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For this kind of issue, please follow up the following steps to check:

1.confirm the battery and ac adapter connect the laptop normally.Maybe the bad connect lead to this problem. If there are no lights when you turn on laptop, one of possible reason is that your adapter is malfunction.

2.the second possible cause is laptop dc jack failure. If the dc jack is broken or loose, you are required to replace it or repair it.

3.Another possible reason is that there is something wrong with laptop motherboard. For this situation, it includs two kinds of possibility,a failure in an electronic circuit and BGA malfunction.

For more detailed reasons and solutions, please have a look at the following article:http://www.ifitjams.com/lappower.htm

If you verify your laptop adapter is dead and you plan to order a new one, I recommend one for you on the basis of your laptop model:

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According to the product specifications on HP/Compaqs website, this model Evo does not have wireless built in, only modem and ethernet ports are the means for getting online. A wireless usb card can be used to get wireless. Specs can be found here -

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i would try a boot sector repair/ f-8 upon boot then repair

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Let me give you the link to the free download of the Service Manual, for the Compaq Evo n1010v series of Notebook PC's, to start,


In the list scroll down to -
Compaq Evo n1010v Series, and left-click on it.

This is a PDF file download. (The computer you are using now has Adobe Reader on it, which uses PDF files)

After you click on the above file name, you will be looking at a blank screen. The PDF file is downloading in the background.

It took me approximately 68 seconds for the first page to come up. I'm using a medium speed DSL connection.

It takes another couple of seconds, then the file will be downloaded all the way.
I just wanted to prepare you for this.

I will lead you through the Service Manual, and will also tell you, in case there is some chance that you cannot download the manual.

On the left side of the manual, the Bookmarks will be open.
Left-click on the + sign next to Removal and Replacement.

Scroll down to - Removing the Display Assembly (Authorized Service Providers Only)

Left-click on this heading.
Or go to Page 38.

Go up to the top header, and Left-click on the + sign to enlarge the view.
(Plus sign to the right of the Blue down arrow. I enlarged to 100%)

1) Common knowledge. When working on a laptop always remove all electrical sources.

Remove the AC adapter (Charger) if plugged in, and remove the Battery.

You should also wear an ESD wrist s-trap when working on a laptop. (Electro Static Discharge)
Your body carries Static electricity, and Static will fry out the delicate computer hardware components.

In this case, you will not be going anywhere near hardware components, that are susceptible to static shock, so you won't need it.

I do advise that you have a multi-compartment container available, for the screws. Some of these screws look alike, but they Aren't.

If you do not have a multi-compartment container handy, you may want to use a clean egg carton in a pinch.
Label each egg holder for the area the screws came out of.

A number 1 Philips screwdriver, and a small Flat-tipped screwdriver, are the only tools you need, but a pair of needlenose pliers would be handy.

2) Remove the Keyboard Cover:

Laptop in the closed position. Turn the laptop so the Back faces you.

There is one Philips head screw for each of the Hinge Covers. Remove these two screws.
Label the container, or egg holder - Hinge Screws

Turn the laptop back around so the front faces you.
Open the laptop, and ease the Display Assembly all the way back, so that it is close to the table.

The Keyboard Cover is the strip of plastic that is above the Keyboard, and right below the Display Assembly.
The Power On button, One Touch buttons, and LED lights are in this cover.

This is the toughest part you will do, is to remove the Keyboard Cover. The Keyboard Cover is made of a space age plastic, so it is tough.
However care is needed when removing it, as it can be broken.

Go to the right side of the Keyboard Cover. The flat-tipped screwdriver is used to remove it.

On the side of the Keyboard Cover you will note that it has a rounded shape.
Come back from this edge towards the middle, about 1 inch. (A finger digit in length)

You will also see that there is a parting line, where the Keyboard Cover meets the body of the laptop.
The flat-tipped screwdriver is inserted into this parting line.

I advise only inserting the tip, about 1/4th inch under the edge of the Keyboard Cover. (Half the length of a fingernail)

Come in from the Keyboard side. You may see a small rectangular notch there also, for placing the tip of the screwdriver.

There are wires underneath, and you can pinch them, or break them, if you go too far.

The flat-tipped screwdriver comes in at an angle, inserts partially under the Keyboard Cover, then the back of the screwdriver is brought down.

Ease this side of the Keyboard Cover up.
Also look at the plastic part of the Keyboard Cover, where it wraps over the Hinge.

You can - Gently pry up on the hinge cover also, to help this side of the Keyboard Cover to come up.

With this side lifted up so far, now go to the other side. Ease it up until you have removed the Keyboard Cover.

3) Close the laptop once more. Turn the laptop so the back faces you.
There are two screws that secure the hinges of the Display Assembly, to the body of the laptop.
One screw for each hinge.
Remove them.

[I didn't have you remove them before, because when you open the laptop, the strain put on the hinge screws is great. I feel it is better using this method]

4) Turn the laptop back around so the laptop faces you. Open the Display Assembly all the way back again.

Remove the two M2 X 4mm screws. One on each side. These screws hold down the Antenna PCA's.
(Flat strips of metal connected to a wire)

Move the Antenna PCA's away from the Display Assembly hinges.

Remove the three M2.5 X 6mm screws from each hinge. Three on each side. Six total.

Note that there is a Grounding strap for the Left hinge.

The Display Assembly is now free.

5) The flat plastic piece that goes around the LCD screen, and is in front, is the Display Bezel. I will refer to as just Bezel, from now on.

There are 6 screw covers on the Bezel.
4 across the top, 2 at the bottom corners.
They are rectangular in shape.

I haven't worked on this particular Compaq Evo model, so I can't tell you if they are hard plastic covers, or just a rubbery flat cover.

I use a small flat tip Jewelers screwdriver to remove them. Just gently pry up on one side.

The rubbery covers are held in place by a glue. Similar to rubber cement.
If you carefully remove them, and keep the sticky side up after removing, a lot of times you can reuse them, without having to use fresh glue.

Once the covers are removed, you will see the philips head screws.
Remove them.

6) The Bezel is snapped into place. The Bezel has plastic protrusions around the edge of it, which fit into notches of the Top Cover of the Display Assembly.

The Bezel removes a lot like the Keyboard Cover did, but a lot easier.

You come in from the outside with a small Flat-tipped screwdriver, into the parting line where the Bezel meets the Top Cover.

Once the Bezel starts easing up, come around with a fingertip on the LCD screen side.
Slip your finger under the edge of the Bezel, and start working your way along, lifting up on the Bezel.

The Bezel comes up, and out with a pop, pop, pop.
Almost sounds like you're breaking something, so i thought I would warn you.

If you are careful, it isn't going to break.

This may explain the procedure better for you,

Also helps show you how to remove the Display Cable from the Inverter. May be different than your Compaq Evo, but the principle still applies.

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Most probably you're using an HP Laptop.
  1. You need to change the fan because it has worn out.
  2. You should open up your laptop and clean the fan because a lot of dust can also cause this problem.
You can still use your laptop till the point where the thermal throttling kicks in and the system shuts itself down automatically to protect your processor.

Read more blog to fix : HP Laptop error code 90b
OR Call for online help : +1-844-266-0040

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