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increase the needle thread tension up a bit as it is too loose to pull the bobbin thread up properly
keep adjusting until both threads are at the middle of the materials being sewn

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Not knowing the brand and model of your machine makes diagnosis difficult. In most machines that have the bobbin case inserted from the front, you can try releasing the bobbin case and removing it. When my machine jams, removing the bobbin case releases all those threads that are twisted and knotted inside that are "holding the needle captive."


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Until you can get your bobbin winder repaired, I'd suggest picking up a bobbin winder at your local fabric store. The last time I noticed, they cost about $30. Many sewists prefer to use this little accessory inside of wearing out the bobbin winder on their sewing machine. Also, if you more than one thread cone, you can rewind bobbins without unthreading your sewing machine.

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I'm not sure what you've actually got, since your question mentions two different machines. Straight stitch is typically the default setting (the thing that comes up automatically) on computerized or electronic machines. On other machines, there may be an indicator for straight stitch (often stitch 0 or 1 if numbered), or it may be a zigzag stitch of width 0, length whatever.

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try this link and see if this is the right manual and see if the information is in manual that you need

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try adjusting the bar that the presser foot is attached to , check in your manual for the instructions to do the adjustment..

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Some general suggestion - not familiar with White. If you know where the tensioner is, take a scrap of relatively stiff cloth in a constrasting color to the thread to make it easier to see. A good stitch tension will look like a line of adjacent dashed on top and dash-dot-dash on the bottom. If you are seeing dash-dot-dash on top and Dash-dash on the bottom, the tension is too tight. If - usual case - the bottom has dash-loopyloop-dash, or worse, snags, the tension is too loose. Remember tension may need to be adjusted for thicker or thinner work.

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The camstack is out of line with the selector bar in the top of the machine, you will need an engineer to adjust it

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You may download a copy of the manual at http://www.singerco.com/uploads/download/1075_white-1418-x.pdf

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Manual seems to imply that you have to cover the needle plate with a "darning plate," which just build up the area around the feed dogs so they don't reach the fabric--pretty inelegant, plus I wonder if you can even find the darning plate anymore. Let me know if you figure out anything else!

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it sounds like when the needle bent that it caused the
machine to jump time, the machine needs to be checked
at a sewing machine shop by a technican

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try to clean and oil it

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As a simple fix you can buy a freestanding bobbin winding device online, this will wind a bobbin for most machines so is a simple fix and can be used at any time.

You may also want to remove the top cover of your machine and oil internally, it may help with the fly wheel issue. There is an oiling diagram for a White 1510 on this page http://www.sewusa.com/Sewing_Machine_Repair/White_Sewing_Machine_Maintenance/White_1505_1510.htm
If your machine top cover looks similar and you can remove it then certainly use this image as a guide to oil in the arrowed places, then manually turn the flywheel towards you gently to spread the oil. Use a good quality clear machine oil, or Triflow if you can, it has silicone in and doesn't dry out and leave sticky residue like a mineral oil can over time.

From reading the manual for the White 1418 on the Singer website, it looks like you hold the outer part of the flywheel and turn the inner knob towards you to disengage the clutch for bobbin winding. Is that what you have described above?

If you don't have the manual you can download it from the Singer Instruction manuals page, link is http://www.singerco.com/accessories/instruction-manuals, then type W1418 into the search field and click "search" then wait for the screen to load, you'll get a "Free download" icon on the right after a few seconds. Click this and wait again for the pdf file to download, it will take a bit of time depending on your internet speed.

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1 Release the stop-motion knob on the right side of the sewing machine by turning it oward you.2 Place a spool of thread of your choice on the spool pin located toward the back of the sewing machine.3 Pull thread from the spool through the threading knob on the top of the machine.4 Pull 2 to 3 inches of thread through one of the holes on the bobbin. Hand-wrap thread around the bobbin in an anti-clockwise direction five or six times.5 Place the wrapped bobbin on the bobbin spindle.6 Push the winder spindle to the right, against the stopper, and depress the foot pedal to begin winding.7 Wind bobbin until completed, then return winder spindle to its original position.8 Tighten the stop-motion knob.

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You can download a pdf of your sewing machine manual if you visit the Singer website; link is http://www.singerco.com/accessories/instruction-manuals/search, in the search field type in "W1088" then click search and wait for the page to build. After a few seconds you should see a box with "Free download" in it; click this then again wait for the file to open, save it to your PC and print it out and keep with your machine.

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go to this website link http://www.singerco.com/accessories/instruction-manuals and type in W1418 to locate your manual as a free download. It is available there.

You can download it as a pdf file, it will take a few seconds to load to screen so just wait. Then Save it to your PC. A good idea is to print it out (double sided if you can) and get it bound with covers so you've got a good hard copy to keep with the machine. I saw a great idea to keep manuals and machines together: get a large ziplok bag bigger than the manual and attach to the sewing machine case handle with a zip tie in one corner. Then you can drop the manual back into the bag when not needed and it will always stay with the machine!

Hope this helps you out, 4 thumbs up if so. Happy Sewing, Tally Girl

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