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you can repair a broken wire provided you know exactly the pt where the wire is broken..... just turn the wire left and right at suspecious points and listen to the sound..... if you can hear a change in sound at any point, conclude that it is broken there.... cut the wire at that point and solder the wires back in the correct combination to make it work fine...

Rider Cardo... | Answered on Sep 24, 2014

I am having the same problem. Did you ever find the solution?

Rider Cardo... | Answered on Jul 18, 2012

Defective battery

Rider Toys | Answered on Jan 19, 2017

The first thing you need to do is to convince your caregivers,whether it's parents,grandparents,etc.that you are responsible.
This means that you should do your chores,homework,be nice to your brothers or sisters if you have any...just make sure that you do this for awhile,not for one day.
After about a month or so,sit down with mom,dad,whoever...and tell them that you really want one.
If they think you deserve to be given the chance then you could start by going to yardsales,auctions,and posting on-line for a used one.
Always start with a used one.
Trust me on this...not only am I someone's child,but I'm also someone's parent...I know how adults think.lol
If it's because of money that you can't get one then post on craigslist. You could trade someone on there for something that you have or something that you can do. Maybe some little old lady has a dirtbike in her garage and she needs a hole dug in her backyard...you could dig the hole for her and she would give you the bike.
If this is truly your passion then it will come to be. My little brother was 15 when he got his first dirtbike.He's almost 40 now,and still lives to ride and rides to live.
Good luck on your quest.

Rider Toys | Answered on Apr 10, 2013

Possible fault in the drive selector switch/ circuit or the motor. You can check the motor, test using a DC line to confirm. If so the selector drive is faulty. check the continuity and the DC drive feed to the motor. It is possible that the circuit is not working and so the board needs a check/replacement.

Rider Toys | Answered on Jul 11, 2011

A friend of ours gave our son a hand-me-down Woody doll with no string at all. I decided to see if I could fix it...about 4 hours, 1 soldering iron, and the realization that my eyes are failing faster than I thought, I was able to return Woody's voice. I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures, but here's what you'll need to do depending on what you find as you operate.

0. Perform of these steps over some sort of container to be sure that you don't lose any of the small pieces that may be liberated in this operation (particularly a small spring that comes later).
1. Take out the battery pack through his lumbar Velcro. There is a black wire that carries power into Woody's thoracic cavity to a module that houses the electronics.
2. You will have to untie, or otherwise get the string through the hole in Woody's back so you can work on it...I don't know what's at the pull end of the string since the Woody we inherited had no visible string.
3. Cut open the white fabric inside Woody that separates battery pack from the electronics module.
4. Take out the two screws that hold the two halves of the module together. CAREFULLY separate these as there are a couple of wires that run between the half with the electronics and the half with the speaker.
5. If you are lucky, which I was not, all the wires will be intact and you will only have to restring Woody. (Nervous sytem work (i.e. wiring) will require a soldering iron and perhaps the assistance of an additional set of hands...)
6. The string is wrapped around a spindle which is spring loaded on one side (it's the big spring - not the little one). With the spindle side of the module towards you (big spring to the lef), the string *should* come up in front of the spindle, over the top and down through the hole..at least think it should. Again the string was broken in ours and once I opened the module, I couldn't tell which way it was originally.
7. On the right side of the spindle is the mechanism that completes the circuit when the spring is pulled. This includes a small spring, and metal piece that makes intermittent contact when the spindle winds back up after pulled.

So, depending on what you see when you take the module and battery pack out you may find:

0. Oh, of course, replace the batteries just to be safe.
1. The string was just hung up in Woody's back and simply removing the module allowed it to be come free again. Piece of cake.
2. The string was bound up around the spindle in which case you just need to clear it and be sure that it winds up properly when pulled. You may need to rewind the string, in which case you need to lift the right side of the spindle (take care to observe how the spring and metal piece are configured...and DON'T LOSE THE SPRING..it took my 10 year old daughter's eagle eyes 5 minutes to find it after it went shooting off the table)
3. The spring mechanism is somehow stuck. This will require tweezers and some patience to sort out the cause.
4. You may have to replace the string. I found some laying around the house that was close to the small shred that remained in our Woody.
5. Finally, I actually had to solder down 3 wires to get the circuit to work. If you're in this predicament, let me know and I will draw a picture for you of what goes where.

In the end, I got Woody to talk again, though he tends to speak without being pulled from time to time. But I gotta tell you, the feeling I got when he burst out with, "Howdy partner, my name's Woody!" was about the best feeling I've had in a long time.

Good luck, and let me know if you need any more information.


Toys | Answered 24 hours ago

If your kid is young I wouldn't get too stressed about his instrument choice. Even though you really need to learn classical guitar first, if it's just for mucking around, you could buy your kid a toy electric guitar. It's easy to play and gives children a taster of playing an instrument.

Toys | Answered Yesterday

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