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It's definitely coming through the flapper valve. Look for some interference or crud that prevents the flapper from sealing well. Does it happen intermittently, or constantly? If you can't find the interference try a different style of flapper valve. good luck. Al K

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Snow and Jones wearhouse

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It is really the valve that opens up to let water flow through the bowl when activated by the flush lever, to flush the toilet. it should prohibit water from flowing after the toilet flushes.

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your new seat will have bolts and nuts with it.

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There is a rubber seal at the bottom of the flush valve that covers the openning at the bottom of the tank. If this rubber seal has perished slightly then it will leak water into the toilet bowl. This rubber seal need to be replaced to form a proper seal to prevent water leak.

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You have to twist the whole thing. There is no nut or threaded portion under the gasket like you'd find on most (two-piece toilets). The hole under the gasket seal is a triangle-shaped and the bottom of the flush valve (the part that says waterline) has three prongs that lock the unit down against the gasket.
I don't remember which direction worked, but I put the grip/handle of a channel lock pliers down into the flush valve and that gave me the leverage to remove the whole part with gasket.

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may be sticking to something

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Yes and if it is not hooked to the edge of the fill valve or on the end of the fill tube it went down the drain. fluidmaster makes a universal one.


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a lots of the time when that happens you will need to use a grinder or a ' Dremil ' tool to cut the bolts that are holding down the toilet and get some new bolts and re-install. **** there is also a chance that if you CAN turn the bolt itself from the top that you can get the bottom of the bolt ( which is ' T ' shaped ) to turn in the right direction and get the bolt head to slip through the slots in the floor plate. since you will most likely need new bolts to re-install the toilet, go buy the new bolts at the hardware store and by looking at the bolts and looking at a floor plate at the store -- this will give you a idea of what you are trying to remove.. ( it is kinda like a puzzle ). ******
also --- sometimes you can get a hacksaw blade ( by itself -- not on handle ) to fit between the floor and toilet and cut the bolts that way,, this is kinda a pain to do, but in a pinch it sometimes works good.
I hope these ideas help you --- good luck ( ! ).


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Try using some upward pressure on the bolts while turning them, using a pair of Channel Lock pliers (aka arc-joint pliers). This may stabilize the nuts into which the bolts are threaded. When installing the seat and reinstalling the bolts, a downward pressure may be required into to tighten them properly.

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Every seat Ive seen there was a plastic flap covering the bolts. Lift these flaps and you should see top of the bolts.

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use a hack saw on the topside of the bolt(maybe just the blade), do not bind it as it may break the toilet. Hope this helped Tim

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screws can be accessed thru tank..take a hacksaw blade only n cut from above (careful not to scratch where can be seen)..nuts will fall in tank..will have to reach for them thru tank.

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flush valve has obstruction and tank is not filling all the way to just below overflow tube.

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had any work done recently, if so if u ve had occasion to have water shut off...when water is turned back on calcium or sediment gets loose and clogs flush valve (called a ballcock) or check the water level in the tank.

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Remove the nut from the other bolt, turn off the water supply, disconnect the water supply from the toilet tank, remove all of the water from the tank and the bowl (as sponge is helpful) and lift the entire toilet off of the wall. This is a lot easier than it sounds. There are two types of toilet hold-down bolts. The bolt either has a head that is held in a keyhole shaped slot in the rim surrounding the sewer hole (in which case it comes out easily with your fingers), or it is the lag-screw type which is screwed into the wooden floor or subfloor - this type you can remove with vise-grips. The messiest part is the was ring. Clean this all up and replace it when you put the toilet back in. Google for how to replace a toilet wax ring for tips on that, but the important part is that the wax should be warm. Good luck, Al K

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did you look under the tank?

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The top of the pipe above the flush valve is threaded if you unscrew this you will be able to remove the flush valve and replace the gasket. I am assuming we are talking about the same here is a link that has all the parts:


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It should be 1-3" away from the wall if waste line is 1 foot away from the wall. 7" of water tank and bowl.

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No, you don't have to, but it makes for a nicer job. The wax ring must provide the complete seal to the sewer and must not leak at all. The use of caulking under the outer edge provides for a neat seal so that water or waste that gets on the floor does not collect under the edge of the toilet where it meets the floor. The caulking can also provide a bit of stability if the floor is uneven and the flange is a bit high, in which case the toilet might rock a little - which could compromise the seal of the wax ring. If a plumber installs a toilet, they will put the caulking down right away because they are confident in their installation of the wax ring and they need to move on. If the floor is a soft material (anything except stone or ceramic tile), then the home meowner might want to wait a couple of days before applying caulking to be certain that they don't conceal a leaking wax ring. If your toiled does rock a little, give the caulking a day to dry before using it again. On the other hand, if you do have a hard surface floor, it's a good idea to apply the caulk to the bottom of the toilet before you put the bowl down to give a bit of cushion where the porcelain bowl meets the hard floor.

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