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Sync iphone to outlook

Can anyone instruct me how to synchronize my iphone to my outlook.

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  • mansati Nov 21, 2007

    I am using Outlook 2000 SP3 and cannot sync my iphone with it.

    Any Suggestions?

  • rsmith449 Dec 06, 2007

    I having the same problem. I sync my Iphone to my Outlook 2003 and it syncs everything but my e-mails. I went too about..and looked at the disabled items and there was nothing disabled. Now what do I do?

  • Anonymous Dec 09, 2007

    Can anyone help me sync my i phone to outlook?

  • Doug Kilgore
    Doug Kilgore Feb 21, 2008

    Can't get Outlook 2007 to sync to new 16GB iPhone Address Book or Calendar entries. I use an Exchange based mail account, but I use cached exchange folders which creates the OST offline storage file. I followed instructions for setting up to sync with Outlook but can't get synch to either direction.

  • docal1 Mar 03, 2008

    I can't get the Iphone to sync with my 2007 Outlook. I used the apple help line on the phone and am still unsuccessful.

    Can anyone help me?


  • docal1 Mar 04, 2008

    Cannot sync IPhone with Outlook

  • lisamsinger Mar 10, 2008

    I can't get my outlook (not sure which year) to sync with my 16gb iphone. Please help!

  • stathunter Mar 10, 2008

    HELP! I am having the same problem and cannon get my 16gb iphone to sync with Outlook 2007. I did all of the things that the Apple support page told me to do but still NO luck!

    Here is what I followed:

    It did not work for me! HELP

  • kgt9gx Mar 12, 2008

    I cannot, for the life of me, get my iphone email feature to work. I had no trouble syncing my bookmarks and contacts, but email keeps telling me outlook is not my default mail client; therefore, email can't sync! I have a hotmail account through Outlook Express...any solutions out there?

  • Anonymous Mar 14, 2008

    phone can sync wirelessly with Outlook

  • gheco Apr 20, 2008

    my iphone wont sync with outlook contacts or calendar even though i am following instructions is there a special config to do in outlook to allow the sync

  • Anonymous Apr 22, 2008

    unable to sync I Phone to outlook

    Windows XP sp2

    Office 2003 Sp3

    I Tunes 7.6

    Please help if anybody get it resolved..??

  • lucky472 Apr 24, 2008

    I have the same problem. I went to the Apple store and followed their instructions. No luck. Then I searched online for a solution. I followed the instructions on this page for Windows Vista: Again, no luck! Help!

  • darraghbrady May 05, 2008

    My iphone has synched some contacts and some calendar items but refuses to update on a regular basis- it sits there for about 30 minutes saying sync in progress and then outlook returns an error message- i have tried all the solutions offered out there on iphone atlas, apple support and nothing seems to work- downgrading the version of Itunes just means none of my songs will work- help- will the changes coming in June help with this?

  • king george May 30, 2008

    attempted to sync my iphone with outlook and after long period i got data from a november sync. ie, missed calls from 11/07/2007,

    calendar missing current data from iphone,

    contactact added to iphone since november lost,

    all text conversations lost,

    mail setting change since november changed back to november

  • Jimmgolf Jun 04, 2008

    I initially set up my Yahoo sync to my Outlook 2000 vesion SP-3. They sync'd fine (with out calenders because I know it does not do that). I then sync'd Itunes with Outlook. Everything was working fine between the 3 programs. My Iphone was doing a software update and crashed. Apple walked me through doing a back up from Itunes. Now my Iphone will not syn to Outlook. It looks like it is doing it and says it's doing it but no contact info syn's. My photo's syn but the Outlook does not. I have the correct boxes checked in Itunes. Do I now need a newer version of Outlook? I run Windows XP

  • joel c Jun 10, 2008

    Can the latest Iphone released on june 9, 2008 sync with microsoft outlook?

  • SamYam747 Jun 14, 2008

    Hi, I also have problem to sync my iPhone with Outlook 2003

  • creaburn Jul 04, 2008

    can i sync my iphone with outlook like a windows based PDA through a usb without itunes involved

  • Anonymous Jul 10, 2008

    well, i sync normally, but in some sync i got a message "syncclient don´t work normally" and stop running

    i reinstalled outlook, and don´t sync calendar, all the other utilities but not calendar
    i reinstalled itunes and don´t sync calendar, all the other utilities but not calendar
     what do i have to do ???

  • marcoarv Jul 10, 2008

    all the other utilities but not calendar

  • farbfoto Jul 15, 2008

    Problems with iTunes 7.7 and iPhone to sync calender. Everything else works.

  • Anonymous Jul 15, 2008

    Don't know how to link my iphone to Microsoft Outlook, in order to import my contacts.

  • Anonymous Jul 16, 2008

    I continually get outlooksyncclient has stopped working on Vista. I've tried everything. Sync works fine on my XP box. Apple, HELP!

  • chree88 Jul 18, 2008

    I am unable to get my iPhone to sync to my Outlook Calendar on my office computer. My IT guy uses ActiveSync for his Verizon phone so, he is unfamiliar with the iPhone. HELP please.

  • Anonymous Jul 18, 2008


  • mojopojo Jul 20, 2008

    Outlook 2007 items sync to iPhone, but NONE of my iPhone cal items (v2.0 using iTunes 7.7) will sync to my Outlook Calender.

    I have tried over a dozen Apple solutions and spend a week trrying to resolve this. Nothing helps.

    Going back to Blackberry very, very soon. iPhone is going back the the Mac Store.

  • Bourgeois_st Jul 25, 2008

    I have the same problem sync'g outlook to the iphone. I am getting the contacts sync'd sometimes and the calendar never.

  • mepresser Jul 25, 2008

    Similarly, my iphone 3G syncs my contacts from Outlook 2007 to the phone, but no calendar synchronization is done in either direction.

  • elliot13 Jul 25, 2008

    iPhone 3G will not synch calendar with Outlook 2003

  • tbbcm Jul 25, 2008

    No calendar syncing with Outlook 2007 once I upgrade my gen 1 iPhone to 2.0 OS

    Tried reinstallign all software, spent over two hours on phone with apple tech support. no fix yet

  • gsrosing Jul 31, 2008

    Have had no problems syncing my iphone with Outlook 2003 until I upgraded to iphone 2.0. The first synch after that seems to have erased all my "contacts" from my computer leaving me only with an outdated group of "business contacts". The contact info is still accurate on my iphone but not on my computer. I'm leary of trying again for fear of losing the contacts on my iphone too.

    Any ideas??

  • Anonymous Aug 01, 2008

    Bought my phone this Jul 08, got the problem of calendar items entered or altered in the iPhone not appearing in Outlook -- however, the reminders still pop up! So they're there, just not showing. The troubleshooting guidelines on the apple site - put up just yesterday - don't work for me.

    If you ask me, I think Apple needs to send out a patch.

  • Anonymous Aug 04, 2008

    I can't get my mail from outlook express on my pc to my iphone 3g. I don't have any contacts showing, or anything else from from my pc to the iphone. After syncing, I get a message on the phone that says," can't get mail, user name or password is incorrect," Any ideas?

  • iwrite4rx Aug 08, 2008

    Upgraded to 2.0 and now can't sync to Outlook--though it's only the events I input to the iphone that don't appear in Outlook. Ugh.

  • Anonymous Aug 12, 2008

    they just don't sync at all my calender on my computer is totally full but my iphone is blank

  • onurbseerd Aug 13, 2008

    Ich kann die Kalendereinträge vom Outlook auf das iphone synchronisieren, umgekehrt geht es leider nicht.

  • Balloonist Aug 14, 2008

    I have the same problem and Apple spent a half hour on the phone going through what everyone else has tried, to no avail. But I did find something interesting which has a bearing on the mystery of why new appointments are not transferred from the iPhone to Outlook (in my case anyway)

    I was not aware that my new 3G iPhone has not one, but 4 Calendars, called Home, Outlook, Calendar and _ModCal2cef.Home.

    If you put the new appointment in the wrong calendar, then t wont be synched with Outlook even though you choose "All Calendars"

    Seems like the workaround is to make sure you make all the entries in the Outlook calendar.

    Now how can I merge all the calendars on my iPhone ...........

  • nelsonbas Aug 14, 2008

    Outlook stopped syncing with my (non 3g) Iphone after working OK for a year.
    Nothing seems to solve the problem.
    The other direction (Outlook to Iphone) works fine as usual.

  • Anonymous Aug 15, 2008

    sync outlook with iphone

  • Anonymous Aug 19, 2008

    yes metoo...

  • Anonymous Aug 25, 2008

    how to sync 2003 MS Outlook and iphone

  • Anonymous Aug 28, 2008

    how do i sync iphone to outlook

  • kevin3807 Aug 29, 2008

    I am able to sync my contacts between the iphone and outlook 2003 but nothing syncs in the calendar area in either direction?

    Anyone have a fix?

  • Anonymous Aug 30, 2008

    can't synch iphone with microsfot calendar....tried soultion 5 did not work for me. How do I get a respond? JC

  • yumster Oct 16, 2008

    Just updated my iphone with firmware upgrade but now my itunes can't sync with my outlook calendar. I get errors syncing and my info doesn't get transferred, in fact some data from my phone was lost. Anybody find a fix for this?

  • stefcheneby Oct 20, 2008

    Iphone and Outlook no longer Sync. Everything else does.


  • smithh Nov 04, 2008

    The events on my iphone are not syncing with outlook

  • speedycheeta Nov 12, 2008

    Do you want to fix your iPhone & Outlook 2003 CALENDAR sync problem?
    See Solution #2 on this page. The solution gets to the heart of the issue. I tried several fixes, but I finally had results after I followed solution #2. Now I am able to sync.

    The problem really is a profile problem like #2 states. The solution seems a bit complicated, but if you stay focused you will fix the iPhone & Outlook 2003 CALENDAR sync issue.

    Thank you friends. I could have never fixed this one on my own.

  • speedycheeta Nov 14, 2008

    okay, so solution #'s change over time. to get iPhone to Sync with Outlook CALENDAR see the "guest" fix posted on Jul 26, 2008

  • beefcakeglk Dec 03, 2008

    I am having trouble syncing the email addresses in my iPhone to my outlook 2007 on my XP PC

  • uthray Dec 05, 2008

    My contacts aren't syncing from Outlook to my iPhone.

  • cowg1rl Jan 13, 2009

    How to syncronize i phone to outlook

  • Anonymous Jan 30, 2009

    i can synch from outlook to the iphone, but not the other way. my kids set up itunes synching and i think it's something to do with that. please help

  • Anonymous Feb 04, 2009

    the same

  • dlmwwb Mar 01, 2009

    Outlook Client Sync failed the phrase appears when I sync with itunes

  • Anonymous Mar 05, 2009

    Yes. They're idiots.

  • dahar131 May 11, 2010


    This FREE software can do it: GoodSync

    Good luck.

  • DeRiley May 11, 2010

    I have a syncing problem also. I can sync from Outlook 2007 Calendar TO my iPhone Classic (iTunes but not FROM my iPhone to my Outlook. Any events that I enter on my iPhone calendar will not show up on my Outlook calendar. Any suggestions?

  • Kurt Cooks Jan 29, 2014

    Keep up the great work! I have learned a lot about transcriptions for houses. I need one for my home. Thanks for the answers!

  • Marrimary
    Marrimary May 08, 2017

    Selectively Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Outlook



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Only way i could get any sync was first strangling the cat,wrapping its limp body round my neck,then getting two pieces of celery of equal length.Soaking these overnight in a mixture of lemon juice and urine.Drink the juice at 2 minutes past twelve on a full moon,insert the celery where the sun dont shine and whilst hopping on one footand circling the p.c with the iphone balancing on my forehead.First few times no joy then bingo synched right off.

hope this helps

Posted on Dec 11, 2008

  • italiagrossi
    italiagrossi Nov 10, 2012

    no that didnt help maybe i did it out of order


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I noticed this problem after the latest iphone update 2.1. It appeared that any events I entered on my iphone would not sync (transfer) to Outlook. However, it worked fine the other way (Outlook to iphone). What I finally noticed is that in Outlook, there is now two calendars under My Calendars: Outlook and Outlook Calendar. If I click Outlook Calendar, all the events I entered on my iphone appears on a seperate calendar. I don't know why there are two now, and it doesn't appear they can be merged. However, if I just use "calendar" instead of "Outlook calendar" when I enter events on my iphone, everything works and is on one calendar in Outlook. I don't know if that was unique to my case or if it will help anyone else.

Posted on Sep 15, 2008

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I'm going to stay fairly anonymous, but I work for an operator and had access to an iPhone 3G before it was on general release. I came across the problem in regard to syncing Outlook Calendar.
We had no way of getting support from Apple and so a colleague and myself spent several hours messing around, eventually we found it to be a problem with recurring appointments.
I wouldn't suggest the method of exporting the events as you loose the recurrence - but it may be a good idea to use this method as a backup.

Read through the following and only attempt if you are confident!

I would suggest that you;
a) Clear out your Deleted folder **Make sure you don't need anything in there!
b) Select your Calendar; View-Arrange By-Current View-Recurring Appointments
c) Click an item in the window displaying the recurring events; press Ctrl-A to select ALL events (note: this should highlight all the events in the window).
Press Delete on your keyboard. Note: this will delete the selected items. Prompts may be displayed asking if responses should be sent to meeting organisers. It is suggested that these are actioned as “Deleted without sending a response” (They will be restored later).
d) Ensure all items have been deleted. Window should display “There are no items to show in this view”.
e) Attach iPhone and start iTunes. Ensure your settings are configured to Synchronise your Calendar & other options (Left column; Devices-iPhone, Info tab). Choose to Sync from the Summary tab.
f) This should result in Calendar and Home being shown in;
Left column; Devices-iPhone, Info tab Calendars- Selected calendars
(You do not need to explicitly select this item, it is just for illustration)
At this point, the iPhone should also display items (non recurring) in the calendar.

g) To restore your deleted recurring items, select the Delete Items folder. Click on an item in the window and press Ctrl-A to select ALL events (note: this should highlight all the events in the window).
Use your mouse to click on the selected area and ‘drag’ the items to the Calendar icon shown on the left hand side of the screen.

h) Once the recurring events have been restored, you should Sync your iPhone once more.
i) Your Outlook calendar view should be changed back to your normal preference; Calendar-View-Arrange By-Current View-Day/Week/Month (as an example)

From this point, your synchronisation should work. This will occur automatically if you select “Automative sync when this iPhone is connected” from within iTunes (Summary tab).

Hope that helps
"Frustrated with the big A"

Posted on Aug 20, 2008

  • nothingworks Aug 22, 2008

    **** UPDATE ****

    OK ...after a lot more playing around ...

    I believe the problem is to do with certain types of recurring appointments not having an 'end date'. I really haven't got a clue what the icon with a person is (shown in list view), but the problem appears to be related to that type of Recurring Meeting.
    a) Note your current Outlook calendar view ; Select your Calendar, menu option -View-Arrange By-Current View-a tick will be against your current preference
    b) Change your Calendar view to recurring appointments only; View-Arrange By-Current View-Recurring Appointments.
    c) I'm not sure if Recurrence Range End is shown as default, if not, Right Click one of the column headings and select Field Chooser - Click on Recurrence Range End and drag it to the required position on the Column headings of the current view, eg drag it next to Subject or Location etc
    d) Sort the view by icon ie click on the column heading showing the 'overturned page' - should be the first column
    e) scroll down until you see all the events that have the icon which has a 'person' on the left of the icon - mine is shown with black hair and a green arm with a grid behind and cyclic arrows (I have no idea what this signifies)
    f) I am expecting that you will see some with no Recurrence Range End, ie it is blank - if so, you should be able to edit these events by double clicking on each one in turn.
    For each event, select Actions-Recurrence - this will open a dialogue box which will probably insert the Range of recurrence with No end date selected.
    It should be simply a matter of selecting OK and accepting that any exceptions associated with this recurring appointment will be lost - basically, this means, if you have broken the pattern of one or more appointments, it will be lost (the main occurrence should be kept).
    Select OK and save changes.
    If the appointments have attendees you may be asked if they should be informed - as you are merely updating, I would suggest that they do not need to know.
    g) Your Outlook calendar view should be changed back to your normal preference; Calendar-View-Arrange By-Current View-Day/Week/Month (as an example)

    Once you have done this for all your events which do not have an End Date, I think you will be able to Sync as normal. I think you only need to do this for the type of event described above - ie the one with the 'person' icon. It may be there are other event types that I do not have in my calendar that cause this problem. If you still cannot synchronise, I suggest that you look for all Recurring Events without End Date and edit them to give them on.

    All the best far as I know, I am the first to work it out heard it here first.

    (unless you read my other post on everythingicafe!)

  • alison1206 Jan 07, 2011

    This was exactly the solution for my phone!! I'm so thrilled!! I have been on the phone for hours in the past with Apple and ended with no more than a temporary solution. I now see that outlook 'recurring' events can get corrupted and sometimes outlook will even change and event from an 'all day' event and assign times! Once I went into all my 'no end' recurring events and re-saved them, it works beautifully!!! Thank you!!


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New iPhone Aug/08... Outlook 2003...

Rogers said they synced it for me. As with most things with Rogers not true...

Easy solution: download itunes... register your phone (don't like it but must give credit card etc)... then watch the magic... can sync what you want to...

Posted on Aug 04, 2008

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Sorry, iPhone doesn't synchronize with Ourlook. It's a bummer.

Posted on Jul 01, 2007

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Apple has a note for this issue (, but it did not help in my case. I am running Outlook 2007. Only about half of the appointments on my PC end up on the iPhone. The iPhone cannot replace my Motorola Q without proper calendar synching.

Posted on Jul 07, 2007

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I had this problem, too. It started randomly a few weeks ago. In the past, Outlook's calendar sync'd with iPhone just fine. Now it won't. Trying to overwrite Outlook's calendar to the iPhone resulted in my iPhone calendar being wiped clean. Contacts syncing okay, though.

Note: this is a work-around that in the end actually works better (now wirelessly) than plugging the iPhone in via USB to sync calendars on my PC. I still have to plug it in the iPhone to the PC to sync contacts, but the calendar sync is almost real-time now.

Here's how I resolved the issue:

1. Create a Google calendar.

2. Sync Outlook with my Google calendar - selected "1 way sync: Outlook to Google" initially. Once it was sync'd, then I turned on Google's "2 way sync" so when the calendar was updated on Google, it would update Outlook as well. I set it up to sync every 2 hours. You can adjust this as you see fit.

3. Visit and create an account. It will prompt you to access your Google account so it can sync the calendar.

4. Follow NuevaSync's set up procedure for your iPhone (i.e., Settings > Mail, Calendar, Contacts > Add Account > MS Exchange > ...)

5. NuevaSync then syncs your Google calendra with your iPhone.

The really cool part is that whenever you update your iPhone, it syncs to Google's calendar within minutes wirelessly. Since my PC is always on (sleep mode), calendar updates get to my Outlook calendar even when I am out of the office, just like my virus scans are scheduled to run overnight.

Posted on Feb 05, 2009

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Another solution to add is using 3rd party software, SYNCING.NET. You can sync your iPhone to Outlook through MobileMe. You can sync all your outlook features. Check it out here:

Posted on Jul 06, 2010

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I tried solution 5 by nothingworks and put an end date to all my recurring events and voila it worked! Happy now.

Posted on Apr 01, 2010

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I just started having this problem. The problem for me was that two different calendars had formed. One is the iphone Events and the other my Outlook. First I went to Outlook 2007 and under My Calenders checked both calendars so they would be side by side. I then used the click and drag method to move all the iPhone events that hadn't shown up on my original calendar so I had all events on one calendar. I went to Settings - Calendar and changed the default calendar to the calendar that wasn't marked. I did a test in my iPhone and it works!

Posted on Nov 13, 2009

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In outlook, tools,account settings,datafiles, make sure that personal folders, outlook.pst is checked as default. I recently changed my settings to make hotmail folder the default and this screwed everything up. When I reset to personal folder it sorted it out fine

Posted on Jul 13, 2010

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After a lot of searching for the best (free) way to stay in sync (calendar, contacts), i've been looking through
- gsyncit (not free)
- oggsync (not free)
and many more, nothing really satisfied me.

My (FREE, and great working) solution for Outlook <> google <> iPhone Syncing is:

iPhone <> Google :: "google mobile sync"
(contacts and calendar)

Google <> Outlook
calendar :: "Google Calendar Sync"
contacts :: (is in beta but works great and free)

Posted on Jan 13, 2010

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Selectively Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Outlook
Try to transfer contacts from iPhone to Outlook so that all your contacts details along with mail IDs are handy on your PC.

Actually, here are two ways to easily transfer contacts from iPhone to Outlook by using iTunes or iPhone Transfer. iPhone Transfer is one of the best Apple device manager, which can help us to manage contacts, messages, photos, and other types of media files well.

This wonderful software allows to transfer all or needed contacts from iPhone to Microsoft Outlook with just a few steps, and vice versa.

Posted on May 08, 2017

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Google it

Posted on Sep 03, 2015

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Posted on Nov 28, 2014

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Want to export iPhone contacts to Outlook in case contacts are lost accidently? This tutorial will guide you how to sync iPhone 5/4S/4 contacts with Outlook easily and quickly. How Can Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer

Posted on Oct 14, 2014

I used a dab of olive oil behind my left ear, then massaged my toe. That did the trick. Now synching works great.

Posted on Oct 27, 2008

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Hi, I have tried different itunes & FW versions. The ones that worked are FW 1.1.4 and itunes I guess there are different and better solutions if you are on FW 2.0, however this worked (and I tried to upgrade to 2.0 with no success)

Posted on Sep 03, 2008

Try replacing the printer worked for me.

Posted on May 13, 2008

  • Mark1234567 Nov 02, 2010

    I found this tutorial on how to Sync iPhone with Outlook

    Worked great for me


Go to outlook about..... look at the disabled options and enable imac options, restart outlook and you should be good to go Joe Saldarini Greensboro, NC

Posted on Jul 30, 2007

I also had problem getting my contacts and calendar to sync with outlook 2003 therefore I figure there are 2 things needed to be done first: * On the Outlook tabs click help ->check for updates. When you have the latest update try to sync again. * If it doesn't work, first back up all your contacts and calender. Click help->detect and repair. Try to sync again it should work this time! I worked for me!

Posted on Jul 03, 2007

I spoke to Apple today and they said you had to have Outlook 2007 to sync up. I haven't bought it yet because I have read that doesn't work either.

Posted on Jul 03, 2007

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Spent quite a bit of time on this myself ("Classic" iPhone, 2.0, Win XP, Outlook 2003), but things are working now.

Issue appears to be related to: 1) Older and/or corrupt PST files, 2) recurring events (which may be related to #1).

In any case, here is what worked for me, derived from the following helpful discussion: ( search for "boosterjuice".

Basically, it involves exporting your Outlook data to an Excel file, creating a new Outlook profile and data file of the CORRECT type, and populating it with imported data from the Excel file. Check the link above for more detail, or follow the rough steps below:

1) In Outlook 2003, export you calendar(s) to an Excel file.
2) In [Control Panels->Mail] create a new profile & Outlook data file" (** Be sure and select "Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)" and NOT "Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)" as the new file type **), associate the profile with the new data file as its default.
3) In the "Mail" control panel, choose "Always use this profile" and select the new profile.
4) Open Outlook 2003, and import the file(s) you exported to the new calendar.

You should be able to sync.

1) This may also resolve syncing issues with contacts as well.
2) Imported appointments will not retain recurrence settings, but can be added via the iPhone or Outlook, and sync properly.

Posted on Jul 26, 2008

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Hi there,
Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two.

Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold and get to talk to real repairmen in the US.

Here's a link to this great service

Good luck!

Posted on Jan 02, 2017

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How do i get my outlook EMAIL(not Exchange) to sync w/my iPhone?

Download the latest iTunes to your computer . Set it up to sync with Outlook . Then re-sync it.

Use iTunes to sync settings from Outlook (non-Exchange)

If you are using Exchange, please see the Exchange ActiveSync guide.

To sync email account settings from Outlook to the iPhone via iTunes on your PC, do the following:
1. In iTunes, under Devices, select iPhone. (If your iPhone has been activated, iTunes will automatically display this view.)
2. Click the Info tab.
3. Check the boxes for the items you want to synchronize. In the Email and Calendar lists, verify that Outlook is selected.
4. In the lower right-hand corner of the iTunes window, click Sync. The selected information will sync with iPhone.

If you did not store your password in Outlook, use the following steps to store your password on your iPhone:
1. On the iPhone, press the Home button.
2. Tap Settings.
3. Tap Mail.
4. Under Accounts, tap the desired account.
5. Under Incoming Mail Server, tap Password. The keyboard is displayed and a cursor appears in the Password field.
6. Type your password and tap return. Your password is saved.

Click on this link or copy and paste the complete link into your browser.
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Jul 24, 2009 | Apple iPhone Smartphone

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How do I synch outlook 2003 with iphone

You didn't say whether you're trying to sync everything (mail, calendars, contacts) or just some things or one thing (like contacts only). I don't know if you're using an Exchange server or even if you have the info you'll need to sync with an Exchange server.

I have a Windows mobile device (AT&T Tilt) running Outlook 2007 and everything is sync'd. We also started purchasing the iphone for our employees and sync their email, calendar and contacts to their phone.

I could probably give you step-by-step information (based on how I do this for my users at work) if I knew whether you'll use iTunes to do this or Exchange Active Sync and what you want to sync between your phone and outlook. One method (iTunes) will only update your data between Otulook and the phone when you connect it to the computer with Outlook configured on it but, the way we do it at work, they receive email, data, changes, etc in real time.

Try using this link

What you will find here is support topics and instructions for Exchange Active Sync, setting up email accounts, troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing.

You can also search support on Apple's Web site. Entering the keywords: iphone outlook 2003 will bring up a lot of support info.

You can use iTunes or MobileMe for synchronization. If using iTunes then try this:

You can configure which items are synchronized during a one time set up process. After initial set up, each time you connect the iphone to your computer, the changes made on your computer or device are synchronized.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer. iTunes should open automatically.
  2. In iTunes, in the source list, under Devices, click the entry for your iPhone.
  3. Click the Info tab.
  4. Select which items you would like to sync. For example to sync only calendars, under Calendars, you would click Sync calendars from, and then click Outlook.
  5. Do one of the following:
  • To synch all calendars, click All Calendars.
  • To limit the calendars that are synched, click Selected calendars and then click the calendars you want to sync.
6. Click Apply.

Hope this helps!

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Apr 03, 2009 | Apple iPhone Smartphone

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How to transfer my black berry address to my new iphone

Hi Here are the steps

1) Load up Blackberry Desktop Manager 2) Click "Synchronize" 3) Click the "Configuration" tab at the top of the screen. 4) Click the "Configure Synch" button 5) Click on "Address Book". 6) If it doesn't take you to configuration automatically, click "Setup" 7) Select "Microsoft Outlook Express". 8) Select "One way sync from Device" and "Replace all data in the target application 9) Click "Use existing Main Identity 10) Click "Finish" - this should bring you back to "Select Device Application" where it should show you something like Address Book ---> Microsoft Outlook Express 11) Click "Ok" 12) Click on the "Synchronize" tab at the top. 13) Click "Synchronize now". It should go through a whole bunch of screens, eventually showing a confirmation dialog to confirm address book edits. 14) Click "Accept" 15) Your contacts should now be in Outlook Express. 16) Close BB Desktop Manager 17) Open iTunes if you don't have it open already. 19) Go to your iPhone's setup page in iTunes (click on the iPhone along the side menu) 20) Click on the "Info" tab 21) Under "Contacts", check the "Sync contacts with" checkbox, and select "Windows Address Book". "All contacts" should be automatically selected. 22) Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page. It should save your changes, and automatically sync your contacts. The following steps is only necessary if you don't intend to keep your iPhone synched with Outlook Express's address book (which I imagine is the case for most people). 23) Uncheck the "Sync contacts with" checkbox. 24) Click "Apply" at the bottom of the page

This shoulds help and please do let me know if your issue is solved

Mar 07, 2009 | Apple iPhone Smartphone

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MS Outlook syncs calendar, notes but not contacts

Click on the hotsync icon in your system tray and then click "custom". That will bring up the list of things you are configured to sync with (conduits). For each of the ones you have problems with, click that conduit and then make sure it's set to sync the way you want...desktop overrides, handheld overrides, syncronize, etc. Potentially you have some of them selected as "do nothing". What shows up when I click custom from hotsync are the following Outlook Conduits: Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos. If you don't have those showing up, you need to update your Outlook conduits on your PC. If you have them, click to select the problem conduit, then click "change" and select what you want to have happen.

Sep 11, 2005 | Palm m130 Handheld

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Sync fails with "too many open databases"

This is what I did to fix that error:

Hard-reset your Palm to erase all data (that usually involves pushing the small "reset" button on the back, then pressing the "power on" button until the device boots, and then pressing "up" to confirm the hard-reset)

After that, sync your palm. The sync software will ask if you want to use your existing profile or create a new one. Create a new one. Then the program will offer to sync your Outlook profile with your Palm. Click on "ok", and a message asking you to accept to sync your Outlook data with more than one profile will pop-up. Click on OK, again... and that's it!

Sep 07, 2005 | Palm Tungsten T3 Handheld

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