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First off, you need to get a can of electrical cleaner/ lubricant. Disconnect the battery and then spray some of the electrical cleaner into ignition switch. Put a towel on carpet to catch any liquid that makes its way down the steering column. Most of the time this will be very dirty and will stain carpet. Spray some more and this time insert key and turn it to start position, let it return to run position and then off several times while spraying electrical cleaner into switch around key. Inside the ignition switch are these little floating pins that make contact to supply power to relays that open to give strong power to lights, starter, ect. After several years of use, they will build up corrosion, oil residue from grease used inside switch when it was new, and or dust build up. These all cause the pins to stick and also gum up the ignition cylinder that turns when you turn the key. When the pins stick, it continues to supply power to different components such as computer, horn, light relays, ect. Wal Mart and most auto parts stores sell this cleaner. Do not use WD-40 as it is a conductor and will attract dust and short allowing the power to still be supplied even when key is removed.You can also buy a powdered graphite that comes in a small bottle with a tip on it. You can squeeze some of this into the ignition slot to lubricate all the little contacts inside the ignition switch as well as the ignition tumbler...

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Sounds like about the right distance for the system to go into close loop.Use a good scan tool to check parameters of the system to locate the failing sensor/item when it stalls.

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Do you have children? If so, might they have jammed something in the ignition key hole? If no kids, and this is a random thing. Then I would suggest a locksmith. YES they are expensive! But you have a small situation here my friend. If you continue with the screwdriver method. There is a very real possibility you could make the switch inoperable. Now you can't get to work, school, softball games, girl scouts, boy scouts, etc.... And then you have to call a locksmith anyway to fix the problem that you might have made worse (and by worse I mean MORE expensive) than before. Is this making any sense? I hope so. Funny though, I never had anything like this when I had my SC2.
Hope it all works out for you!

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The most common cause of the warning lights coming on is debris on the magnetic ring on the wheel speed sensor.

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It is embedded in your PCM from factory so you would have to get a performance program and download it to your car.

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Cylinder head with a new gasket and new cylinder head bolts. Torque the long bolts, in sequence to 46 ft. lbs. (63 Nm) and the short bolts to 43 ft. lbs. (58 Nm) plus an additional 90 degree turn on all the bolts.

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When the light comes on, stop driving. It could be the alternator burned out, but it could also be that the belt broke or came loose. So you risk not only ruining the battery, but also overheating and ruining the engine.
First check the belts and batter terminals.
Loose or corroded terminals will also make the light come on.
Now that you have allowed the battery to discharge, you need to put it on a charger and bring it back up to full charge.
If you try to avoid this by jump starting the car, most likely you will ruin the alternator even if it was not already bad, because a bad battery will take more than a normal alternator can safely put out.

Then put a voltmeter across the battery.
It should read 12.5 volts.
When you crank it there should be a drop to about 10.
Then when you rev the engine, it must go over 14.
If not, the charging system is not working and if there is no loose wire or engine ground connection, you will have to try replacing the alternator.

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The service and repair manual with diagram will guide you step by step to locate and fix the problem easily and you will get the manual from the given link

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well you either have a low tire or the sensor is dead and needs replaced

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in the back theres an access panel on the right side and theres is a single black cable(not the one going to the tail light) that if you follow down you will feel a steel cable that if you pull or push will manually operate the lock.theirs a solenoid that locks and unlocks with fob my need to order one or check and test fuses and relay

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Stop Lamps
The body control module (BCM) is responsible for controlling the stop lamps. When the driver presses the brake pedal, the BCM will receive a signal from the brake switch. The BCM then supplies battery positive voltage to both left and right stop lamp assemblies and to the center high mounted stop lamp (CHMSL).

Which one isn't working ? Left - right or center high mount

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What year is the vehicle ?

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Sorry GM doesn't publish this info any more.

1999 Saturn SL | Answered on Apr 30, 2019 | 1,117 views

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