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Did you happen to reload your bobbin and then it started shortly there after?

Maybe try a different fabric, thread, and bobbin, just to test the machine.

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I know this was ages ago but now I am in the same boat :/ did you happen to find an English manual for this machine??

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When you thread and then start up your machine to sew, for instance, a seam, there's one more step you have to take. After you have threaded, placed your fabric under the foot, and put your presser foot down, pull a length of thread--enough so you can grab, maybe 3" or 4"--pull the thread to the back of the machine and then hold it down for the first stitch or two. You see, when it starts to take the first stitch the upper thread pulls towards the machine, and if there's not enough left over, it will pull it right back though the needle! All you have to do to get around that is to make sure the end of the upper thread is being held down with your hand long enough to take the first stitch or two--then you can let it go.

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Easy to do remove sole plate remove shuttle and case, don't forget to pull the spring loaded plate to one side by inserting a electrical screw driver in the slot and twisting it anticlockwise to release the case, remove drive dogs this will the expose the cotton pickup assembly turn the hand wheel anticlockwise until the hook gets close to the needle now watch the needle it should be in the lowest position and just as it starts it's way back up the hook should be just going behind the needle to pick up the tread if this is not the case and it's out of position then hold the hand wheel tight and insert a small screw driver into one of the gaps in the base were the shuttle case fits in away that you are able to move the hook assembly one way or the other with a gentle pressure and move the hook just to make it enter just behind the needle as it only just starts it's way up at this position it is now complete and you can reassemble and run slowly at first just to make sure things are okay.
Happy Sewing

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Very likely there is a thread or two stuck in the bobbin area. Open up the bobbin door, remove bobbin and bobbin case. Now try to turn it with the handwheel. If still no action, then look closely at the socket where the bobbin case fit into. There are 2 black plastic levers -one on each side. Move each one outward. This will allow the center to easily fall out.
Now move the hand wheel. If it is still stuck, then remove the needle plate. Remove two screws to allow the plate to come off. Now you have a clear view of all the mechanism around the needle and bobbin area. Remove stray dusty bunnies, thread etc.
If that does not do it, then you may have an issue with the belt or motor -but not too likely.
Reply if you are still having problems.

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You may view/download the manual at Owners Manual User Guide for Singer 1120 Mechanical Sewing Machine

To contact Singer's customer support, see Contact Singer Sewing Co Shortest Wait Best Support

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I went to the Singer site and downloaded (free) and took a look at your user's manual, and page 11 has it pictured, with instructions. I don't believe that it tells you this, but when the lever is out the bobbin won't come out. I would recommend that you download the manual as well; it can be very helpful.

Singer 1120... | Answered on Nov 28, 2014 | 72 views

Could be needle is damaged or inserted wrongly. Check manual for proper insertion orientation.

Singer 1120... | Answered on Nov 26, 2014 | 39 views

Download the user's manual from the Singer Sewing Machine site. It is a free download (I just checked, and your model is there), and it will show you with pictures how to do that.

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ALL sewing machines have two disks that face each other in the thread path that exert tension on the top thread, and when threading you must get the thread between those disks to get any tension on the top. However, on ALL sewing machines, going back to their creation in 1859 (that I know of), you MUST thread your machine with the presser foot UP, because that is the only time the disks are spread to ACCEPT the thread. You have probably been threading your machine with the foot down. Another must as a side note--you MUST turn the hand wheel TOWARDS you at ALL times. If you turn it away from you more than one revolution, you risk throwing off the hook timing.

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maybe check the threading of the machine

Singer 1120... | Answered on Oct 17, 2014 | 76 views

Reduce tension. Perhaps it is very thin - or cheap thread? Or very old thread?
If so, replace with good thread.

If that is OK, them try to lessen the tension.


Singer 1120... | Answered on Oct 01, 2014 | 68 views

Some spool pins are screwed in and some are just wedged in. You can purchase a wedge in spool pin from your local store and use it to replace a screw in one but you cannot use a screw in pin to replace a wedge in type.

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Set the tension on the sewing machine for the weight of the material you want to sew. The tension setting shows in the stitch on the material. Use the chart on the machine that matches types of stitches with suggested material tensions. An example of this is, the stitch to sew jean material is different than the stitch to sew silk.

Take the bobbin and wind the thread around it. Make sure the bobbin is empty and don't fill it too full of thread. A bobbin filled too full won't stay tightly spun.

Thread the string evenly on the bobbin. Move the thread back and forth evenly and in layers that are level. Many Singer sewing machines have a bobbin winder on the top of the sewing machine, and the consistency of how it threads can save you frustration later.

Find the hole on the bobbin that is located near the inside spindle of the bobbin. Take the thread sitting on the sewing machines spool and insert the thread in the hole from inside the bobbin to the outside. Set the threaded bobbin on the spool designated for spinning on the top of the sewing machine for some Singers.

Turn the side drive wheel slowly until the threaded bobbin has a layer or two of thread on it. Push down on the drive peddle and fill the bobbin, but don't thread it to the very edge. If the bobbin is too full the thread will release erratically. Cut the thread from the spool.

Drop the bobbin into the bobbin case under the area where the needle sews the material. Close the case and turn by hand the side wheel drive until the bobbin threads into the sewing machine. You can tell when the bobbin is threaded by the tiny piece of thread that juts out of the bobbin case where the needle goes up and down.

Grab the thread with your fingers and pull it out approximately 4 inches. Your bobbin is now spun and threaded.

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The 1120 uses the Class 15 bobbin; either the metal generic bobbins or the plastic ones (including those with the Singer brand name) will work. One vendor has the following: and . If you ever need to check for other accessories for your machine, see . Enter your model number in the search box partway down the page and press enter. You'll see the entire list of available accessories for your Singer.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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Are you using a 15J Bobbin on the 1120 machine - I thought my problem was the bobbin tension as well until someone posted that I should be using a 15J bobbin - I was using a 15 bobbin which looks the same as the 15J but they're not the same - 15J is a little taller than the 15 - and it was causing the thread on bobbin to knot up and break - once I got the 15J bobbin I could see the difference when dropping the bobbin in the case - the 15 was just a little smaller and shorter but that was the cause (also make sure you're loading it to rotate clockwise not counter-clockwise - the 15J fits correctly - problem solved - WalMart carries the 15J but they're sold out a lot so just keeping checking back - I think Hancock Fabrics carries them also - when I find them I just buy several packs to have on hand - you can also order them online from Amazon - if you're already using the 15J bobbin then the screw on the bobbin case can either be tightened or loosened to adjust the tension - just have to keep adjusting a little at a time and use a scrap fabric to see which way you need to go till stitches look even. Hope this helps :>)

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It's actually pretty rare to need to time a machine. Most machines I see that are "out of time" actually have the needle in backwards, or the needle is damaged, or not completely up in the needle clamp, so check those first.

Otherwise, check against the timing diagrams here:

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Sounds like a bad jam. Clean the machine (you may need to take the needle plate off as well as take the bobbin case and shuttle apart) and put in a new needle and try again.

Singer 1120... | Answered on May 25, 2014 | 58 views

Hello, Here is the website for the repair manual that you need:

Singer 1120... | Answered on May 21, 2014 | 40 views

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