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Brake and Clutch Pipe removal and Fitting: All Vehicles

Always loosen the pipes before removing the mounting nuts or bolts of master, slave cylinders or brake cylinders....When assembling, screw them all the way in by hand first. They can become cross threaded very easily.

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2004 ford focus 2.0liter. clutch pedaL GOES TO FLOOR. brake master full of fluid.I clutch master or clutch slave cylinder bad?

a plastic master cyl !

master cyl is bypassing internally

slave cylinder is inside the gearbox bell housing
if its leaking .....gearbox out




Nov 11, 2016 | 2004 Ford Focus

1 Answer

How to replace brake booster on 2005 Pontiac aztek

Step 1 - Locate the Brake Booster The brake booster is located adjacent to the master cylinder. There will be 4 mounting screws protruding through the booster. The booster is also attached to the brake pedal in the interior of the car. This is where you will start work in replacing the brake booster.
Step 2 - Remove the Brake Booster Start by locating the booster rod that goes through the firewall and is attached to the brake pedal on the interior of the car. Typically, there is a cotter pin that secures the rod to the pedal, but there may also be nuts. When removing any fasteners in the course of this job, make sure to retain the nuts, cotter pins, and various other fasteners as the new brake booster will not come with replacement fasteners.
Remove the fasteners, whether it is a cotter pin or nuts. Slide the rod off the brake pedal. Disconnect the vacuum brake line that connects to the booster. In the engine compartment, there are four bolts securing the booster to the master cylinder and firewall. Loosen and remove these nuts. Remove the nuts (there are usually 2 in addition to the 4 that have already been removed) that secure the brake booster to the master cylinder. Wiggle the brake booster away from the master cylinder. There is a seal between the two. You will need to keep this as the new part does not generally come with another one. Remove the brake booster.
Step 3 - Install the New Brake Booster Set the new brake booster on the four mounting screws. Tighten the nuts on the bolts to the master cylinder. Insert the push rod through the firewall. Start these by hand so that the threads are not ruined. Reattach the vacuum hose, then the nuts to the 4 mounting screws. Reattach the push rod to the brake pedal by whatever means it was originally secured with, whether by cotter pin or by bolts.
Step 4 - Bleed the Brakes You will need to bleed the brakes after replacing the brake booster

Jul 11, 2016 | 2005 Pontiac Aztek

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clutch pedal goes to floor

Hi Stephen, I think the problem is a leakage from either the clutch master or slave cylinder. Open the hood and check the fluid level in the clutch reservoir. If it's empty my suspicion is confirmed. Look for signs of leakage first from the master cylinder, then the pipes and finally the slave cylinder. It's a good idea to replace both cylinders at the same time. To do so requires the following work. Inside the cabin the push rod connecting the pedal to the piston must be disconnected and then under the hood (bonnet) the fluid pipe disconnected followed by removal of the securing bolts. The same operation applies to the slave cylinder. When assembling always connect the pipes before securing the cylinders.Hand tighten the pipe connections, leaving just one final turn for the wrench (spanner). The pipe connectors are easily damaged by cross threading the connectors which results in leakage. Once the clutch operating system has been installed, fill the reservoir and have someone kind keep it full with dot 4 brake fluid. Open the slave cylinder bleed nipple and allow the fluid to flow into a container until the it flows without air bubbles and then close the nipple. Happy driving Regards John

Oct 27, 2013 | 2006 Peugeot 207 1.6

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Hydrolic clutch

The hose is attached to the slave cylinder and the only way to remove it is to firstly loosen the hose on the cylinder then undo the bolts holding the cylinder to the housing and turning the cyl off the hose.As to the pipe in the m/cyl use a pipe spanner and undo the flare nut and screw it out of the m/cyl gently pull the pipe out of the housing taking care not to bend the pipe.

Mar 16, 2013 | Cars & Trucks

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nissab primastar 1996 1.9 diesel the clutch has a very low biting point and the peddle sticks on the return half way up. also promlem selecting the gears.

Hi Jon,
Have a look under the bonnet and find out if its the master or slave cylinder which is leaking? Which ever it is take a 10mm tight fitting spanner to the pipe and carefully loosen it. The flats on the connector damage easily, so don't let it slip! After removing the pipe connector let the brake fluid drain into a container. If its the master cylinder don't bend the pipe away, but loosen the securing nuts with a 12mm spanner and remove the cylinder, taking out the pipe at the same time. When fitting the replacement, mount the unit in place and attach the nuts loosely only to keep the unit in place but not secured. fit the pipe into the cylinder and using your fingers to tighten, not a spanner, screw it in. The connector can be easily cross threaded and if that happens it will leak and not be able to pressurize. Once the pipe has been fitted by hand, tighten the cylinder into place and then finish tightening the pipe with a spanner. Once completed open the bleeding nipple on the slave cylinder and fill the clutch reservoir with brake fluid. Let it drip out through nipple into a container. Once fluid has begun dripping tighten the bleed nipple. For the last part you'll need someone to assist you. Ask that person to sit inside the vehicle and press the clutch pedal to the floor and hold it there....Open and close the bleed nipple while the pedal is down and repeat until pressure has returned to normal. Job finished
Regards Johngee10

Feb 10, 2011 | Nissan Pickup Cars & Trucks

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