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Bad earth connection to the key switch as these magneto types only earth the coil wire to turn ignition off. Check for loose connections or faulty switch

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First check the circuit breakers on the control/outlet panel.
Then take the end off the generator and look at the brushes (usually what breaks) and the 2 slip rings they ride on (these get dirty and have to be cleaned off with a bit of emery cloth)
Then look at the voltage regulator (the little board that the brushes plug into)

Let me know if you need more detailed help,

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Honda Engines Small Engine Models Manuals Parts Resources

They have all the engines there.
They don't however have the GX430 They have other models that might be close to yours.
Hope this helps.

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remove the throttle control motor spin motor a few times. I believe due to the minimal rotation required during activation a flat spot or build up results in a poor connection. Kicks down under load now. Back to the smoothnes of a new unit

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There is an upright small pencil diameter sized fuel screen inside the fuel tank of the EU3000is. I went in through fuel filler opening on the the top of the unit with a tooth brush on a stick and cleaned the screen. I then siphoned the rust and dirt particles out of the tank. Doing it this way precludes the necessity of draining the tank. My 3000 has been working smoothly since. If the problem reoccurs, repeat the process.

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check your coil

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runs rich on high speed or hunts with black smoke
and fine on idle Lets understand it this way whenever there is black smoke that means there is not proper combustion in the cylender head means un burned fuel means less power which is either fuel is not pure due to dust particals or there is not proper current through the spark plug that means fuel is not burning properly and resulting in to smoke in the exoust if you have checked the fuel already then check for the current coil for proper currrent through a wiring diagrame which can possibly make you check up to the inverter level to see if your inver is malfunctioning if its ok then check the air fuel mix screw on the carburator to check that the full oxygen supply is going in the carb for proper combustion try adjusting the air fuel ratio on high speed or on load even than the problem persists check if your spark plug is wet after a brief running if it is dry thsn its fine if it covered and wet with engine oil that means engine oil is comming in to the cumbustion chamber and burning with thr fuel and resulting in to smoke for that matter you will have to check your piston rings
if your

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I'd say your battery in the generator is going bad or bad. They are very small and do not hold a charge for very long. The noise you heard was probably the starter shaft hitting the flywheel cogs. I doubt any harm was done as long as you did not repeatedly try to start it with the key. Why Honda put a battery in these is because they are intended for use in a campground setting, where they would be used on a daily basis and the battery would constantly charged. Whereas people like us buy them for emergencies only, they sit for long periods, and the battery goes flat, and the fuel clogs the carb and we get the surging issue. That's my 2 cents. When I brought mine home new, I Sta-bil'd the heck out of the gasoline, this past winter, on start-up, the unit surges. Of course the battery was flat.

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clean the carb again and blow all passages with air. make sure the harness to the carb is all the way plugged in.

Honda 6370C -... | Answered on Oct 28, 2011 | 3,933 views

Hi, First thank you such a clear description of your problem.I have used diesel fuel on car motors to clean them up.I drained the oil and filled it up until it ran out.I would turn the motor over by hand for a couple of weeks and then drain it.This is different cause were talking about the combustion chamber.You could put diesel in with the piston at different levels but the valves would need to be closed.I would rock engine back and forth drain the fuel and put some oil in before I moved the piston.You could pull the head and clean it that way,Berrimens chemtool for carburators if you put the piston on top dead center may be best bet,Thank You for choosing FixYa.

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I also have this problem.. pulled it apart last night and found a lil corrosion from not being started for a long while.. I have another one that runs so I'll take it apart and exchange parts to see what's needed

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I have a 5 year old EU300is that would not start with or without the battery. I went through all the usual such as gas, plug, oil, etc. The battery showed 12 volts, however, when tested further it would not hold a load. I bought a new American made battery and now the unit runs fine.

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This is the formula The conversion of W to KVA is governed by the equation KVA=W/(1000*PF)

For example 1500W/(1000*0.83) = 1.8 kVA (assuming a power factor of 0.83)
Thanks for using FixYa and for the great rating.


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I had a problem with a honda generator that would only run on full choke. I removed the carburetor and cleaned the main jet with a wire and carb spray. Problem solved. Fuel stabilizer should be used with todays gas mixtures that have ethanol in them. Hope this helps.

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Probably the Bendix needs lube. This is the spiral that the pinion gear runs on.

Remove the starter and inspect to insure the pinion gear is in good shape and the bendix is free to move. also verify that the solenoid throws the pinion out to engage.

You can bench test the starter to verify operation.

Also check condition of the ring gear via the starter mounting hole.

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on the front side with the choke and key start remove the 4 ten millimeter bolts from the plastic face under the carrying handle. Remove front and you have direct access to the battery and the spark plug

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Ok Motors and the like generally DO NOT really go all that well from a generator, what load does the Stove use?, You must add up the cumlitive "Wattages" of ALL things connected, see your generator is about 3000 Watts, 3KW, How much "headroom" is there between the two? Whats supplied versus whats being used? Purely inductive loads, like Motors etc, are less responsive than electronic loads. I suspect that your generator is NOT providing enough current to the Stove, especially when "Other" things are connected. also. Look, if the, any, generator is 3000 Watts really you should only load it up to a couple of KW's, 2.5KW being about maximum. To do what you are doing would require, IMHO, at least, 5KW, to get the "Headroom" of current drawn over current able to be delivered by the generator. Also inductive loads loose heaps of power and actually cause a higher draw. So that your answer, you must use it well, inside it's rating, not right up to the limit.

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try a heavier load not only a bulb but a paintstripper or a hairdryer. succes.

Honda 6370C -... | Answered on Feb 15, 2010 | 78 views

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