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A U-4 code mean the machine did not reach to temperature.
On this machine check to see if the side door is completely closed.
This door also has some to close with a circuit board on the side.

Check to see on the side door if the small flat metal springs are aligned and not bent, with the power cord disconnected. If these metal springs are out of place a short can occur. Be very careful in this area. If you are not sure what you are doing do not try to service this area of the machine.

One other thing, if the machine has been stored in a very cold place, brining the machine to a room temperature will take about 2 hours for the machine's circuit boards just to warm up.

Usually on this problem, it may be a combination of problems. It means a new fuser assembly, or main circuit board. Not easy to get to, it is in the middle of the machine. Everything has to be taken apart without breaking other components.
Be very extra careful if you are doing this work yourself. This is why you should place a service call for a Xerox service rep to do the repair.

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turn on power while holding down "0", press "stop/clear" and wait 30 seconds for optics to finish initializing, then enter "401" then "print", shut off machine, wait 10 seconds and turn back on. code should now be cleared.

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A U-6 means the memory on the main board failed.
If the machine is old, the battery on the board is old and not holding the values in the machine.
Replace the main board will correct the problem.
Since it is in the middle deep in the machine you might need to have Xerox repair it for you if they still provide service to this model.
Good luck.

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Google a business called " the parts drop". Call and ask for Britt, he most likely has one.

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That is a fuser code. May be a bad heat rod or just need reset.
Here is how to reset it.

Enter diagnostics, Here is the procedure.

To enter diagnostics:
Hold down ‘0’ while turning on the Power the console will light up. Press ‘Stop/Clear’, the lights will shut off & --- will appear in the display Wait 30 seconds for the optics to complete a self-test before you enter any diagnostic test codes. Never turn off the power before the optics stop moving (or you’ll get a U2 code & possibly some unpleasant noises from the Scan Drive Motor).

Next setp is to use the code to clear the U$ code.
*To clear a fuser code:(401)
Enter diagnostics, wait 30 seconds for the optics to initialize, enter ‘401’ followed by ‘Print’, then shut down the power & wait 10 seconds before switching power back on.

That will normally clear that problem. Often times when a machine has set for a long time they wont warm up right and pop that code.
Another thing, if you can get the machine to warm up and come ot ready then it pops up a U4. Open that right side door. You will see this silver, looks like a small saw blade. It should be silver, but it will have a lot of ink built up on it, take a soft brush and clean it with that.
Let me know, if hte code 401 doesnt clear it, then the heat rod would have to be replaced. If that happens please let me know and we will procede from there.

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It melted in the fuser and has over heated.
You will need to replace the fuser. Google a business called The parts drop, call and ask for Britt.

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There are a few different part numbers for those cartridges, the chip on them bills differently.
A J8 means although you have a 212 cartridge, it has a chip on it that does not match your machine setup.
A J8 indicates a mismatch in the cartridges and the machine. No you do not have the wrong physical cartridge, it just has a different chip on it.

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That is normally just a dirt issue.
Clean the following.
1. Midway down the right side door, there is a channel with a very thin wire running through it. Gently brush out that channel, then dampen a Q-tip with alcohol and clean that wire, Apply just slight pressure so you do not break the wire.
2. On that same right hand door, near where the paper exits, you will see a silver metal,"sawtooth" shaped strip. Most likely you will notice it is covered with ink. Brush it clean, if you need to take a dry cloth and gently clean it.
3. Remove the copy cartridge. Look on the bottom right side of the machine, you will see a set of contacts. 2 parallel contacts, per set. Clean all the excess ink off of those also. Dry brush or cloth. then look on the cartridge and clean any corresponding contacts in the machine.
4. Check on the upper left there is a door connector. Just make sure none of the tabs are broken on that.
Keep in mind, there are horizontal and vertical contacts to clean on the right side of the machine.
The vast majority of the time. Carefully and throughly cleaning those contacts and that machine area in general will resolve a U9. Pretty common on that machine. It is caused from the high voltage in the machine arching, due to dirty contacts.

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An E5 most frequently comes from the door connector . When you open the right side on the upper left there is a black connector. Those contacts may be dirty or bent. Carefully clean and reform if necessary. I will send you some other info to follow.
Also if you take the copy cartridge out and and clean all the contacts inside the machine you can see, it may also correct it.

Recurring problem with E5. Door connector has been replaced, contacts on Interconnect board are clean and shiny, but interlock connection still not reliable. When you remove the rear motor cover and press on the door connector, the E5 goes away and the fuser starts to warm up. The door connector is mounted loosely to the door to allow it to locate itself with the interconnect board when the door is closed. If it is too loose, the connector will not make good enough contact to complete the interlock circuit

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That code normally means you need to do some cleaning to the machine. The majority of the time it is caused by High Voltage arching.
1. Open the right hand door. About mid way down you will see an opening with a very fine wire in it. just a little thicker than a hair. Take a Q-tip with some alcohol and clean that wire. Also gently brush that area BEFORE cleaning with a q-tip to remove as much ink frmo the channel as you can.
2. Towards the top of that door, there is a metal strip, looks like a saw blade, has triangular points on it. I would assume it is pretty black now and not silver. Take a brush and clean that. then gently take a cloth dampened with alcohol and wipe it , very gently until you get it reasonibly clean.
3 Remove the drum cartridge and look for all the contact points. Mostly the ones on the lower right side. Clean all the ink ( toner) from that contact area and look around for all the other contacts to that cartridge.
I would say there is a 90 percent likelyhood this is your problem.

Low line voltage and line spikes can cause this problem, But far less likely.

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Quoting from link above on internet:

Answered in 28 minutes by:
Technician: Colin Vincent

As you probably have an idea it is black toner related as in there is insufficient black toner going onto the drum and the density sensor throws a toner dispenser error as a result. It's not a low toner issue as you said they are new so it has to be a dispenser issue. The toner is taken from the dispenser to the drum via an auger drive which is driven by a motor. Either it is not turning through a fault or more likely it is clogged up with old hardened toner making it bind or preventing insufficient new toner flowing through. (often happens if toner has got damp in storage at some point and it hardens in lumps when it dries)
Because the toner is extremely nasty stuff to breath and servicing the dispenser is messy and requires a toner vac to remove the old toner safely (it has special filters), i strongly recommend you get someone to take a look at the dispenser for you.

Even a technician may not want to repair a fault in the dispenser itself if it is confirmed for the reasons above. They may want to replace the dispenser as a unit.

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Check the flag on reg sensor (before drum)

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Don't know your unit but often paper get caught or wrapped on a roller which shows as a jam. Open up the paper path and make sure no bits are stuck and that the sensor is clean.

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you need to reload the printer driver. the proper one for that OS and your network. once that is done the prints will actually print the way they are supposed to. if the driver reload doesn't automatically fix the problem you may need to manually go in through devices and printers and find the printer on the network and install it manually that way too.

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ROS Motor Fail The number of rotation of the ROS Motor did not come within the standard range within the specified time (5 s) after the ROS Motor On.

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keep power off and re insert cartridge...

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Hi, Power off the printer. Then open the front cover of the system where you replaced the toner .then press an hold the two switches on the printer and switch on the printer while holding down the push buttons ( switch) then when the switch light stops blinking, release the two buttons and that should reset the printer.

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