • 2072 Answers

SOURCE: can i install windows 7 on HP dl320E

That is correct, they only support the server versions of windows.

Posted on Dec 03, 2012

  • 2 Answers

SOURCE: I am trying to install

download dell server assistant onto a cd... youll get a menu, follow the menu. you also need the server 2003 installation cd

Posted on Aug 19, 2012

  • 156 Answers

SOURCE: need network drivers for dell poweredge sc 440

Firstly Uninstall The Current Driver Software And Kindly Follow This Link Below To Download And Enter The SERVICE TAG of Your Dell Power Edge Server And Choose The Appropriate Driver As There Are More Than 1 Options...
If u are not aware about the correct driver software then contact DELL CHAT SUPPORT as they have to provide u the right information because everything these guys tell u got DOCUMENTED so don't worry this time your issue would be taken care of or else if could share the SERVICE TAG i vl contact them on your behalf and provide the the CORRECT DRIVER DETAILS as i understood ur emergency to get this up and running.....

Posted on May 21, 2009

  • 1 Answer

SOURCE: install windows xp pro

My is working , i have same dell server 1600 , i download the driver from LSI website here is the link

you just need u320 scsi driver for server 1600sc

download XP driver 32 bit it will work

Posted on Aug 29, 2008

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Related Questions:

1 Answer

Why the hard drives are not detected, and when accessing controller from the BIOS no hard drive found only DVD drive ?

You need to access the PERC system at bootup.. Much easier to use a SATA HD and not use the PERC controller.

Aug 04, 2014 | Dell PowerEdge T420 Server

1 Answer

Hard disk drive not detected during installing windows server 2003

It depends on what type of drive you are using. Plus, you may have to specify the array controller drivers if your are using the SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drives.

May 22, 2013 | Dell POWEREDGE R610 (4640223) Server

2 Answers

How do I make RAID 1 HDD's appear on Bootable USB WinXP Install?

a waste of time and effort installing win xp on anything as it is no longer supported by Microsoft and had real problems with drivers for just about everything
install win 10 and it will work

Feb 28, 2018 | Dell POWEREDGE 1950 Server

1 Answer

We have a Dell Poweredge 4400 & a Dell Poweredge 2300. Both have amber lights blinking - hard-disk failure indicators. They are using RAID. What do I need to do?

Go into the RAID setup during bootup (not always in the BIOS), but will post somewhere on startup (should say SCSI/SAS Controller card press CTRL + M to enter setup) or similar.

When in the raid setup check to see the status of the drive(s).

Was the machine running and it's just happened etc or are these machines you have obtained and are plain not working?

Sep 07, 2010 | Dell PowerEdge 2300 Server

1 Answer

Poweredge 1800 server


I looked over the spesifications for the poweredge 1800 servers, go ahead, it will work perfectly but there is one problem in the windows XP setup, you will need to insert / load SCSI or SATA drivers for the hard drive With a floppy disk, or if you don't have a floppy drive your going to need to create a custom windows xp setup cd and add the drivers into it so it can start the SCSI or SATA hard drive and finish the install. without the drivers it might not find the hard drive.

Aside from that I don't see any other problems. You should be able to get the drivers, and everything ese from dell site

Actually I looked over the dell downloads, I see only windows 2000 on the list with windows server 2003, and 2008 and linux distributions.

This could be a 2nd problem, drivers might not be avaialble, or work with xp, but we might be able to get it to work.

So two problems, SCSI or SATA drivers in windows xp / windows 2000 setup

2nd problem is in windows xp drivers, you could try windows 2003's drivers and 2000's and see if they work, if not, then we would have to look for drivers ourselfs from the internet.

So xp might cause headache but we might get it working, windows 2000 seems to be supported perfectly.

Let me know how the project goes

Jun 03, 2009 | Dell PowerEdge 1800 Server

1 Answer

Drive Options with a Dell Poweredge 2600

I would definitively not recommend to remove the backplates, unless you want to ask for serious trouble with your system.

I would install a PCI SATA adapter card (one like these) and connect your SATA drives to it.

May 27, 2009 | Dell PowerEdge 2600 Server

1 Answer

Setup can not find any hard disk while installing win 2003

During setup you must specify any raid drivers that are required. Have the raid controller driver on floppy and insert when prompted.

Mar 31, 2009 | Dell POWEREDGE 1950 Server

1 Answer

Constant beep on poweredge 840 appears to work alright


Besides standard beeps codes indicating Processor, CPU, Memory or Systemboard failures,
Dell PERC (PowerEdge Expandable Raid Controller) or SAS Controllers (Serial Attached SCSI) generate beeps to alert failures on the RAID sub-system.

From your description of the issues (when the beeps start), i suggest you check PERC or SAS setup. If you have Dell OpenManage Server Administrator installed, you can log-in and check for more information. Additionally, on the next reboot check the PERC/SAS/CERC boot up for any messages. You may also access the PERC (Ctrl+M), SAS (Ctrl+R) CERC (Ctrl+A) Management Menu for specific failures and attempt a rebuild (assuming you have a redundant RAID Volume).

You can also speak with Dell Support and raise a warranty call if the system has warranty.

Note: PowerEdge 840 would ship with PERC or SAS Controller. PowerEdge 700 will ship with PERC or CERC.


Apr 02, 2008 | Dell PowerEdge 700 Server

1 Answer

Poweredge 2300 Configuration Help Appriciated :)

I have a older poweredge 2300 i get the following message run program setup.

Mar 26, 2008 | Dell PowerEdge 2300 Server

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