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What I would do is just overlay the existing floor with 3/4 inch 6 ply plywood'You would probably be ok without it but this will help to more evenly distribute the load.Thank you.

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You need to get in the yellow pages and look in the Bathtub section for repairman

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check the air tubing coming off the back of the motor. that tubing should connect from the air switch on the motor to the bottom of the air button on the top of your tub.
if it is not connected then it will never turn on.

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You can find replacement jet trim at the following source.

US Parts Center

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Is the flapper valve slow to return to the closed postion allowing water to flow through the flush valve? Make sure the toilet flapper is moving freely and is sealing properly against the flush valve. If there is no lengthy or continual water flow in to the toilet bowl then this is not the problem.

Is the water valve on the water fill line to the toilet tank fully open? This may seem silly but it could be this simple.

Check to make sure your fill valve is opening fully. If you have an older toilet there may be some deposits that need to be cleaned way to allow free movement.

If toilet does eventually fill to the desired level, there is no leakage, water valve on fill line is fully open and fill valve is opening fully then recommend you shut off water supply, drain toilet and disconnect water fill line from the water valuve and toilet tanke to make sure there is not a blockage. If the water line and connections are clear you may need to remove the fill pipe in the tank and check for blockage. If this is very old, conisdering the cost and effort, it may be simpler to replace at this time rather than trying to extend the life.

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yes. You will find a replacement pump at the following stores:
US Parts Center
Bath Parts Plus

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Most likely the problem is with the fill valve or ballcock. Will need to turn the water off to the toilet and remove the supply line that connects the water to the fill valve. then there is a nut that holds the fill valve to the bottom of the toilet tank. remove that nut and the fill valve will lift out of the tank. replace the fill valve with a reverse process and that should cure the problem.

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i am afraid there isn't a product out there to do that. your best solution is to have a repairman from the factory and repair the tub so it will not leak.

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You say you have replaced seals. I assume that you are refering to the flaper valve that controls dumping water from tank to bowl to flush. To make sure you have a good seal put a dozen or so drops of food coloring directly into tank when it's full and observe for a hour or so to see if water in bowl is discoloring. If it is then you are still leaking there. You can shut off water supply off or flush toilet and manually hold flush valve closed. Check to see if there are any rough spots on flapper seal that could stop flapper from sealing good. If you find rough spot then make sure the surface is dry and sand lightly with medium grit sandpaper.120 grit or finer.
One other thing to check is if your toilet has the plastic or rubber tube that goes from the flush valve into the overflow. Make sure that this tube does not set below water level in tank when it is full as this can create a suction or syphon,
Hope this helps you. Thanks

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You can order from the American Standard website:

You can also search for a retailer/distributor near you who will probably carry replacement parts. See here:

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Hi, Dayne here,

If your tub has an air switch, it could be the push button, but more likely the air switch. Disconnect the tubing from the button and give it a light puff of air. If it turns on the pump. it is the button. If not, listen and veiw the air switch as you give it a light puff again. If the switch contactors close, the switch is probably good, and it unfortunately may be the pump. Remove and have it tested after looking for a reset or manual over ride by the air switch.

Thank you.

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sounds like maybe the jet faces are turned off. see if they turn one way or the other and they may open and spew water out for you.

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Not saying that all of them screw out... but most will just turn right out...spin the top CCW and it will come out...


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This is normal very a short period of time. if is continues your motor may be going out.

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These shut-off valves don't last long before they lock up. There is always the chance that they'll break. Go ahead and turn off the main water valve, then remove the packing nut (Google images for valve packing nut). This should allow you to turn the valve stem. However, you still run the risk of not being able to get to shut off. I almost always have to replace these shut-off valves whenever replacing a faucet anyway. So, assuming the valves are threaded on to the supply pipe (not soldered) then buy replacement valves as a very first step. I am assuming you won't want to do the soldered fitting yourself. Good luck,

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sounds like a bad capacitor or a bad spot on the motor. either way you will need a new pump.
couple of sources for bath pumps for you.

Bath Parts Plus
US Parts Center

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i have the same issue with my aqua option toilet. if you have a water shut off installed on the supply line to the toilet, just close it enough to reduce the supply pressure. no more splashing.

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Please contact our American Standard Customer Service Department -1-800-442-1902. One of our customer service representatives will be available to help you solve the problem

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It is likely a stanadyne!
It is rebuildable!!
And finally it is right above your block in the center.....

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