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Consider using a toggle bolt (with wings) and a large stainless steel washer to re-attach the seat.

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Wrap a putty knife with a wash cloth, and push it between the toilet ceramic surface and the plastic hinge for the seat. Wedge it in there. Now try unscrewing the hinge screw. This provides back pressure against the hidden nut on the other side and may let you successfully remove the screw.

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These are designed with a very, very low water level - just covering the well at the bottom of the tank. It's part of the design. Our family has made a practice of flushing once beforehand to wet the surfaces before doing any major business on the toilet.

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We have another Kohler that has a different, but similar design.
If you don't want to go the replacement part way, you MAY be able to get by with a toggle bolt solution - it depends how far below the ceramic surface the plastic expander extends.
This solution would involve lifting the cover flap over the hinge holes and drilling a hole (1/2 " or so) through center of the plastic screw. Then use a toggle bolt (with a stainless steel washer on one end) and insert the toggle bolt through so it expands on the bottom side of the ceramic surface. Tighten the toggle bolt and flip the plastic cover back over it to hide it.

If this doesn't work, you could unscrew your toggle bolt (the "wings" will fall to the floor, sorry) and then use a progressively larger drill bit to drill out the plastic screw, just as one drills out a rivet. The danger is in going too large and making contact with the ceramic, which will likely shatter (or at the very least chip) the bowl. Once you are able to drill out the plastic screw, you can use a larger size toggle bolt and make more secure contact with the back side of the ceramic bowl surface with you toggle wings.

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If you are trying to install a standard toilet seat on a special "smooth sides" toilet, it likely will not work. Most hidden bolt toilets come with a special seat because you cannot get to anything from below. This special seat has a set of expanding style bolts that are attached to the screw that is part of the seat. The plastic expanding bolt goes into the hole(s) on the toilet, and as you tighten the screw on the toilet seat bolts, they expand the plastic part in the hole of the ceramic toilet.

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If your problem is like mine your toilet seat is loose and swivels when you sit on it. If you try to tighten down the screw it won't tighten. Use instructions above to remove old hardware.

To fix with new hardware

Purchase Hilti brand 3/16" x 2-1/2" Toggler Brand Toggle Bolt (Home Depot sells the kit). Kit comes with 10. You will only need 2. My last repair lasted about 8 years (with new kit = 40 years left or the purchase of a new toilet - whichever comes first). Set comes with 3/16 flat head screws. I recommend purchasing 3/16" 2" round head screws with matching flat washers. Sink Metal Toggler into hole with toggler pointing straight up (it's attached by long plastic legs). As it goes in the hole it opens up. Pull up on the plastic pull rings as tight as you can until the toggler is tight up against the inner porcelain of the bowl (similar to tightening cable ties). Line the seat up with the holes and it's new plastic adapter (that won't slip into the hole courtesy of Hilti). Slide washer underneath round head screw but on top of toilet seat assembly and screw directly into the newly installed toggler which is sunk in bowl/abyss receptacle. Repair should take around 5 minutes.

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The bolt that holds it on is a reverse threaded bolt. Retighten it going the opposite direction. This should do it.

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Yes,there it is!You can adjust your water level at the flush valve..You can see the ball there you need to adjust that so that the water level of your tank goes to your desired level.

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You should be able to remove the tank lid, reach into the cistern and find submerged at the bottom towards the front of the toilet the plastic wing nuts, hold onto these while tightening the plastic bolt from the top.

I have a Kohler toilet with a similar design, not sure if it is this exact model but they look very similar so I hope this works for you.

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Check and make sure the valve on the wall under the tank is fully open, and that the float is not getting hung up on the inside of the tank

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I just had the same problem.I can not believe that kohler would design such a flaw. I have four of these toilets in my house,and it would be ridiculously expensive to replace, especially for a seat. To fix it I went to OSH and got some 1/4-20 T nuts, went home cut the bolts off the seat (multi master dremel) with metal cutting blade. With a screw driver tapped the bolt and the small area around the bolt down into the toilet area. Now you have just a porcelain hole. Clean area with solvent (lacquer thinner),get some gel type super glue from hobby shop and put it on inside and top edge of the hole on the toilet. Put some glue around the shaft and under side of the T nut and slip it into the hole.Then put a SMALL bead of glue around where the T nut makes contact with toilet and let it dry aprox 1/2 hour. Now you have a permanent fix.To prevent a problem getting the bolt out in the future,put some anti seize (auto part store) on the threads of the new bolts. Hope this helps.
Good luck

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Check your seal between the bowl and the floor.
Sounds like the wax seal used on the underneath of the bowl is faulty and needs replacement.
If the seal is faulty it will cause a leak that you described.
Be sure to remove all the old wax seal on the floor and the bowl before installing a new wax seal.

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Water pressure in the house may be to high and not allowing flappers to drop. check pressure and adjust as needed.

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Sorry to read about your problem, I hope this helps you out.

i dont think you have toilet issue,

Try this. take a large bucket, like a paint or home depot orange bucket. fill 1/2 way...
put some toilet paper in the toilet. Then pour the water in fast, and see how it flushes. it it does a easy flush then your drain is ok. if its slow, you have a drain issue and not the toilet.

if that the case, then goto the toilet, and clean out all of the little holes, that are around the unit.. where you see the water come out. they can be clogged up. a small type wire like a clothes hanger.

I tried to help you. Please help me and Rate/Vote on my response. We take the time to answer your question. take the time to rate us.Thanks and good luck

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There is a screen @ the inlet to the vavle where the water connects that may be plugged or contact Kohler they will send you a repair kit for the fill valve.

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try turning the fill valve down

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sometimes removing the 3 or 4 screws that hold the top of assemble and separating the assemble will dislodge debri..and adjust the seat so that the water comes out of the small tube into the overflow tube like it should.

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Cut it out David with a flat bladed hack saw with as many teeth as possible. Give it a shot, pays to buy the best HUH????

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there should be a nut on the other side use a socket, pliers, vice grips, etc. to hold it

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there is probly caps on the hinges or if not just directly underneath there should be a nut.
1. pop the caps off with a butterknife or whatever 2. get a flat head screwdriver to hold screw 3. use a socket to turn the nut underneath.
good luck

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