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Could be your electronic ignition module

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You should read 14,7 volt on the battery when motor is running. If not, probably your battery can not accumulate enough power. Take it to a battery shop and ask them to check the battery with a resistance load. That will diagnose if battery is ok or not. How old is the battery?

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The latch handle pivots are rusted. Getting the handle off requires:
* remove the hatch inner panels.
* remove the nuts that secure the outside time panel under the hatch glass. I don't recall if this is actually needed ...
* remove the nuts that hold the latch handle, and disconnect the rod to the lock mechanism.

You can now either clean up the latch handle or replace it with a new one.

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did it have this problem before you had it serviced. if not then guess what they did something wrong at the shop and need to fix there mistake. sluggish wont go away just changing the oil. if you suspect the brakes dragging. you would only need to jack up the wheels to see which one wont turn. and if a brake is dragging. it will get so hot you can feel the heat when you touch the center of the rim. might check for any vacuum leaks or if they connected the hose clamps from the air box to the intake.

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Has it had a new windscreen? If it has, it has not been sealed correctly.

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The fuel consumption sounds about right for a turbo, perhaps a little high. Hwy consumption depends on how you drive. If you cruise at 100 kph, you should get around 8 L/ 100km. Round town, about 10 L / 100km.

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did you drop the pan to change the filter? if you drained the fluid and you can get the stick into the tube all the way. i would say the tube is not clogged. you should know how much you took out and the trany only holds so much. check the manual for the correct type and amount. if the fluid is over full that is a problem and will need to remove some. when i add fluid i put in a couple quarts and start the car and cycle the fluid only a couple seconds 15 to 30 not mins or hours the turn off add another till i think its close to what i took out. start car cycle some more repeat till you think your close within a quart to being full. at that point you can keep the car ruuning and check the fluid and keep checking the mark on the stick. if it wont go down the tube. you may have something blocking the tube and removing the pan again or tube to see whats blocking the tube is your only option.

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You mention it is winter , not sure where you are , but how cold does it get ,in other words are you using the aircinditioner/heater in the vehicle, and when last was the vehicle serviced,
Warming the car up is a good thing and should not use a noticible difference in the consumption.
LAst if you can take the vehicle to a dealer and ask them to read the ecu codes and see if the computer is reporting any problems could be something as simple as a dirty filters or throttle body , worth a try, let me know how it goes.

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It may need a good charging rather than a jump. You can take the battery in to autozone and they will run a test and you can leave it with them to charge it.

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ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start your diagnosis by getting the trouble codes read. Period.

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Manual or auto trans? If manual, check fluid level. Grinding noise could be u-joint starting to fail, or even wheel bearing.

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Here's a link to program your fobs,need to do both at the same time. 2008 Subaru Forester Key Fob Remote Programming Instructions

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First clog that can happen is a stuck (closed) thermostat. Check and replace

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Hi Michael,it could be the thermostat or the housing,you will have to get to it to see what is causing your leak,I am sending you a link on how to repair it. Repair Guides Thermostat Removal Installation AutoZone com Here's a link to a new thermostat. Duralast Thermostat Here's a link to a new gasket. Duralast Thermostat Here's a link to a new housing. Felpro Thermostat Gasket Dorman Water Outlet The housing look's plastic,may be cracked,you may have to order it.

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You MUST read the fault codes to discover what cylinder is misfiring. Why not buy a cheap fault code reader. Here is one such reader. New OBD2 II EOBD Car Diagnostic Code Reader Live Data

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Could be several souces:
1. Check the alternator and AC belt idler bearings. Replace as needed.
2. Check the alternator itself for noise and bearing wear. Replace the belt if needed.
3. If very cold (below 0C) the power steering pump make a lot of noise for a while (30s to 2 mins) till it all warms up.

4. If the above are OK, then the next is the timing belt idler bearings.

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Take it to your parts store and have the code read. They make those lights for a reason...helps you identify the system failure

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Could be the catalytic converter heat shields, or the exhaust heat shields bolted to the underbody. Might also be the catalytic converter internal converter honeycomb broken loose. Unusual, but can occur if excess unburned fuel is being passed to the converter. High fuel consumption is another clue.

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Assuming the new calipers are not dragging/jammed, look at
* the handbrake system. Is this locking the back wheels?
* the hill-start assist, if fitted (on manual transmission cars). This can also jam the brakes.

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