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check with a dealer mechanic but generally the scooter is small capacity and depending on your body mass , 35-40 mph is approaching the speed limit of the scooter

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Hi, Ian for this scenario you will need your service manual, parts fiche, and owners manual if you can't find the best tool you ever bought for your Kymco, despair not, for a mere $15 you can download another one.
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did you replace the whole indictator assemblies or the bulbs and are they l.e.d indicators you have on it now and was it using l.e.d ones originally

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Typically the flywheel is keyed to the crankshaft and cannot move without rotating the engine also. If the key is sheared then the flywheel can move without moving the crankshaft. To check this the flywheel needs to be removed and replace the key. Of course the reason for shearing of the key needs to be corrected before the problem is fixed.

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There are a couple of reasons the starter would just click when trying to start. The battery could be low or one of the connections could be corroded and not allowing full current to the starter motor.

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You probably need a new clutch. That can explain why it bogs. The smoke I don't know.

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Bad ground. Find the fault and fix it.

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There is one fuse and it is where the battery bracket is holding the battery in

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there are different methods of restricting, hear we 1. gasket between the carb and inlet. ". gasket between the exhaust and head, 3. washer in the output sprocket to drive to wheal in the centrifugal clutch Re: Jeff

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How do I derestrict a kymco stryker 125

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Line up the holes so that the big hole is in the middle and two smaller ones are on top and bottom.. Adjust valves from there

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i had a semilar problem on my Kymco and i found that my fuse was not making proper contact.

what i did:the fuse im talking about is the small fuse in a "bottle" like cylinder in the positive power of the battery,the conection points in this little cylinder worn out and the fuse couldnt make contact any more i took the fuse out completely just linked the wires with lugs and my bike is working fine.

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sounds like the chain is that loose it is slipping on the cog/s, check the cogs for wear ie no tooth damage, adjust the chainif cogs ok. better still change cogs and chain to be safe.

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try take of ur exhaust at the engine, their like a washer just remove it, if that works check ur insurence u might not b covered?

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check the switch on the stand may not be opening. normally if you leave the stand down it will cut the engine when you put it in gear, its a safety switch.

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Try changing the spark plug first and clean the air filter.

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Hi Bryan, it does sound like the battery, if it is a 12 Volt system, just connect a set of jumper leads from a 12 Volt battery, another bike car etc. and see if it makes a difference, i think you will find everything works fine with a new battery.

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weak spark can indicate bad coil,,,correded wires,,,or grounding of the ignition circut,,in which case you would have No spark,,,simple things first,,,check your wired to the plugs,,some have removable plug caps,,and many times,,corression interferes with strong spark,,,coil testing must be done at a service provider,,,wires can be grounded,,expically if you have dumped the bike and the handle bars have be dissloged somewhat,,,check the kill switch for damage inside..

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Look and see if you left a wire disconnected when you installed the battery.
Look around the positive pole........

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