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If you had a direct short when you engaged the starter and it didn't blow a fuse, it most likely blew/melted the contacts in the switch. This can be easily check with a volt/ohm meter. If you check ohms across the switch terminals, the reading should be zero ohms; otherwise, you could be reading the carbon inside the switch from were it blew. Or, you can ground the black meter lead and check the voltage on the terminals with the red meter lead. Should have 12vdc (on a 12vdc system) on one terminal and zero in the other until switch is engaged and it should read the same reading within a few decimals.

Hope this helps!

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Really need more info! If this is came from Harbour Freight, check the spark plug. I watched a video to get a little background on the generator and the recommend changing the spark plug before using it. Anyway, he opened box and pulled the wire off the plug and was able to unscrew the plug by hand. I doubt your plug is loose if it has ran, but probably be in your best interest to change it, I bet it's bad. He said the gap is .03. Take spark plug out and go to any automotive store and get a replacement, they'll even gap it for ya.
Check and make sure there's fuel in it, switch/key is in the on position, press primer button at least 8 times if it has one (didn't see one in video), crank a few times in full choke, then on half choke, and it should start.

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Here is some reasons for reference:
1.After the diesel generator is stopped, the residual magnetism is often lost, because the material used for the magnetic pole of the exciter is close to the soft steel, and the residual magnetism is small. After the shutdown, when there is no current in the excitation winding, the magnetic field will disappear.
2.The magnetic pole of the diesel generator loses its magnetic properties.
3.Damage of excitation circuit components or circuit breakage, short circuit or grounding phenomena.
4.The exciter brush is not in good contact with the commutator and pressure of brush holder is insufficient.
5.Excitation winding wiring error, opposite polarity.
6.Stator winding and rotor winding of generator set open circuit.
7.Poor contact between diesel generator brush and slip ring, or insufficient brush pressure.
8.Diesel generator lead wire wiring is loose or switch contact is poor.
9.The fuse box is fused.
10.The "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch on the control panel is in the de-excitation position (automatic generator set has "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch).
11.The voltmeter is damaged.
12.Rotary rectifier module is damaged.

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The more breaker space, the better provided panel mounting space is available.

Main two pole breaker in the panel examples:
40 amperes ( 40 x 240 is 9600W),
35 amperes ( 35 x 240 is 8400W),
30 amperes ( 30 x 240 is 7200W).

You can fit your 8000W power supply preferably into a 30A/120/240V panel, or a 35A/120/240V.

Try to keep the loads balanced. There are two 120volts lines, each, line voltage to neutral, and 240 volts line to line. Example, two 120 volt loads, 1500watts each, connect one of the loads to one lone and the other load to the other line so that each of the 120 volts lines has a load of 1500 watts avoiding both 1500 watts loads (3000W) from being connected to just one 120 volts line while the other 120volt line has no load. This is "balancing the load".

Product of volts and amps is watts. Transposable,
Watts divided by volts is amps.

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Oh, it's there... you just cant see it. It has likely come loose and moved.

Suggest it's time to replace the disposal.

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Hi thers a rectifier bloock in shaft at rear of alternator easy to desolder an replace an easy obtained making sure polarily is kept the same as if incorrect dc won't pass to rotor to energize

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You should turn off the remote emergency switch. Then check the reasons, but this is based on that you can not turn off the switch.
Electromagnetic valve for generator set shutdown is out of control.
Speed regulator of diesel engine has fault.
Operational errors may be that the control panel first breaks the key switch and then presses the stop button.
There are many reasons besides above reasons, you should check clearly and remove faults one by one, then will know what is the resaon.
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What is the situation when the generator wont start? Hope you can say details.
Air intake port is blocked.
The fuel is not enough or the quality of fuel is poor.
Fuel system and injection system failure
Above reasons are only some parts of many reasons, you need to remove the faults one by one.
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If you need to have a new diesel generator set, please contact us by this email address sherly@dieselgeneratortech.com

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You do in good job.
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Is it diesel generator? Because i do not know Onan 3600 lp generator much. If it uses diesel fuel to drive, maybe you can reference some reason:
1.The fuel pipeline has air, and the fuel can't keep up with it. Solutions: Remove fuel and air according to instructions.
2.Air intake is insufficient or intake pipeline is blocked.Solution:check the intake pipe of the engine and replace the filter if necessary.
3. There is no oil in the tank or the oil valve has not been opened. Solution:Check fuel level of the fuel and fuel valve.

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