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I would check the resistor going to the voltage regulator and see if it either has a bad solder joint, or is shorted.

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Yes, you can use this as a battery charger, but you would have to manually disconnect the power supply every so often and check the voltage of the battery to see how charged it was. Once the battery was fully charged, you would need to disconnect it, so it would not become damaged by overcharging.

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Hi jjmn2rcp,
Current is defined as voltage divided by resistance. By adding a load to the amp, you decrease the current. Normally the amp should compensate for this, but if the load is to high, the amp will shut down to prevent damage, which is likely what's happening in your case. The amp is rated for 13.8V DC at 10 amps, so make sure you don't have to much connected to the amp. You can find a manual and schematic for the amp at
Hope that helps!

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Usually, this indicates an overload condition. I have a Pyramid 35 amp supply that has no green light but uit does have a red light and an irritating little beeper that the instruction book says is activiated when power draw approaches 90% of rated output. (Why not call it a 30 amp supply if you can't use the full 35???) Enough editorializing. You don't say if the supply actually works, just that the light changes color. If it doesn't work at all, I would start with checking the diode bridge for a blown or leaking diode. If one is bad, it can output enough to drive an LED but fail anything else. If these are good, check the filter capacitor. If this is bad, the hum could concievably confuse the regulator circuit. Next, I would check what ever voltage regulator it has in it. I can't comment on specifics as there are many schemes that can be used. My unit, for example, is like a mouse driving an elephant. It has a small 723 regulator IC, (Aprox. 100ma output), controling 4 large TO-3 pass transistors driven by a 36 volt 40 amp transformer to boil it all down to an adjustable 12 to 15 volts.
The bottom line is without knowing if the unit is puting out or not and not having it in my hand to look at, this is the best I can do. I hope it helps.
Good luck.

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Unplug the PS-15KX 120V AC cord !! Then take cover off. DO NOT plug the AC cord in unless you are used to working around a lethal voltage and current !!!!!!!!!!

If you can use a Multimeter, then measure resistance across each pair of the 3 leads of the output transistors. You will probably find fractions of an ohm across a pair of leads. One or both may be shorted. NOTE: Do not ever measure resistance in a powered up circuit, kiss meter bye-bye and maybe burn you too.

By putting more robust transistors in this supply, you may not gain much reliability. The supply is rated at a continuous current draw, which is less than the intermittent current they advertise. Read the spec's of any power supply you get and look for continuous current ability.

There are several better transistors that will substitute for the 2N3055. You will need to look at a transistor substitution book and check specs. The internet is great for this. I used to use all kinds of data books, and still have them! But looking up info on-line is nice. Motorola has some that will fit and have higher current and voltage ratings,

Get someone who is a ham or geek if you aren't sure about sticking your fingers in the power supply.

Be Careful, Work Safe, it is a factor of longer life.

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The volume is one third the product of the area of the base times the height or (1/3)B*h

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You probably have a switching power supply which requires a load connected to it before it is turned on.

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go ahead dont need fixya approval

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Their website explains how to csncel your account.

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This site will describe how to do it.

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Two possibilities. 1. LED light is out/non functioning. 2. Charger is "shot". Not worth fixing .. just purchase a new one.

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