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If you've tried turning off both shutoffs underneath and water still runs, then the shutoffs are also likely worn out and need to be replaced. If there is no way to shut off from that point, then the only other option is to have somebody turn off all water in the house near your water meter or main water line. In many places, hardware stores will sell something called a "water shutoff key", but depending on your location, it may have a different local name.
Once water is off to the whole house, turn the hot water on somewhere in the house to reduce pressure from your water heater before replacing your faucet and shutoff valves.
It is a good idea to take one of your old water shutoffs with you to a hardware store to make sure the new one would fit propperly.
If you know somebody who can take apart the faucets to check and replace just the washers, then it could be fixed with even less expense, if you would not rather replace the faucet with a new one that will last longer.

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If your pump will not shut off when you push the button on the tub then you have a bad air switch in the motor.

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This sounds like the air switch in the motor is not working properly. You will need to remove the pump from under the tub to access the air switch located in a housing on the motor.
Replacement Air Switch will cost you about $20

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It could be a venting issue. Check the roof vent for the plumbing system. Perhaps clogged with leaves or other debris causing a blockage in the vent line. You can use a hose up to the roof and flush out the vent line. Another problem may be calcium buildup. CLR , a product available at most hardware and grocery stores will dissolve mineral buildups.

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What is the problem? How do you turn this tub on/off ?

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Two things come to mind,
The sinks were installed out of balance and way over tightened causing a constant stress on a warped surface, or a foreign object was left under lips of sinks. If they were purchased and installed at the same time you could have received damaged merchandise.

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Check to make sure the chain fromanagement the trip lever to the flapper does not have too much slack in it if there is shorten the chain so when the lever is down there is just a little slack in the chain. Hope this helps

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Water is either running (1) into the overflow tube or (2) out to the toilet under the flapper at the bottom of the tank. If (1) lower the ball or float. Done differently depending on model. If (2) replace the flapper with new flapper designed for your model. (Note: Raise manually the float valve and if water still runs out the little tube that goes into the overflow tube then fill valve is defective. Replace it.)

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You may have to use a really neat tool and that is aunt splitter. You can get it at O Reilly's auto store or any of those stores. That should remove it.

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Usually seeping is from under the flapper. Replace flapper with one designed for that model. Avoid generic flappers.

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Flapper seal is damaged or worn out. Replace Flapper with one for your model.

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Perhaps the shut off valve is not fully open, or constricted. Try opening and closing the shut off valve to loosen any sediment. Otherwise, replace shut off valve.

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replace float assembly

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Replace flapper with one for your toilet model.

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The brown ring is usually caused by hard water stains. With bit of chemicals scrubbed with a scouring stick. Toilets are fairly cheap if you need a new one for better looks.

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Shut the water off flush toilet and there should be two bolts that you can see at the under side of that tank. You need to remove them bolts and lift off the tank and install a new seal. Sometimes i mean sometimes you can tighten them a little and they will stop leaking. If it has been for awhile id just replace it.

I’m happy to assist further over the phone at

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There is a clog in the line. A plunger usually solves this problem, but you have to use a toilet plunger. Your local hardware store will give you the right tool ($13). If the plunger doesn't work, you need a toilet auger (also called a closet auger), which you can buy for less than $20.

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Bad flapper valve or water level is above overflow tube. Replace flapper or lower float.

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O ring on fill tube? or on tank?

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I haven't sat on your toilet, so the rockin' don't come from me! Our grandpa had a habit of slamming his a@@ down on the toilet here at my house, so now it rocks when sat on. The bolts have shifted, or the wax ring was smisshed. If you take off the toilet from the floor, and find out either/or, let me know.

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