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Emergency shutdown operation is required when one of the above conditions occurs in diesel generator set.Diesel generating set itself has an emergency stop button, at this time, press the emergency stop button or quickly press the stop control handle of fuel injection pump to the stop position, the diesel generator will quickly cut off the load, and immediately close the throttle, while the red "emergency stop" light is on. Need to press the button again to delete the emergency stop signal. If there are serious faults or distribution faults, you can also press the button on the control panel, and the unit will stop immediately.

In fact, all faults always give operators some warning signal before spare parts break down or engine damage occurs. So the operators need to be smart, and notice alarm signals (sudden drop in oil pressure, abnormal sound, etc.) and immediately stopping the engine.
Emergency shutdown operation is different from normal shutdown operation.
Emergency shutdown operation.Once the operator finds that there is a serious fault or distribution fault in thediesel generating set, he can press the emergency stop button of the control panel to stop the unit immediately. If there is no special circumstances, we advise users not to stop the unit at will through the emergency stop button.

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Kohler Generator issue 20 RES - YouTube

? 0:24
Apr 28, 2012 - Uploaded by Jeremy vanEyk
Brand new Kohler Generator Test cycle issue. ... Oh, and Mike, good call on the carb--that happens on some 20RES models. ...Indicates Locked Rotor (Lr). ... I'm on my second 20 RES-L,home depot swapped out the 1st one. ... Kohler 20KW RESA Whole House Standby Electrical Generator - Duration: ...

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there are too emergency stop sensors on generators
one is over load
the other is low oil level in the sump (Low oil pressure)
That sensor is known to trigger and activate the emergency stop so check it out after you check the oil level in the sump

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I have a Generator Kohler Res14 and its not crancking, and error of invald shutdown

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I have a Kohler 14Res and an error Invald Shutdown is indication and the engine is not crancking

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Contact Nixon Power Services in TN they can get you one

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Contact Nixon Power Services in TN they can supply you with one

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Six steps of start-up Shangchai generator set :
A.Unscrew the deflation screw on the fuel injection pump, use the fuel hand pump to remove the air in the fuel system, and fix the adjusting control handle on the throttle position of the suitable starting speed;
B.Pressthe generatorstart button to start the diesel engine. If the diesel engine can't start in 10 seconds (up to 15 seconds), it should wait for 1 minute before starting for the second time. If it can't start for three consecutive times, should check and find out the cause of the failure;
C.After diesel generator set start up, the no-load speed gradually increases to 1000-1200 r/min (note not to run at low speed for a long time). After the diesel engine is preheated, the speed is increased to the rated speed. When the outlet water temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius and the oil temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, full load operation is allowed;
D.After starting the diesel engine, pay close attention to the reading of oil pressure gauge (2.5-3.5kg/C?in normal operation). If the oil pressure gauge does not indicate, stop immediately and check whether the ammeter has charge indication;

E.After the diesel generator set is put into normal operation, should observe the changes of water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure at any time, and should handle the reading of power meter, frequency meter, ammeter and voltmeter in time if abnormalities are found;
F.When each instrument of the genset indicates normally, can turn on the load switch to send power to the load. With the change of load of the genset, if the frequency and voltage are not within the prescribed range, should adjust the frequency and voltage in time to maintain the rated value. It is strictly prohibited that the genset carry load at low speed, so as to avoid damage to the equipment.

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contact the maker,
ask them,
or buy one off ebay, using facts above

there is no other way. (there is a parts list at most makers web sites,Valsi

omg first google hit.


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Maybe you can contact the supplier who provide the generator for you. Or you can read manual operation of use.

In the future, if you plan to have a diesel generator set, welcome to contact us: https://www.dieselgeneratortech.com/generator-set/

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I think you can ask your supplier, they most know their generator.
If you plan to have a new diesel generator set, maybe you can consider Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, as well as China made generator: Yuchai, Shangchai, Weichai, Ricardo etc.
Here is the website:


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Request the diagrams from Kohler and compare.

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The engine is failing to run after a commanded start. Repeatedly.

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Are there any faults listed on the control display? If display is dark then likely a battery issue. Check battery voltage with a Digital Multi Meter (DMM). It should be at least 12.5VDC.

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check the f1 fuse.

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Sounds Like possibly the regulator is the issue.
Flightsystems Can test these to see if it is good or not.
also here is a link for the service manual

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the parts manual is a tp-5317 which I do not have . You said its a dec2? or a fast response 2? What is the part number off the main circuit board in the control box?

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