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Serial system 800 7e 6bb

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04toyata camry ecu b fuse keeps blowing

I see on this fuse box diagram below the ECU B, this is the description for that fuse.( could be a short somewhere in the circuit.) Multiplex communication system (power door lock system, security system, auto?door locking system, automatic light control system, headlight delay off system, tail light auto cut system, illuminated entry system, daytime running light system, wireless remote control system), air conditioning system

Sep 01, 2018 | Cars & Trucks

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System restore for systemx s51g23013ga3th0

System Restore or System Recovery?
System Restore does not delete your data.
System Recovery deletes everything and sets your system back to when you first purchased it.

To launch System Restore you can:
Windows XP - Click Start/Programs/Accesstories/System Tools/System Restore

Windows Vista - Click Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore

Windows 7 - Click Start then in the search box type "System Restore" (without the quotes) and the system will show you the link to click above in the search results.

For System Recovery - RTM - Read The Manual

Get onlineand got to In the google search box type: "AcerSupport" (without the quotes and put your manufacturer name before Support). Look for downloads and drivers. Enter your model number and operatingsystem when requested. Look for Manuals. Search the manuals for how to start the Recovery.

May 06, 2012 | Computers & Internet

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Error code F760 GE profile oven

Hello. The error code refers to a defective keypad. I will absolutely need the entire model number(ex JS968BF1BB thru 6BB, JS968BK1BB thru 5BB, JS968KF1CC thru 6CC, JS968KK1CC thru KK5CC, JS968SF1SS thru SF6SS), and there are a few more model series.
The part mounting, etc. is basically the same--HOWEVER, depending on the model, the part number is different. (example JS968BF1BB touch panel is WB27T10439. JS968BK1BB touch panel is WB27T10751 and so on). Just looking on the net, I saw prices for this part in the neighborhood of +/- 200.00. Shop carefully for the best price--If you are hesitant about replacing the panel yourself, DEFINITELY CALL FOR SERVICE. Your range has several microprocessor controlled boards. I have replaced a fair amount of them--and no, they aren't bad or anything like that either. If you're going to do it yourself, take pix as you go, make a diagram if needed for the screw locations, etc. ALWAYS REMOVE POWER FROM THE RANGE BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR TOOLS AND STARTING WORK!! I hope I helped you!

Jan 28, 2012 | GE Profile JS968 Electric Kitchen Range

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Ibm 8215 beep codes

Here is a list of beep codes, this may help determine the problem wit your system.
1. Keyboard
2. System Board1-4-X Error detected in first 64 KB of RAM.1. Memory Module
2. System Board2-1-1, 2-1-21. Run Setup
2. System Board2-1-X First 64 KB of RAM failed.1. Memory Module
2. System Board2-2-21. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System Board2-2-X First 64 KB of RAM failed.1. Memory Module
2. System Board2-3-X1. Memory Module
2. System Board2-4-X1. Run Setup
2. Memory Module
3. System Board3-1-X DMA register failed.1. System Board3-2-4 Keyboard controller failed.1. System Board
2. Keyboard3-3-4 Screen initialization failed.1. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System Board
3. Display3-4-1 Screen retrace lest detected an error.1. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System Board
3. Display3-4-2 POST is searching for video ROM.1. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System Board41. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System BoardAll other beep code sequences.1. System BoardOne long and one short beep during POST. Base 640 KB memory error or shadow RAM error.1. Memory Module
2. System BoardOne long beep and two or three short beeps during POST.(Video error)1. Video Adapter (if installed)
2. System BoardThree short beeps during POST.1. See "System board memory" on page 62.
2. System BoardContinuous beep.1. System BoardRepeating short beeps.1. Keyboard stuck key?
2. Keyboard Cable
3. System Board

Nov 29, 2011 | IBM ThinkCentre M52 8215 - P4 531 3 GHz...

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I'm trying to install a c4380 wireless printer with windows 7 but it won't take, says it's not supported by software

  1. First find out if you are using 32 or 64 bit
  2. Click Start
Collapse this imageExpand this image vistastartbutton.jpg , type system in the Start Search box, and then click system in the Programs list.
  1. The operating system is displayed as follows:
    • For a 64-bit version operating system: 64-bit Operating System appears for the System type under System.
    • For a 32-bit version operating system: 32-bit Operating System appears for the System type under System.
Method 2: View System Information window loadTOCNode(4, 'moreinformation');
  1. Click Start Collapse this imageExpand this image vistastartbutton.jpg, type system in the Start Search box, and then click System Information in the Programs list.
  2. When System Summary is selected in the navigation pane, the operating system is displayed as follows:
    • For a 64-bit version operating system: x64-based PC appears for the System type under Item.
    • For a 32-bit version operating system: x86-based PC appears for the System type under Item.
  3. Then go to hp website and download driver for windows 7 for correct bit version.
  4. Unistall old driver install new.

Nov 28, 2009 | Xerox DocuColor 12 Printer

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Be.tmp.exe application error. the instruction at "0x0040c173" referenced memory at "0x0040c173". the memory could not be read

This should all be done in safe mode and with system restore turned off for now.

This is a virus and You need to run your antivirus scan and remove what it finds,Run a cleaner program such as Ccleaner

Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and open the task manager,Under the process tab find and end task on tmp.exe and/or BE.tmp.exe.
It is a process belonging to an advertising program by 123bar. This process monitors your browsing habits and distributes the data back to the author's servers for analysis. This also prompts advertising popups. This process is a security risk and should be removed from your system.

%FontsDir%\nwlnkfwd.exe %FontsDir%\nwlnkipx.exe %FontsDir%\nwlnknb.exe %FontsDir%\nwlnkspx.exe %FontsDir%\nwrdr.exe %FontsDir%\oprghdlr.exe %FontsDir%\p3.exe %ProgramFiles%\internet explorer\keymaker.exe %ProgramFiles%\outlook express\keymaker.exe %System%\1025\zipfldr.exe %System%\1028\zipfldr.exe %System%\1028myztx.exe %System%\1031\zipfldr.exe %System%\1033\zipfldr.exe %System%\1037\zipfldr.exe %System%\1041\zipfldr.exe %System%\1042\zipfldr.exe %System%\1054\zipfldr.exe %System%\2052\zipfldr.exe %System%\3076\zipfldr.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb0000a.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb0000b.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb0000c.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb0000d.exe %System%\3com_dmi\edb0000e.exe %System%\3com_dmi\zipfldr.exe %System%\catroot\zipfldr.exe %System%\catroot2\{127d0a1d-4ef2-11d1-8608-00c04fc295ee}\tmp.exe %System%\catroot2\{f750e6c3-38ee-11d1-85e5-00c04fc295ee}\tmp.exe %System%\catroot2\tmp.exe %System%\catroot2\zipfldr.exe %System%\com\zipfldr.exe %System%\dhcp\zipfldr.exe %System%\directx\zipfldr.exe %System%\dllcache\zipfldr.exe %System%\drivers\disdn\ws2ifsl.exe %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ %System%\drivers\etc\ws2ifsl.exe %System%\drivers\ws2ifsl.exe %System%\drivers\zipfldr.exe %System%\export\zipfldr.exe %System%\grouppolicy\adm\gpt.exe %System%\grouppolicy\gpt.exe %System%\grouppolicy\machine\gpt.exe %System%\grouppolicy\user\gpt.exe %System%\grouppolicy\zipfldr.exe %System%\ias\zipfldr.exe %System%\icsxml\zipfldr.exe %System%\ime\zipfldr.exe %System%\inetsrv\zipfldr.exe %System%\keymaker.exe %System%\macromed\comadmin.exe %System%\macromed\comempty.exe %System%\macromed\comexp.exe %System%\macromed\edb00017.exe %System%\macromed\res1.exe %System%\macromed\res2.exe %System%\macromed\tmp.exe %System%\macromed\zipfldr.exe %System%\microsoft\zipfldr.exe %System%\msdtc\msdtc.exe %System%\msdtc\trace\msdtc.exe %System%\msdtc\zipfldr.exe %System%\mui\0418\ftdisk.exe %System%\mui\0418\gm.exe %System%\mui\0418\gmreadme.exe %System%\mui\0418\hgfs.exe %System%\mui\0418\http.exe %System%\mui\0418\i8042prt.exe %System%\mui\0418\imapi.exe %System%\schost.exe %System%\services32.exe %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\mouclass.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\mountmgr.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\mqac.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\mrxdav.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\mrxsmb.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\msfs.sys %System%\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\msgpc.sys %System%\syskey_dll\sysupdate.exe %System%\system\system.exe %System%\tmp.exe %Temp%\5.exe %Temp%\70554keygen1.exe %Temp%\guqf296\keymaker.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\efubtgis.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\key_gen.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\keygen.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\keymaker.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\tmp.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\tvonuaek.exe %Temp%\ixp000.tmp\zwwltphz.exe %Temp%\ixp001.tmp\keymaker.exe
You should also download and run Spybot search and destroy and delete what it finds.


May 21, 2009 | HP Compaq Presario V3000T Notebook

1 Answer

Design a Menu-driven interactive programme to find out all the Capital cities of India using switch statement

public class capital
public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
System.out.println("Enter 1 for Andra Pradesh");
System.out.println("Enter 2 for Arunachal Pradesh.");
System.out.println("Enter 3 for Assam.");
System.out.println("Enter 4 for Bihar.");
System.out.println("Enter 5 for Chhattisgarh.");
System.out.println("Enter 6 for Goa.");
System.out.println("Enter 7 for Karnataka.");
System.out.println("Enter 8 for Gujrat.");
System.out.println("Enter 9 for Haryana.");
System.out.println("Enter 10 for Himachal Pradesh.");
System.out.println("Enter 11 for Mizoram.");
System.out.println("Enter 12 for Jammu & Kashmir.");
System.out.println("Enter 13 for Jharkhand.");
System.out.println("Enter 14 for Kerala.");
System.out.println("Enter 15 for Madhya Pradesh.");
System.out.println("Enter 16 for Maharashtra.");
System.out.println("Enter 17 for Manipur.");
System.out.println("Enter 18 for Meghalaya.");
System.out.println("Enter 19 for Nagaland.");
System.out.println("Enter 20 for Orissa.");
System.out.println("Enter 21 for Punjab.");
System.out.println("Enter 22 for Rajasthan.");
System.out.println("Enter 23 for Sikkim.");
System.out.println("Enter 24 for Tamil Nadu.");
System.out.println("Enter 25 for Tripura.");
System.out.println("Enter 26 for Uttar Pradesh.");
System.out.println("Enter 27 for Uttaranchal.");

BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(;
String read = br.readLine();
int ch = Integer.parseInt(read);

case 1: System.out.println("Hyderabad");
case 2: System.out.println("Itanager");
case 3: System.out.println("Dispur");
case 4: System.out.println("Patna");
case 5: System.out.println("Raipur");
case 6: System.out.println("Panaji");
case 7: System.out.println("Bangalore");
case 8: System.out.println("Gandhinagar");
case 9: System.out.println("Chandigarh");
case 10: System.out.println("Shimla");
case 11: System.out.println("Aizawl");
case 12: System.out.println("Srinagar(Summer) & Jammu(Winter)");
case 13: System.out.println("Ranchi");
case 14: System.out.println("Trivandrum");
case 15: System.out.println("Bhopal");
case 16: System.out.println("Bombay");
case 17: System.out.println("Imphal");
case 18: System.out.println("Shillong");
case 19: System.out.println("Kohima");
case 20: System.out.println("Bhubaneswar");
case 21: System.out.println("chandigarh");
case 22: System.out.println("Jaipur");
case 23: System.out.println("Gangtok");
case 24: System.out.println("Chennai");
case 25: System.out.println("Agartala");
case 26: System.out.println("Lucknow");
case 27: System.out.println("Dehra Dun");
default: System.out.println("Invalid entry!");

(IGNOU - BCA - CS-74 - Q.4 - 2009)
Visit :

Apr 13, 2009 | Computers & Internet

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try or

Oct 06, 2008 | Computers & Internet

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