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the PVC pipes used to plumb bathtubs can be either rigid PVC pipe or flex PVC pipe. You may use either kind and is usually available at your local Home Center.

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You will need to check with the Mfg of your bathtub for new skirt.
You may find a generic front skirt at your local hardware store i.e. Lowes or Home Depot.

US Parts Center

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google its online it should show u

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What about your bathtub?

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The pump is damaged or there is heavy clogging within that prevents the motor to work.
If there is wearing of the pump bearings or bushes then the rotors might get struck resulting in the hum. Secondly check the CAPACITOR connected to the motor , if the capacitor is tested and shows low value then you can replace.- simple test is to charge on the mains and see if there is retaining charge to prove it works. If not replace.
Finally remove and clean the motor and pump assembly.

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you can change out the complete air control valve. One thing i would have you do before changing that out is to make sure all of the jet faces are turned on. to do this turn the face of the jet clockwise. this will let the maximum amount of water come out of each jet face.
Sometimes if there are adjustable jets in the tub and they all get shut off, it will force the water that should be coming out of the jet faces back through the system and out the air control knob if it is open.
Just to check. that may not be the case....but...that would be cool if it were.

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try turning it so it will drop

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check to make sure the jet faces are turned on. some model tubs have adjustable jets that you can turn the face of the jet off.

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One of the quick ways to fix leaks at jets is by using Millaput two putty resins mixed and worked round the outside of the defective jet.

f there is a threaded nut on the back of the jet, undo the nut as much as possible and push the jet out into the tub. Spread aquarium grade silicone around the jet and push back into the hole, put more silicone in front of the nut, you may have to spread it in the small area with your finger or if you can squirt it in from the tube of silicone. If there is no threaded ring on the backside of the jet, go to the jet in the tub and looking down on the jet, turn it to the right. It should pop and pull out of the housing. There will be a retaining ring that may require a special tool to remove it, once the ring is out, clean it very well, spread silicon on the threads and the lip. Reinstall in the hole, reinstall jet wait 24 hours and fill and test for leaks. Take you time and you will not have to do it over again. Check where the leak is coming from, sometimes there is a hairline crack in the jet assembly, if this is the case, make sure the area is dry then use a 2 part epoxy for plastic (from lowes or home depot) and smear this all over and around the crack, let dry 24 hours, fill and test.

Let me know,if needed further assistance.

Hope i helped you.

Thanks for using ' Fixya ' and have a nice day!!

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sometimes theres caps on top pop the cap and tighten the screws and sometimes there are nut or wing nuts on the bottom...simple enough for you?

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Depends how old your toilet is, it may be a calcium build up problem on your little inlet pipe inside your tank, but first check your water shut off valve on left side of your toilet near the wall....It may not be open all the way OR the valve has an issue...

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Hey, One thing is that maybe there might be some loose plastic shavings in the fill line. From the Factory? or maybe was inside the water line going to the toilet when you connected the line to toilet. Shut off the water and get some towels and something to catch the water and disconnect it from the toilet and use bowl or what ever to catch the water and slowly turn it on and see if anything comes out. Maybe if it is in the line inside the toilet it might fall out by lightly tapping on the fill line inside the toilet to help it fall out. Just a thought when you said it "Sings" that sounds like trash inside the line going to the filler tube and bowl, hey try it who knows it might work. Okay

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First, carefully remove your tank lid, and place it where it won't break or fall. Look for a four-digit number located on the back of the tank, near the water level mark. This is your tank model number. If the number starts with a two, it is a one-piece toilet.

Then....visit this link:

Good Luck!

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More likely the sensor has malfunctioned.

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these are called phantom flushes. the water is slowly leaking around flapper or the is a scratch of the flapper seat. I use fluidmaster parts

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Toilets wear out from mineral deposits. Fixn may cost more then new. Googl used commodes first

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  • Flapper at bottom not sealing correctly
  • Defective fill valve

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