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sounds like the fuel float to me you could have condensation or trash in tank or you may need to change the float there are no fuel filters on the Venox 250 it also could be the vacume line these are both under the tank and are easy to get to and remove the tank

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Hi Mrcherry99, for this situation I would call my local dealer or reputable shop's service department and inquire about any possible quick fix. If necessary transport your vehicle to the dealer or shop and have a professional technician take it for a test drive, if possible, and give you a written estimate of repairs and answer any specific questions you may have about your issue. Good luck and have a nice day.

Btw, I’m available to help over the phone in case u need at

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If old gas sat in the carb.s for more than a month it starts to dry up. As it drys up it leaves behind a varnish like film that stops up some very small ports and pin holes inside a motorcycle carburetor. It is also very hard to get out. You can try this before you pull the carb.s for a full cleaning. Use a product called Seafoam, get as much gas out of the carb.s as you can. use a turkey baster and force the seafoam into your carb.s fuel line that you took loose from the fuel tank. Let that set for days 1 or 2. then hook up the fueltank with a mix of good gas and seafoam, (not a lot but enough to start it up. Move the cycle outside as the seafoam will make a lot of smoke if it does start up. If that does not clear up the problem you may have to pull the carb(s) and remove the blows to clean the inside. If you have to do that do not DO NOT MESS with any adjustment screws, DO NOT MESS with any adjustment screws. Just take the carb. bowl(s) off keep each one separate and number them so they do not get mixed up. do not mix up any internal parts. It is best to work on one at the time so nothing goes wrong. Work on a large sheet so if you drop a small part you can find it, you do not want to be missing some tiny spring or screw. Hope this Helps.

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Does it run with choke on? if so pilot or slow jet is clogged.or check the idle setting.

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The oil light is for low oil pressure. If your bike is not running then the light should be on as the engine has to be running to develop oil pressure. Does the motor turn over when you try to crank?

However it sounds like two problems, electrical and mechanical. 1. Check your battery and see if it has any power. One question about this, can you hear a relay or solenoid clicking when you try to crank it? If not then your rectifier could have give shorted out.

2. It sounds like the clutch has let go. (Hopefully a clutch and not a gear or bearing.) Another mechanical failure could be a broken cam chain or chain tensioner, but this is unlikely since the engine was running until you came to a stop.

Please get back to us if you have further query else please accept the suggestion.
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there are no fuel filters on the Venox 250

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need to clean small holes in main jet (carb)

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Get a manual here:

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look here

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Check kickstand interlock. If you have a switch at your kickstand, this is used to prevent driving with the kickstand down. You can bypass the switch by pulling off the connector and trying to start. Also try to put a shorting wire across the connector terminals. If the bike will go into gear, you have a bad interlock switch.

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to check if the charging system is charging you also need an amp meter hook that inbetween the battery lead on the pos + side of the battery and with the engine running turn on all lights if the amp meter reads - charge its not charging the batery up,,change the reg first,, thats the chepest part,,,the charge will only just be above what you need with all lights on eg 1.5 - 2 amps

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There is a website that shows the specs of your bike named

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el differencia en 250//350 es el distancia la piston movamiento ,pero mas grande motors son diferente pero tu queires sabe yo no say .endonces para montacie una motor 250/350 niguno problama ,pero para cambiala por una motor mas grande es poco mas difficile .Tu encuentra una de secunda mano entero esta is differente pero montage entero con el pieces de el viejo con poco enginero constructivo (chapthero) yo pinthado es possiblie

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Adjust the CO density of the front/rear carburetor at 3.0±0.5% by turning the pilot screw. Click on the link below and then download the Kymco Venox 250 owners manual. Inside the manual, it will have the adjustments for the carburator screw

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It's the idle speed adjustment. Forward (clockwise) for faster/higher idle, back for slower.

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There are three screws holding the seat down. One at the back which is easy to see the other two you need to remove each top side cover (left & right) to access the other two. More info here

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Either the clutch plates are stuck together (unlikely) or your side stand cut out switch or your clutch lever switch (on handlebar lever if fitted) is faulty

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Can you be more descript with details? There is enough room to add a lot of details so we can provide assistance. I apologize for not understanding your question.

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Change Plugs and clean the carbs You will be on the road in no time.

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You can either look online on ebay or Did you look under the seat or the control box, sometimes they put the manuals there.

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