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Kohler customer service has provided a free seal (yellow) to replace the original seal (red)on the bottom of the Aqua Piston. The yellow seal is a big improvement over the red seal, but the toilet tank still leaks. I am ready to return the toilet to Home Depot.

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There could be partial blockage of the water supply line causing a slow fill.

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Went to a Sheraton in Petaluma, CA over the weekend where they have this exact toilet that we also have two of in our home, and damn if the thing didn\'t flush there too. The maintenance guy says they have chronic problems with it.

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Is the fill line in the tank loose? Does it just shoot water into the tank itself? I had this issue until I realized the while fill tube is supposed to be pushed into the black cylinder/small plastic tube in the middle of the stopper assembly. After i pushed the line into the tube, the bowl would always only fill a little bit. Now it fills almost a 3rd of the way up the bowl and doesn't bubble during flushes.

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Hi aselbst...
Water running is an indicator that the "Ball ****" water inlet device is leaking by, there is no fix to this problem.
You must replace the ball **** to stop the water from leaking,
The ball **** is non-repairable.
You can try to adjust the float to a lower level, sometimes that will work to stop the leak
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how to replace a flat seal on a Kohler, Cimmaron toilet

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Try replacing the rubber flapper inside the tank.

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You just need to adjust the chain attached to the silver part. Just unhook it and go up maybe 3 links on the chain. This will help it lift up higher when you go to flush it.

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I can't answer your question about the part from the #6 fitting the # 5 because I don't remember. I think it will but they were haveing trouble with the older one breaking down due to chlorine and other water treatment chemicals.I Thank you.

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The Kohler Cimarron is one of the most popular and reliable toilets out there. (My Favorite). However, depending on the hardness of the water and if you use cleaner tabs in the tank, these factors can lead to a malfunction.
The first thing you should do is hold the flapper (rubber seal inside the tank that releases the water down to the bowl) down with your hands for a few seconds after a flush and see if the toilet stops running. Sometimes the flapper doesn't seal properly therefore the fill valve keeps working non stop. Stopping the fill while holding the flapper down will confirm that your flapper needs to be changed.
If this doesn't work then try this....
The other common problem with a running toilet is with the fill valve itself. There is an attached float on the fill valve that goes up and down depending on the water level. Once the water level rises, it rises the float, and the float tells the fill valve to stop filling the tank. While the toilet is running (hissing), try raising the float all the way up with your hand and see if it stops. If it stops but not consistently with every attempt, then you will need to change the fill valve. I believe the Fluidmaster 400A is the replacement model.

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You may have a slight restriction stuck in the goosneck of the toilet or in the pipe elbow.........If you have little ones they seem to test our knowledge sometimes.Hope this helps.

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Sounds like the fill valve may have something stuck in the part that makes the water shut off. This can cause it not to refill as it doesn't let the inner mechanism work as it should. If your home is a little older and depending on the piping in the home it is possible in the change that some debris passed through the system when the water was turned on. Another possible issue is that when attaching the water to the tank the fill valve was turned to where the float for the mechanism is jammed against the side of the tank and is not moving freely with the water. If this is the case then the entire body of the fill valve will need to be twisted so the float can move freely. Aside from these things, you may want to simply replace the fill valve to avoid any further complications or issues. Don't worry, anyone can do it and is only about $10 to do. I recommend Fluidmaster brand, they come with really good instructions.

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Before taking it out you need to go back to Lowe's and purchase a toilet auger....
With this you can crank it down through the trap of the toilet and remove the obstruction...there is something in there that a plunger will not remove...example...a pen or pencil... comb...these are commonly removed when I het the symptoms you are giving...


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Tube in cylinder. Water should not come over cylinder, but 1/2" or so below.

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you should be able to adjust flush from filler valve raise water level

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You would think a kohler product would be quality wouldn't you? I used to work for a company that sold them and have one in my house right now. I have the same problem you do and my solution is to get rid of it and get a good one.
When looking for a good toilet, choose one that has a smooth trap design. It should be a nice flowing S shape with no sharp 90 degree corners. Trust me on this. Studying the side of toilets in the plumbing store can save lots of headaches later.

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Note: Before doing any major work on your toilet, be sure to turn off the water supply to the toilet...

If your toilet's "guts" have an float ball, try unscrewing the ball a little to lengthen the float (which controls the water shut off)

If that does not work, try putting a little bend in the arm that the float connects to get the ball lower into the tank.

If you are referring to the style float that surrounds the fill tube like a doughnut, most likely you have some sort of build up either on the fill tube the float surrounds, or on the float itself - or both - that is causing friction that not allowing the float to travel (and shut off the water fill into the tank

If you are referring to the flapper at the bottom of the tank that allows water to travel from the tank to the bowl, most likely it is has two "arms" that anchor to the flapper to the fill tube. There may be some buildup on these arms that needs to be removed to allow the flapper to open and close easily.
If the flapper is not closing, you may also have a chain that is binding up when the flush handle is pushed. Clean the chain with some CLR, and/or remove any excess links that are piling up when the flapper is closed.

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There are multiple things to diagnose on a problem of this nature. I will give you a starting point, and you can work from there. If you need further steps, let me know. It may be something as simple as debris caught in the diaphragm of your fill-valve. This is not uncommon. The top portion of your fill will pop off, but you must shut water to the tank off first, before removing the cover. Underneath the cover, you will see a black rubber diaphragm. Remove this diaphargm, and slowly crack open the shut off valve just enough to start water flowing. If you notice any debris come out, your problem is solved. Reassemble the fill-valve, turn water back on. If this is not the problem, Your fill valve may just be bad. They are relatively inexpensive. However, before buying a new fill valve (assuming that step one did not solve this problem for you) Turn the shut off valve back off. and remove the supply line going to the toilet. Get a bucket and aim the supply line into the bucket. If this is not a flexible supply line, this step will not work. However, if it is flexible, point it into the bucket and turn the shut off valve on. If you have adequate pressure at this point, it is definitely your fill valve inside the tank. If there is not adequate pressure, it starts getting a little more complicated to diagnose. However, I can still walk you through those steps as well, but start where I recommended, as this is most commonly the problem.

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Problem is the flapper make sure it did not fall off the mounting clips or it may need to be replaced

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