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Unless you install a device to 'cleanse' the power coming into your home this will happen due to fluctuations. Think if you have seen on movies when someone is in the shower and the toilet is flushed causing the cold to change in pressure burning who is in the shower. Many people are using the same power you are so it fluctuates up and down easily seen by watching a light bulb or listening to a box fan on low

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Sounds like a loose connection. If they all fo out, it's at the beginning of the circuit. Check all connections at the start of circuit.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/craig_3fa289bf857b1a3c

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I haven't used this one and I couldn't see anything specific on the Lutron site about how these plates attach, but if there are no visible screws they have to just snap on and snap off. I can't believe they would have any luck selling a product that required special tools to remove the wall plate good luck, Al K

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Possible power supply problem--low voltage from master unit or dead batteries at each switch. Good luck!

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It's quite probable these units have gone faulty, due to the "Outage" see my previous post below.. You will need to replace these units, to restore functions. Please, have a read below, it may save you many $$ We have all had them, Power Outages, inconvenient, and also very deadly, well to Electronic equipment anyway. You see when any Circuit, is Made or Broken, at the instant of contact, when reconnecting, the current draw is considerable, also, after the connection has been made, and the "Load" being connected, and the Current draw is large, all sorts of transients, Spikes, Surges, Oscillations, is reflected, up and down the entire network. Now along with this, MOST people do NOT completely remove, the unit from the mains, by withdrawing the plug. nor, probably, even turn it off. This is wrong, ALL/ANY electronic equipment, that is connected to that Grid, will also encounter a phenomenon know as "Inrush Current" Now, this Inrush Current, Can and Does cause a great deal of damage to electronic equipment, the, instant reconnection, without going through an ON/OFF switch, and Power Conditioning Circuitry, well, the initial Current draw for that instant, is incredibly, high, and with nothing between, the current surges in, stressing everything, in the Power Supply, and more. Now along with that, you also have Transients, Spikes, Surges, Ringing, Oscillations, caused by the reconnecting of the Circuits. Joining of Cables, or Contacts. When the Power Goes OFF, you should NEVER leave anything plugged in after a Power outage, you need to withdraw each and every plug, from ALL Electronic equipment, note here, purely resistive, and relay type equipment is usually immune, it must be removed, and it shouldn't be reconnected, until about 5 minutes, AFTER the Power has been reconnected. This is to Avoid, all of the bad things that are caused by the reconnection back onto the Grid. If you do this, you can be assured of you Electronic items, lasting at least as long as they should, and not suffer premature deaths.

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There are two possible problems. Usually the FA-AD MUST go on the power end of the 3-way system and the FAELV-500M must go on the "switch leg" side of the 3-way system. If you have them reversed then the AD will not work because it does not always have power. The other option is that there may be a small "air gap" switch on the accesorry dimmer that disconnects power but usually that will make neither switch work.

Lutron... | Answered on Apr 30, 2010

These are supposed to be auto-reset switches. They do make different switches for different watt lightbulbs and different voltage from the house.
You can check here to see if you have the correct switch for your house:


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Home Depot sells Lutron dimmers which are single pole and basic.. www.homedepot.com

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You need to replace with Lutron Decora toggle switches to maintain the same look, or you can replace them all ith standard toggle switches for less money. They are available at Home Depot or Lowe's.

i hope this helps you,

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The Lutron Maestro dimmer isn't rated or designed to operate low voltage lighting as it is a 120 V-AC rated electronic dimmer. You should either install a standard low voltage ON/OFF switch on this installation or obtain a dimmer rated for use on low voltage lights.

You need special low voltage dimmer designed for use on the low voltage pucks lights you have installed. Usually the low voltage is either 12, 24, or 36 volts, depending on the manufacturer of your particular light set. Once the correct dimmer is in place, the problem with the flickering and pulsing of the lights, should cease.

If you still are having this problem and you can't find a low voltage dimmer, you can contact the maker of your low voltage light kit and they can provide you with an acceptable dimmer option for your lights.

Most Home Depot and Lowe's carry the low voltage puck light kits, and usually have accessories for these lights, including dimmer switches that will work with them.

Hope you find this Very Helpful and best regards!

PS: I found this old, unanswered question and wanted to provide a solution to close out the problem and clear the question from the site.

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The short blew the Lutron. Replace it.

Lutron... | Answered on Aug 14, 2009

Certain dimmers can control standard incandescent lamps that use 120 volts while other dimmers can control low voltage xenon or halogen light sources that use 12 or 24 volts.

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this could mean few things,
battery is weak
regulator is not regulating
or the alternator is not charging.
first star the car, pull one of the cable from the battry, if the car stops. it is the alternator. if not, then either is the regulator o rthe battery.
take the battery to auto shop and test it. if it s good, then it is the regulator, if not change the battery.

Lutron... | Answered on Jan 06, 2009

I take it you don't want to just remove the upstairs 3 way switch and wirenut the 3 wires together and put a blank cover plate over the box<?>.

Need to know more info. Does the upstairs box have 3 wires only? If no, then likely you will not be able to abandon the upstairs switch box as it will need to remain as an active junction box. If yes, then it becomes a rather lengthy procedure (textual). I'll sketch it out but need an answer the number of wires in upstairs box.

Comment below so I may assist further.

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There are a lot of DIVA models and you did not post the model number. There are multple configurations and wiring methods.

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You might look to see if the outlet is GFI protected. It is possible the GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) tripped and needs to be reset.
If so, push the red button (reset button) firmly until it stays down (pushed in). If it does not stay closed, replace it.

Also check your light bulb fed by "the switch that does not work", to make sure it did not burn out.
Your switch could be good, but the bulb bad.

If your light switch is not on a GFI circuit and both Lutron switches are fed by one breaker, get a volt-ohm meter, set it to the volts in a voltage range to read house hold voltage (around 121 volts), and check to see that both switches are receiving 121 volts. Usually you measure with the black probe touching a white (neutral) wire, while the black wire is usually the wire that is in series with the lamp. A black wire may come into the switch and leave as a black wire going to the bulb. If you do not have full voltage reaching your switch, you may have a wiring problem where a wire is no longer making good contact. If you are not sure about how to test with a volt meter, search on your tube for further explanations on how to test to see if a light switch is good.

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Not sure if you can just splice the extra wires together. The ballast information is what matters converting to just on-off, not the finger switchswitch

Lutron... | Answered on Dec 01, 2018

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