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Some models are different...I hope this helps.

Replacing Light Bulbs
To avoid electrical shock which can cause severe personal injury or death, disconnect power to refrigerator before replacing light bulb. After replacing light bulb, reconnect power.
To avoid personal injury or property damage, observe the following:
• Allow light bulb to cool.
• Wear gloves when replacing light bulb.
Fresh Food Section
(style of light shield varies)
1. Slide clear light shield toward back of compartment to release from light assembly.
2. Remove light bulbs.
3. Replace with appliance bulbs no greater than 40 watts.
4. Replace light bulb cover by inserting tabs on light shield into liner holes on each side of light assembly. Slide shield toward front of refrigerator until it locks into place. Do not force shield beyond locking point. Doing so may damage light shield.
Freezer (style of light shield varies)
1. Reach behind the light cover.
2. With firm pressure, press forward on the notches at the back of the cover and pull down the cover will open from the back.
3. Remove the cover.
4. Remove light bulb
5. Replace bulb with appliance bulb no greater than 40 watts.
6. Insert front tabs of light cover into slots in freezer liner and snap rear portion over light assembly until rear tab engages.


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It is either the metal hinge points which can be silicone lubed or it is your seal rubbing on something which can be cleaned and should go away.

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How long does this temperature issue last? When you notice this issue how long does this sit at the hire temp, 1 hour? I am trying to understand why Heartland/Marvel would ask you to turn it off. Please let me know. Thanks

I’m happy to help further over the phone at https://www.6ya.com/expert/gere_bf68e6055dd61249

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its can be defrost problem.But still whats the exact model number of the unit.As per that the exact problem can be detected. Is it old model or new model.? --------- Is there any water leak noticed in fridge section , then yes its defrost issue.------ --- Keep updated with details.

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Umm. Ok. If you want to get rid of them you can raise the temperature of your freezer a degree or two

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based on how my icecream maker works
the two plastic cup looking containers are placed in a freezer without anything in them
leave overnight for about 8 hours
then take out of freezer and put ice cream recipe - liquid stuff
then ice creea maker churns liquid and freezes liquid from cold previously frozen plastic cup thing.
turn on churn function first before adding liquid stuff or it freezes too quick.
once it is churned to ice cream put it into a contain and place container in freezer
Ice cream is basically cream, sugar or sweetened condensed milk and flavor (artifical flavoring or by adding fruit puree or cocoa or choc chips)

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Freezer /fridge leaking water/ice frozen in fridge and or freezer, or leaks on floor

Usually due to CONDENSATION due to bad door seals or a plugged evaporator drain line? Can use a soft flexable tubing and very hot water to clean it out. Bad door seals usually need replacement, but u can use a blow dryer and something to pry it closer to the door wall while blowing hot air on to it. To create a seal, to test for bad door seals place a dollar bill in between the door and wall of fridge where it closes. Then slide out the dollar bill with door closed. It should offer some resistance and not be easy to pull out.

Fix any gaps in the door seal.Pack out the seal underneath the areas where the door seal has the gaps. This can be done with a small strip of weather stripping, as shown here, or a bit of tightly rolled up paper under the door seal. Alternatively, you can heat the door seal up with a hair dryer to fix the gaps. This softens the door seal and allows you to stretch it.

Most all fridges have a drain. Look inside your fridge for a "V" shaped channel with a small hole. This hole leads to a tube and a small pan which sits on top of your refrigerator's compressor. The defrost cycle causes water to run into the channel, down the tube, and then it generally evaporates with the heat of the hot condenser/compressor.
However, if that tube is clogged with food crumbs, particles , debris etc, you will have to clear it to get back to a normal mode of operation. A toothpick, pipecleaner, straw or a cotton bud can often do the trick. Another trick one can use is to connect a copper tube wire with one end going into the drain hole then attach the other end to the heater wrap it around heater a few times. That will take care of the drain problem when it comes to ice build up but not food build up.
Even a frost free freezer will still ice up at times in the areas away from the heated defrost area and the drain line can freeze. This icing causes the pipe work to the compressor to ice over or sweat and cause a puddle. Or if the drainage has frozen over, it will need to be de-iced. ( usually the line is under the freezer bottom plate covering. Towards the back of the unit) And there is another inside the fridge area also.
Give the freezer a good overnight defrost until it's totally clear of ice in addition to making sure the drain is clear to the pan at the back and then restart the freezer.
God is so good: so this is why I give free advice so please thank him not me.


Unclogging Frost Free Refrigerator Condensate Drain Refrigeration System Basics Chapter 1 How to Unclog Refrigerator Drain Line

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Frostless freezers will go into a defrost cycle periodically and the frost that accumulates in the freezer section melts and runs into a pan under the refrigerator section, through a drain hose. If this hose clogs with crud (common) the melt water can't drain and leaks into refrigerator section (or it was designed this way so as to prevent refreezing.) As the drain is clogged, thd water builds up until it overflows to floor level.

You need to locate the drain in bottom of the refrigerator section (usually near the back where its hidden from view) and clear it out. (Use care as its usually only a vinly hose and can be punctured or slipped off its connection).

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