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this is known to be a throttle return spring any honda dealer should have them or try equipment rental places if you like the part number i can add it do not have it at the moment .

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clean carburetor fuel jet and tube located inside the stem of carburetor removal of fuel bowl is recommended the bolt is a 10 mm and the same bolt screws into the stem where the jets are located,make sure all the holes are clear re install.

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check oil level you should have it up to the first thread of filler hole without it over spilling if so drain to proper level if oil is contaminated with fuel and over filled your carburetor float may be stuck open,if so have the carburetor cleaned or serviced or you can try and clean it yourself.give me an update of your status,honda tech for 30 years

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Yep - try the muffler from a Subaru or other small car.

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About 10.5. One KVA just about equals one kilowatt, because one VA just about equals one watt. Not exactly, under all conditions, but it's pretty close for most purposes.

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Are you using a 4 conductor cable from your generator to your transfer switch? Or is it a 3 conductor cable? If it is a 3 conductor cable then try jumping the neutral to ground in the plug of the cord.

Good luck,


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does the engine rotate easy I was thinking that maybe you overtightened the Rod to the Crank.

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Remove ground wire from battery post. Make sure unit is off too. Remove start wire and cable from starter and both bolts. Reinstall in reverse order.

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When you say "can't get to charge" are you talking about the low ac voltage coming out or receptacles or what?

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There's 2 possible causes . I believe there's a service bulletin from American Honda to replace the small electric motor on top of the carburetor , if still under warranty you good if not have your local dealer contact tech line for a good will warranty . 2nd cause is the inverter behind the front panel . The inverter controls spark , idle and all of the electronic and electric components on your generator . Hope this helps

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There's a short in the 220 circuitry. Check for continuity between the two hot leads, or between the hot leads to ground

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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Sounds like the Float is either broken so it doesn't float and shut off the Needle Valve. More likely the carburetor is gummed up from a few month old ethanol gas and the Needle valve is stuck.
Write your Congressman and tell him to get rid of the Ethanol Gas law that is up for vote again. Ethanol is killing carburetors

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Check rotor slip rings for tarnish, gen control needs to sense stator voltage is produced

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Do you have other loads pulling the voltage down, compressors in airconditioning, motors, etc. Perhaps when you measure voltage at 230V which should not cause a issue it's within 10%. But maybe a motor pulls in and drops it further than you measured? Re-check with meter and record. Check generator for overloading and also wiring size feeding

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Yes the exhaust valves can be burnt, however is there any pressure in the crankcase when you do the leakdown test? Ex valves normally cause lack of compression and not oil burning. If rings are worn also then you will see pressure in the crank case

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check carburettor main jet

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mobile ? what ? fuel / oil ?

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probably 3 feet

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It depends on how long until you plan to use it again.

How long you can leave gasoline in your fuel tank without risking problems varies with the blend of gasoline, the room temperature and even how much of the tank is filled. Air and warm temperatures cause faster fuel deterioration, which lead to hard starting. You should be okay for a about 3 weeks in most cases (maybe more if you use stabilizer), but if you will not use the generator for longer than that, you should drain the carburetor, sediment cup, and fuel tank to avoid fuel deterioration problems.

Your owner's manual should include a table with the storage times and recommended draining/service. If you don't have your manual, you can find most of them online, all you will need is the brand and model of your generator.

Honda Electrical... | Answered on Oct 29, 2013 | 60 views

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