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If the timer is electronic; hold down the set/mode button while you adjust the timer. If the time is adjusted by hand turn it the desired distance. OK in both instances.
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Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Jul 08, 2012 | 69 views

You need to see where it is leaking from because it may not be from the tank. If there is a overfloe cup and there is water in it the machine may be overheating. It may also be and inlet solenoid sticking open. Check if there is a overflow cup or if water is continuosly allowing water in. Hope this helps. WWW.MidstateBeverage.com

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Nov 22, 2010 | 43 views

This is usually caused by the thermostat allowed the machine to boil the water. We offer an out-of-warranty exchange to get a new machine. If you will call customer service at 800-352-2866, we will be happy to assist you in getting a new machine.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Oct 20, 2010 | 77 views

The white neoprene piece from the seal kit is on the bottom, then place the metal washer in and the bolt on top of it. Then insert the black plastic piece on top and insert into the sump area and tighten it down with a screwdriver. If you need further assistance, please call customer service at 800-352-2866.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Oct 20, 2010 | 139 views

Please contact customer service and a seal kit can be sent to you that should fix your leak-it is successful about 90-95% of the time.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on May 19, 2010 | 249 views

Sounds like you need a new thermostat.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on May 06, 2010 | 189 views

Hello. Here is what could be happening. Your brew timer may be having a problem where it is re actuating on it's own, in which case it would need to be replaced, and re calibrated. The other possibility is that the start switch is making contact internally, and telling the brew timer to start again. Your unit does not show it having a level probe, so most likely it is not overflowing due to a flooding condition. After you brew, turn off the lower heat switch, this will remove power to the brew circuit, if the problem stops, then you know it is one of those 2 things, and I would try the start switch first, as it is a cheaper item to replace than the timer.
Here is a link to your brewer manual with part #'s etc..


Hope this helped, and thank you.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Mar 15, 2009 | 140 views

There is a brew timer on the left side of your machine near the heater switch. you need to remove an access panel to access it. turn this down a little, let the water heat up, then try another brew. Adjust as needed, brewing another pot between each setting.

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Feb 13, 2009 | 495 views

You could have scale building up on the heating element and thermostat probe. try running a 1/3 white vinigar - 2/3 water mix into the brewer, let it heat up completely, then run several pots of clear water through the unit. keep pouring water through it until the vinigar smell is out of the water,

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Feb 13, 2009 | 155 views

you can always clean a coffeemaker with vinegar, but always pour in cold, so you can do it twice or more, but dont re-use the stuff you just used, wait till it's cold or just use some other.after use clean by let water through 2 or 3 times, (also only cold water)

Bunn-O-Matic... | Answered on Feb 03, 2009 | 214 views

Couple of ideas.

Your weak coffee could be due to the machine not getting hot enough, which is usually caused by calcium scale buildup on the heating element (the "burner").

Try descaling with a citric-acid based cleaner, such as Dezcal or Durgol.

The second is the coffee your using is a weak blend. Try changing to a different coffee and see if the strength is better.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Jul 15, 2019 | 31 views

This sounds like the light flickering rather than a faulty connection. You can check for a bad connection by tuning a nearby radio receiver to no station in the AM band. If there is a bad connection causing this you'll hear the sparking (in time with the flickering) on the radio.
Flickering is a common effect seen with neon indicator lights when they age and does not affect the switch function at all, so can be safely ignored.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on May 02, 2019 | 27 views

The water inlet valve may be stuck open from mineral deposits. You can get rebuild kits for the older ones or just replace the valve?

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on May 01, 2019 | 98 views

Rear wall may have a crack in it? Examine it closely.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Apr 27, 2019 | 217 views

If all passages are not plugged up it should flow through with or without heat in the tank.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Apr 27, 2019 | 126 views

I can only suspect the tank has rusted thru. sadly the do not have replacement tanks that we the consumer can replace . timeto bin it and buy new or different type unit

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Apr 27, 2019 | 1,171 views

Underneath the warming plate is a element assembly that will have 1 or 2 thermal fuses and a temp sensor. If any of these have faulted that condition will arise.
I suspect that the temperature sensor is 'sticking' in the open position. If you remove the bottom cover (while unplugged of course) and lightly tap the sensor with your screwdriver it may remedy the issue for awhile but the initial cause of the problem will still exist. If the brewer is worth it you can replace the sensor otherwise it may just be cheaper to recycle it.

Bunn Coffee... | Answered on Apr 04, 2019 | 46 views

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