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desperate , why that? are you in uSA>???? locations matter.!!!
its an old monitor , buy a new one, and end this love of old Compaq's
yous posted with on only the word ribbon, why?
the cable on the outside, is a round heavy VGA cable.
so is not a ribbon
so that tells me you took this old monitor apart, right?
and broke or lost a ribbon?
the only parts for this is used off EBAY.

i looked for you, and see none, its old and now rare. 2001 made.
16 long long years ago, and now forgotten by all..
buy a new monitor, its not work spending case on old things.
see $60 monitors? here in USA>

tell me how can you fix something and beat that price.
lacking parts, is impossible.

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xp is a virus magnet , why run XP?
The hinge is a switch, ? and failed with hinge,
why not use XP power sittings, advanced, in control panel
why not just use the power button and shut it off.
the overheating is failure #3, and is packed inside full of lent. bad that.
in control panel make sure the power button is set to turn off
if you program the powe buttion to hibernate then you must use
XP start , shutdown feature to turn it off.

ever seen control panel. and power settings and advanced?
set the lid to do nothing, its broken so.....
then set the power button as you wish.
btw most XP are infected with virus or worse.
and hibenate will not work, getting hibernate to work in XP or any old XP is like a DREAM. all things must be perfect for hiberate work correctly , and all HP drivers installed, matching your exact PC.
or it fails. I never use hibernate. its a pain most times.
and can also fail to come out of hibernate.
use sleep mode its more Robust.
your PC is broken why not get it fixed?

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NO PC stated
no photos posted of SCREEN FAILING.
NO OS STATED< XP? , in this case , it dont matter.

i sure its a bad screen. 100%

why post and not tell the helper your service tag model #
HP made 1000s of PC.s not one can we guess, from 1984 to now.

you never even told DESKTOP or LAPTOP.
the back lamp does not do DATA its only a LAMP.

its a bad screen, im sure.
is it this PC?>

Do know this some PC , there are no spare parts now. if too old
and on some only ,used parts that tend to be bad too.

if you ask HP what to do they will ask you the same question.

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Look for a round silver disk on the mother board.

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compaq day, endless posts... endless dead old PC's
who owns this old junk and why?
no LT stated, of the 1000s
no OS stated , XP?" what?

ever heard of photos, take a picture post it so folks can see reality?
all PCs break all do and often and LT vastly more often, its portable and that breaks them faster. x10.

what PC< we cant guess PC hear
LT ran at HP from 1984 to now. vast types, and compaq to.
simple tests.
1: ;runs ok with battery out , BINGO !!!! battery number 1 failure.
2: lent, lent packs vents overheats and CPu and GPU go NUTS.
all puters do this if not cleaned 1 time per year, all do. its called servicing the PC .
3: bad power pack of power is weak the electronics goes NUTS.
4: does the external VGA jack work to a external screen. yes/no.?
5: is this a 2008 Laptop with the GPU SOLDER BALL FAILURES?

next time post the PCs real model number.
or the service tag here is one random.

tag1-yurc2tkkgu0y15feq43cohvv-3-0_0.jpg this LT?

LOL 1984?
if I had any compaq relics' (most have a value of $20 or less)
id buy this.

see walmart see those great deals on pC that are good and supported?
be best,

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if you look at HP , HP owns COMPAQ, lock stock and barrel.
you'd see it there, if still there, if not its RETIRED now
zero info there.
that means only GOOGLE can find it, and pure luck.
omg old and useless.
AMD K6 MMX 233 MHz , old K6 PC. wow.
why mess with this beast for $20 at GOODWILL get a $10 old pc with windows, 7 and dont lock back, nah really!

The shops trash these, and keep the SATA ones, 10 years or newer

ever google before, good luck with relics

here i will type for you. (i boycott google so. use this....)

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never ever post phones or email online, wow, that was a big mistake, doing that. and i tried to delete it and cant.. for you.... DO SO NOW YOUR SELF, or bad happens,from this....
BTW this is NOT HP, sorry, its just a silly chat room generic.

desktop or laptop????
who's CD???????? made by WHOM?
what computer (service tag full name) like CQ52-1234us..
what OS? windows WHAT? pray not XP.... it's a virus magnet.

we can not guess, what is wrong, what you own or what CDs you have in your hands ,ever , it must be said (or photos?)

error one, is deleting software HP put there.
you will FAIL, ( can but know which easy pieces does and its importance)
do you now that some software relies on other software.?
"dependencies" like removing a foundation in your home.


iS PC over 10 years old, they go back to 1984, why must I guess.
>=10year old answers. (i can tell you with model number)

if your PC is HP, the F10 or F11 key works
the magic recovery HP hot key, you press that at, power on.
then it goes to RECOVERY MODE>
fix startups files, or do a full restore.
this will fail of the HDD is bad, or someone used NON HP CD's
to install the OS before.
if that is true, is it?>
then we use the REAL HP disks , from HP, not disks YOU MADE ON A BURNER.

most old COMPAQs had no F10./F11 key. they didnt have that magic, then. some are 15 years old.

IF you get it to work, stop deleting files, now.

the REFORMAT can kill dead the F10/F11 restore partitions
so.... im betting it did.

post what PC is is first and we can go step by ittybitty step.
no problemo,

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COMPAQ's From H3LL, day.
you mean the CD drive is dead? totally?
NO PC STATE it has a model # lick CQ-nn 1234us.
no OS stated
drivers must match 2 things, the CD drive, and the OS
no CD drive models stated, my LT has 6 offered Day1 new.
all 6 run there own drivers.

q1, just 1 questions
does a store bought music disk play? CD-DA /???????
not fake, not mp3, REAL
that is where we start. but if device manager cant find it


and the cybernetattach blocks, update
or this

sp4 special roll up.

i trust almost no DL sites
only the above site used to be trustworthy

always read this first. before downloading any software

if using XP, god help you?
learn that since XP is now DEAD for 3 long years...
most download sites are 100% virus infected.
learn it now.
add that fact to XP is a virus magnet
it's hopeless.. now... learn that. and win.

only <1% use XP in the usa, we are more savvy , no?

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Use a partition eraser on the drive. Note that unless you use a disk like Hirens boot cd and make it an iso and put it on a bootable drive as an image, you are going to have issues with having to remove the drive and connect it to another computer to remove the partition.

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wow what a complex post.
why not tell a story, use notepad, and type it and paste it here so we can see whats UP?
what are you attempting, seems the Projector is dead, right>
what cable, did you use a short direct VGA cable.
is it VGA> seems yes, you said, Fn-F4 so is VGA
my guess is its custom long cable you made bought or?
what does this line mean.???
With my Desktop is not problem!

i can not understand any of this , and ive run projectors 100s even 1000s of feet, in airports and other huge , venues.

my guess is you do not understand video and its limits.
you can not send high resolution to a old projector
and windows 10 does not run low reso. unless force
windows 10 does not run old obsolete displaces or chips at all.
now.. they are obsolete... i can list 1000s dead now... can.
The DLP projector is a very cool thing,Texas Instruments based magic.
but is old and has 1024 x 768 native resolution
so to get that to work with XP,.W7, W8 or W10
the latter is most hard, as W10 does not work and low reso.
(means not automatically work)
you have to force it.
(btw, in say xp/w7 go to safe mode F8 and force low reso.)

to do that SAY< in w10, you'd rigth click your desktop screen
go to settings then advanced display settings
click screen pick display setting, at bottom of that screen pick advance settings.
then pick above reso.
i just did and screen goes SQUARE 4:5 mode.
ugly by todays standards.
not plug in the projector and press Fn +F4 bingo, out it goes.
keep in mind some GPU chips many not allow this.
id need to know each chip in each machine used to answer that.
if the projector fails now, then try a regulor desktop monintor now
at the PC under test VGA port does it doe above reso.
yes then the projector has issues.
all this done with short 3'ft standard VGA cable as see on back of
all VGA monitors use that to test and get that work ing before using wild custom cables, unstated by you...
but youve posted before on this setup, have you not.

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A crude manual/guide is available here
There are two power supply connectors labeled AT12V small square 4 pin upper left corner and 24 pin rectangular and ATXPWRR1 upper right between memory slots and floppy drive connector

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is this a desktop or laptop? my guess, desktop with windows 95
an antique if ever.
why play with 486 pc, is this for fun ,kicks or pure pain'
why, name one good reason.?
the books are gone now. at HP and google finds none.
why not go the BIOS screen see that now.
then read off whos bios it is, Pheonix>?or AMI, Award, and more.
who's is it?
then read the version, with that we can get you a matching relic BIOS book on just that one BIOS.
there is no other way.... oops but its over 15 years old.... oops.
even 22 years old possible, wow, you are like first one here ever post this old. pc.
all modern PC have a hot key for BIOS>

the oldest pc like this has no hot key for BIOS,
it must run setup.exe program to configure BIOS.
why in the world mess with this old junk pc when you can buy f
for $20 a used pC only 10 years old. why?
this so confusing, where are you, we are in USA and are in glut status in used pC.

we have the GOODWill for that and $20 you are rich here.
even less !

I the USA we send your PC to the trash and and other guy pulls it and send it to GOLD reclamation. yah, its worthless cept for tiny bits of gold....

here is the old relic rules

there are only 2 ways,
Hot keys, if applicable then , hot keys happened later in evolution then,
and a setup program, from a floopy or on a hidden HDD partition
i bet long long go lost.

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if sounds as if you may have drivers missing, what model number is your compaq laptop and what operating system is installed?

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download a new copy, link provided which should download, burn it to disk then reboot your Hp Windows XP SP3 ISO Full Version Free Download Original Softlay

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The "no signal" message is not coming from your computer, it is your monitor complaining that it is not getting a signal from your computer. 1st thing is to check that the cable from the computer to the monitor is connected, there are screws but sometimes people don't tighten them. Is the computer actually turning on? Do you hear fans, see lights? If you are sure the computer is actually booting, it probably means the onboard video is gone. You can replace it with a cheap PCI video card. I suggest cheap because the system is 6 years old.
ATI PCI 1GB Memory Computer Graphics Cards eBay

Here is how you install it.

How to Install PCI Express Video Card

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Open the Windows Command Prompt. a. ... The MAC Address for each network card in the computer will display in the Command Prompt window. The PhysicalAddress: This is a 12-digit number also known as the MAC Address of your Network Adapter. The Transport Name: This is the location of the Network Adapter

cmd prompt: ipconfig (simple write that in command screen and it wil show you both IPv4, also will show the IPv6 , but v4 is what you need for the MacAddress.

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