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i have no idea these words? elaborate please .
tell what you do right and it does, wrong (a story)

my wild guess is the touch pad is failing
and no usb mouse attached,(hand held mouse)
what OS is this , XP?

The mouse pad can be bad.
so can the mouse pad driver be corrupted , missing or wrong one installed.

start by telling the helper what OS,
click the (CP) control panel, click system'
the OS you run is presented to you there, in words.
windows what.
then CP (again, then click device manager)
under "Mice and other pointing devices."
see the mouse pad there, the driver there must not be
or red or yellow marks ore UNKNOWN.

there are more tests and actions, but I stop here,
or get it repaired in a PC repair shop. (captain obvious sorry)

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you are on the wrong forum for sure.
asking folks to do you homework>
wow, not good that.

try learning to use google.

i can code C+ but your question is over the top.

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dead PC,
this failure and all cures have been posted here 100s of times.
even 1000 times. ive done 1500 now dead pc's.
  • what are you asking, ?
  • how to fix it
  • or what's wrong from morbid curiosity?
  • or want to learn how to fix PC,
  • or who can (any PC repair shop on earth, yes)
  • id bet no store fixes 11 year old PC, store? repair shops sure.
the book on your PC shows it is 11 years old now. 2007 made.
most PC this old are dead an parked in an attic, most.
you skipped step 1. and is...
remove the dead shorted many battery, non last 11 years.
not one. (if im wrong we do a guinness world records interview)
so remove it and see if it works now.
step 2 is the screen, all old PCs 2010 or older (most then all)
have CCFL lamps that all died long ago
and the screen is black forever now, all do that every one.
if USED every day.
if the screen never shows text ever ?
then the back lamp is dead. (battery out, AC pack connected)
yes> black.>
then we do the flash light test next,
if you see data now, then the CCFL are dead.
99% tubes bad or 1% inverter that runs them dead.
in 2010 this ended with LED, your PC is NOT LED.

if the flash light test fails, NO DATA there.
then 2007 PC had the solderball from H3LL failures.
GPU grapics chip from Nvidia are bad.

the kiss of ***** here the fix is 10x more that the PC is worth.
value dead is $5 this old.

and for sure a new coin cell most are dead at 11 years.
and can cause all the above.
read page 44, its childs play fix.

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This depends what version of Windows you are running, if you are running an older version, say Windows Vista, there is a known bug with the ISATAP Adapter, essentially it is an IPv6 protocol, and is not needed. It should have no impact on the operation of your wireless card and is completely fine to use with the yield sign. It may have been there for some time before you noticed. The connectivity is most likely unrelated. If there is a yield sign next to you wireless adapter i would recommend re-installing the driver. You will need to search google for the driver and re-install. Sometimes manufacturers will have drivers on their websites and you simply enter you laptop model and year and select wireless card. Other times you will have to do a thorough search on google. Dont download any program that will search your computer for missing drivers, they are a scam. Try searching for your model number and Compaq. If you cant find exact model number of your laptop, a general Compaq driver may work.

Can you still connect through wired ethernet cable? What do you mean by wont connect? Do you mean connect but there is no internet? Or you can see the wireless network but not connect? or you cant see any wireless networks at all? I have also run into issues where the saved network configuration is corrupted, and trying to join a network and enter the password is futile, even though I have previously joined and it is a trusted network. In this instance, I deleted all network settings and all saved configurations associated with this network and joined again from scratch, which rejoined first time.

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download the WLAN driver

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no PC stated, (model)?
no OS stated, windows what.?

that means the drivers are wrong for this PC and its unstated OS.
you do know compaqs go back to 2001
and hp portables back to 1984,
we can not guess PC models, and they are not all the same.
or means corrupted OS, or virus infected or worse.

the word compaq means little and the name ended in 2013

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thanks but............. and is and Obsolete PC. at HP and MS.
sr1902uk (England?)
  1. what OS? drivers match a OS, XP?
  2. sure some makers of mobo offer drivers that HP ended. sure.
  3. so does the unstated NIC chip maker offer drivers but not for all OS in most cases.
  4. The best way to work on old PC is run the PCI scanner(ask)
  5. identify the chip maker and model (ven=x dev=z)
  6. then we can get any driver, for any OS if the chip maker has one, and many dont. for newer OS. (and ther reverse)
  7. Finding drivers for old PC is not easy, (for me sure) but for most, it's very hard and the risk of getting virus high.!!
  8. ask how to do it, using the scanner , lacking HP support.

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1) Is the battery charged?
2) If OK, plug in power cable and switch the power off and on at the socket.
3) Contact HP using the link below:

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Find below the controller components for Identification purpose.
1.Port E1

The Port E1 and E2 connectors is made up of single mini SAS HD connector which can take two mini SAS Hard disk or single SAS Hard disk while the cache module connects to a capacitor pack and cache module connects to a battery
-SAS HD receptacle connector, which can
accept either two Mini
-SAS HD 4x plug connectors or a single Mini
x plug connector.
**The 2 GiB cache module connects to a capacitor pack. The 4 GiB cache module connects to a battery pack

4.Battery /capacitor pack cable connector

smart array 431 raid controller card-0merpufmz0rxpqnykc4eyfz5-3-0.png

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You may try pressing and holding the power on switch for ten seconds after removing power and the cmos battery

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verizon has discontinued it's webmail service and handed it over to aol. If you did not change it . Verizon closed your webmail.

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you have so many posts with computer issues.!
if I had that id go back to pencil and paper. LOL

what mouse, ? a USB mouse or the MOUSE pad.?>
tell what Persario it is, lots of models made.
it has model number for sure use that everytime you post
and tell what OS it running there solutions all depend that.
and what mouse you own.
my guess some Lenovo USB mouse

A Persario name is a desktop and a lamptop
it has no fixed form,, that work
answer for say a desktop, no mouse pad laptop
I guess running windows XP the virus magnet and is infected
or the mouse is bad, try doing this.
1: try that bad mouse a good pc.
2: try a good PC mouse on the bad PC.
see?? hardware is eliminated from the cause.
or if all mice fail ,that is bad Software.
top reason bad mouse driver.
but if XP , the online drivers are gone now.
so tell
what PC this is
what OS this is
and answers can focus way better. ok?

the control panel has mouse icon click that and test the mouse.
it has a click speed test there, try that,?
in device manager is the mouse driver bad>?

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I suspect that file is malware. If you can download an a/v program to anther computer then install it on CD or USB drive, you can run that program and remove any malware. Restoring the system to a date prior tho the problem can work too.

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Open Device Manager and revert to the earlier drivers, or just delete the device. Restart the computer and try other drivers if you're not happy with the current drivers. Don't get updated drivers from Windows Update, always download from nVidia or whatever graphics card you have. HP should have drivers intended specifically for your notebook, which takes their setup into account..

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if your "F" function keys are a second function of the keys they are on there will be a key, usally located in the area of the lower left corner of your keyboard. If the "F" functions are in color, so will the key that activates them. The idea is that you hold down the Fn key while striking the selected "F" key

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You probably have to "tell" the TV to see the monitor. In other words, there might be a VCR/DVD/VGA(computer) setting/switch on the TV menu. The TV might not find the computer automatically like a monitor does. Good luck.

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thats the silly hp loop back deal (and has the F11 key active)
omg its old . 2008 but HP supports it. even on w7 (facts)
good luck with VISTA Microsoft shut down all support on VISTA, you do know that and what that means, right?
cq50-104ca if the PC will not boot, it resets over and over (reboots)
it just means the OS is dead, nothing more.
that means the HDD is bad, in some cases:
  • HDD bad, test it?
  • do the recovery? do startup file fixes?
  • do full recovery.
  • Upgrade to w7 like you should have done back jan2017?
  • ever seem you service book yet, its free, see F11 now.
  • read F11, in the book for full recovery
  • if the HDD is bad (or was) F11 too will be missing, gone!
  • if F11 is gone, then only new install disks work, fresh.
  • or from ISO to USB mem stick installed. if HDD is ok.
now the book you cant find. and was there all along, at real HP
why ask fixya and not HP forum?
the book is here. open it,press Ctrl+F(find) and find F11 and thar
she be, HP magical F11. (seen 2006 to NOW)

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no PC stated, vast models made, read the service tag?
NO OS stated, XP? w10? what?
this tells the helper the YEAR, after all
a 1 year old PC is not like 20 year old PC.

Is this the windows, (which?) login screen?, you didnt say what screen it was? and if it looks NORMAL there?

sounds like the OS password wrong or the OS is corrupted to me.
getting help lacking what notebook this is , is very hard.

The HP compaq rules on notebook made after year 2006
try power on and hammering the F11 key, to get the recovery going.. (do the startup up repair first)
power on , F11 over and over until...... bingo recovery mode.
but first do you have data to backup, that is first.
some folks do , others don't, so that dictates next step. first really

find the service tag on your Laptop
read it,

see all those words there, do tell.

see the tag here.

local PW fixes here.

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krta hun to aavaaj aati hain I asked google translated that,, and it fails ,why?
what language is that, welcome to the ENGLISH only forum..

tell us what works and does not;
this PC is now 13 years old, that be super old
in fact if I saw one run ok that old i'd be GOBSMACKED !

the sound chip on board, can play may files of audio
vast, and for sure with VLC App loaded, vast.

do windows sounds work? in control panel sounds.
does the sound chip in Device manager look ok./?
what OS you run. windows what. XP is now dead. not XP right?

this PC sold here in USA< had XP
XP has 700 + expoits. and is a virus magnet.
and XP has no support, zero
zero on HP
zero at MS.
zero. why in the world run XP, ? time to upgrade it, for sure, if true.

if the sound is 100% dead, all ways,
the look in DM , device manager.
see red or yellow marks on sound chip then the driver is missing.
or unknown, marked chips there. same.
in both cases, all cases, get the driver,
but MS or HP will help after 13 years, 17 for MS.
XP was released in 2001, and is DEAD NOW.

but we can find driver the hard way,but you need to tell
me what sound ship is there, using DM details.
VEN code
DEV code.
then drivers happen.

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Tray alternative boot device using hiren's or something like. And try to check your hard disk for errors. Usually it's hard disk problem

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