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The causes for this DTC may include: Low fuel pressure caused by a clogged filter, failing fuel pump, failed fuel pressure regulator or clogged or leaking injectors. Rough running engine due to misfiring plugs. Many engines have misfire codes to indicate the cylinder effected, such as P0304 for number 4. A large vacuum leak would cause a massive amount of un-metered air to enter the intake manifold resulting in an overly lean mixture. A large air leak at or near the number one oxygen sensor would also cause a lean mixture. A plugged converter will cause of host of driveability problems as well as set this code. A severely plugged converter will result in the inability to increase rpm when under load. Look for a code such as P0420 -- catalytic converter efficiency below threshold if the converter indicating a faulty converter. A faulty oxygen sensor. This will set a code in itself, however, a faulty oxygen sensor does not automatically condemn the sensor. The code just means that the sensor signal was not within specifications. An air leak or any of the above will cause an erroneous signal. There is a multitude of O2 codes relating to O2 performance which gives a clue to the problematic area. The Mass Airflow sensor will also cause this problem. It would be accompanied by a code such as P0100 -- Mass Airflow circuit malfunction. The Mass Airflow sensor is a hot wire that senses the volume of air entering the intake manifold. The computer uses this information to control fuel mixture. Rusty exhaust systems, cracked exhaust manifolds or damaged or missing gaskets or donuts will cause air leaks.

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Look in your glove box in the owners manual or with the papers you got when you got the car, and see if you have a card or a piece of paper that tells you what the code is. If not you will have to call your local mercedes dealer and give them your vin/serial number and they can look it up for you.

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Freez Out Plugs are located on Both Sides of the Engine Block and also on the Cylinder Head(s)

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If the pump works but no water comes out, then the washer nozzles might be clogged. They're usually unblocked using a small safety pin. Also check the hose line from the pump to the washers as they might be perished. If there's no pump noise then it might be (a) pump fuse, (b) corroded contacts (c) blown pump.

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Broken buy new one. Rockauto

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What year and engine do you have?

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This is a 2 person job.......In the open position, place thick rags or sponge on top corners so as not to scratch paint....remove bolts wire connectors and trunk lid........reverse this process to install

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Can you pull it up a bit by two tiny screwdriver and try to lift it a bit and move it left or right.... were the sleeve is, but it's offcourse a sign of wear, so replace it. Gr richard

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Yes it is located in the tank along with the fuel pump attached. Replaces as a whole unit. Hope this helps

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The glow plug relay on a 1985 Mercedes 300D is located under the hood on the driver side in the front corner. It is a black box with a black plastic cover on it. If you take the cover off, you can see a metal fuse-able link (a small metal strip that is actually a fuse). If that fuse is burned out, boom there is the problem. The fuse itself can be changed. The relay can also fail internally and it is common to burn up glow plugs when it fails, although that is not the only symptom.

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Try ejecting all discs then remove the fuse that powers the device for 30 seconds. If this does not work try blowing air into slot of player to remove dust. Dust blocks the disc sensing diodes (you may have to remove the unit if it is real dusty). If this still doesn't work there is a problem with the photo diode.

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Check all of your lines leading to the pump and see if there is any evidence of hydraulic fluid leaking in the rear quarter panel on both sides of the car. Hydraulic gear oil from your local auto parts store will do fine. Check the cap on the pump and make sure it is tightened properly after topping off fluid. Pump should make a slight whining noise if it is working properly.

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What year is your car? The immobiliser communicates with your keyfob which has a transponder in it. If you recently gotten new keys, you would have had to swap out the old transponder or have your new one reprogrammed.

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is a very complicated solutions only to be maybe by computer need to call a mobil diagnostic fault finder or take truck to merceds garage

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That's pretty normal, the engine takes a few minutes to charge and circulate the refrigerant. Could also mean you need a slight refill on the refrigerant.

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Wouldn't worry about that. You may need freon.

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if you happen to drop cap on pavement threads may be damaged, if threads are ok try turning cap counter clockwise a quarter turn then clockwise till cap is tight. Some times this helps cap to seat straight to prevent binding or cross threading, also if it is a locking gas cap make sure it is in unlock position before install.

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More than likely, you jumped it without Grounding the Jumper Cables to the Chassis and burned out a fuse. Never Place both the Pos and NEG to the Battery, Always Ground to the Car with the Cables on newer cars. you can cause all sorts of problems if you don't.

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Bad connector check the pins on the harness they have to b corroded clean them and then put dyelectric grease on the pins for the connector this should end your issue

Mercedes-Benz... | Answered on Mar 02, 2014 | 41 views

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