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doubt it's the switch ,but you never know until testing is done . Do you know what that is ? Automotive systems electrical testing , view a wiring diagram too see what all is involved in said circuit ,an using a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter to test B+ voltage an ground ? Looking at the wiring diagram for the blower motor circuit for your vehicle i see a blower motor relay , a blower motor resistor pack an the blower motor switch . The switch is just a path to ground . If it doesn't work on high speed i would suspect the blower motor relay . View the wiring diagram here Enter your vehicle information , year , make , model and engine size. Under system click on HVAC ,then under subsystem HVAC controls will come up on it's own . Click the search button then the blue link . Buy a cheap volt meter an test the circuit . That is after watching these videos .
Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know
The Trainer 32 How To Read An Automotive Block Wiring Diagram

Learn how to test an save money , it's easy ! Is there B+ voltage at the relay .Also check out how a relay work's an how to test .

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The head gasket is allowing compression gas into the water jacket. Did you have the head ground flat before installing it on the head gasket?. Was the old head gasket completely removed from the block? It doesn't take much if a speck of old gasket remains on the block.

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Sounds like a misfire (bad ignition coils)
You need to get it scanned for trouble codes.

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There are nine fusible links in the engine compartment relay and fuse box: 120A FUSIBLE LINK (BATT), 30A FUSIBLE LINK (ABS 1), 30A FUSIBLE LINK (ABS 2). 30A FUSIBLE LINK (BLOWER), 40A FUSIBLE LINK (IGN), 20A FUSIBLE LINK (ECU), 50A FUSIBLE LINK(BAT), 20A FUSIBLE LINK (RAD), and 20A FUSIBLE LINK (COND). The passenger compartment junction block contains the 30A FUSIBLE LINK (PWDW)

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You got ripped off by the mechanic. A good mechanic can pinpoint the problem by using a scan tool. Take vehicle to autozone or similar and have it scanned for codes this will give you a idea what is wrong. I believe the problem is exhaust related because of the blinking light.

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Pull the control panel out of the dash and see if the mode control vacuum switch has a good vacuum source or the switch itself leaks vacuum. The mode control is what moves the doors that diverts the air flow around to the vents, defrost and floor.

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I recommend just get it back to the shop where the timing belt was done. They missed something. Might just be one spark plug wire not fastened correctly. But since that shop worked on it they are the most likely answer.

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There isn't one. ABS or TCS light on. Have the ABS system scanned. Usually a bad wheel sensor.

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If they both went out at the same time, I would believe it's a connection problem. But, bulbs due have a limited life span, so it is not unlikely they can both go out within the same time. Take the bulbs out and check them carefully. Use gloves so you don't get any body oil on the bulbs.

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If they both went out at the same time, I would believe it's a connection problem. But, bulbs due have a limited life span, so it is not unlikely they can both go out within the same time. Take the bulbs out and check them carefully.

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There is probably corrosion in the circuit causing resistance . Do a voltage drop test on the circuit . On youtube you will find a lot of videos on voltage drop testing . Voltage drop testing will catch automotive electrical thieves

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My source says code 2196 means the signal coming from the O2 sensor is stuck on rich.
The sensor is supposed to switch back and forth from lean to rich to lean as the computer controls injector "on" time. If the sensor signal stays rich, in most cases there is a leaking injector, or the sensor is faulty. I doubt a short to anything would be involved.
The sensor generates a small ac voltage between zero and one volt. Less than 1/2 volt is lean and more than 1/2 volt is rich. There is a heater in the sensor that could short to the signal wire, but then you should have a code for the heater circuit too.
You can remove the sensor and check for excessive carbon buildup from a rich fuel mixture, or go ahead and replace it and see what happens. A repair shop would be able to check exhaust gas output to find out if its the sensor or a leaking injector.

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Does the car crank slowly, or the starter clicks when you attempt to start it? If the alternator or voltage regulator is bad, the battery would continue to lose energy and appear to be bad. Alternators need to be fed voltage since they don't have magnets to excite the windings. On my Volvo, sometimes the indicator lights don't come on when I turn the ignition on, before actually cranking the engine. When this happens, I know from experience that the battery won't charge. Do you get any dash lights showing a problem?

You can check the voltage at the battery when the engine is running; it should be well over 12 volts if charging.

If a trunk, glove compartment or interior light is on, that can run the battery down too.

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