2003 Jaguar S-Type - Answered Questions & Fixed issues

Have you another key and fob ?

Try lock/unlock cycle with new key + fob. Your key may be corrupted.

Try also just unlocking the car with the key (not the fob) as soon as you unlock the door put the key in the ignition immediately and see if the car starts.

If you have your radio code it may be worth trying a total reset (leave the car unlocked) disconnect the battery and leave for 20 mins. then reconnect, most systems will then reboot and this MAY help?
Failing all the above it looks like dealer time - more ££ss

good luck !

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2003 Jaguar... | Answered on May 08, 2019 | 85 views

u'd need a proper manual for this in my opinion
like there are plenty of dealers and online shops that deal in those..
you can get some free at reliable-store and it;s actually really illustrative

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you have done something very wrong obviously.
I suggest you get a pro auto electrician round to quote for repairs before you set fire to the car.

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Your Dynamic Stability Control and ABS are both critical safety system... Rather than TRYING to LIMP home...
Park BRAKE means focus on the REAR AXLE...!!

It might be Wiser to has a look at each wheel... and under the car to see if a ROAD-HAZARD has taken out speed sensor...
or a similar SAFETY SYSTEMS impairment...

Getting a FREE read from an AUTOZONE (were they're
very likely to try to peddle OXYGEN SENSORS...
(even if your wheel & tire are gone (in MY opinion))...
might be better WITH ALL THAT rather than trying
to LIMP home...

Go to the JAGUAR (lovers) forum... for FREE help at

I personally purchase the FACTORY WORKSHOP
repair manuals (XJS: quite expensive)... but WORTH it.

Much cheaper than letting "DEALERS" mess...
things up ...
Be safe... (tow it home... part of that British Charm
(standing by the roadside waiting for a lorry)).

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common problem try doing a battery reset disconnect battery for about a minute or so if it does not work check the wiring to the unit and the fibre optic d2b connector the cd changer was not a reliable unit

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Well, there are several "brains" in your car, but most people are referring to the ECU (engine control unit) when they refer to the brain. The ECU interfaces with all of the engine management sensors and adjusts fuel, timing and other performance-related issues real-time as you drive. It uses algorithms written into its programming to make your engine run as efficiently as possible. It also detects problems with engine sensors and equipment and alerts you via the check engine light and the OBD hook-up.

Hope this is an answer to your question,

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Nov 30, 2017 | 3,476 views

check and clean your throttle body.also disconnect and reconnect the throttle connector.i am serious it might take care of it.
I love jaguars but 03 s type is not a good jaguar.
good luck and god bless.

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Nov 30, 2017 | 226 views

try doing a battery reset ie. disconnect the neg terminal battery in the trunk/boot leave it 1 hour and reconnect if still not work then the changer is gone duff or the wiring/or the fibre optic d2b link has gone down

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Nov 26, 2017 | 111 views

hi thomas.
this link might help you find out why.
2003 Jaguar Type Steering column rubbing sound Google Search

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Nov 03, 2017 | 192 views

sounds like the door sense switch has failed inside the latch its not seperate so you need a new door latch unit but check the wiring first

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Sep 26, 2017 | 39 views

you have got corroded/open circuit wiring to the gem module more than likely behind the front bumper liner or over the wheelarch liner area lh viewed sat facing forward

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Ask your Jaguar Dealer for advice. If the DVD is out of date, missing or corrupt, you will still get a display.

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Sounds like traction lock in the differential is engaged. Try having the oil changed with the friction modifier additive. A bad speed sensor will affect locking and unlocking function. damage to friction plates will occur if not corrected.

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Jun 05, 2017 | 101 views

In order to help you I would need the contro system read for fault codes and go from there.

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Apr 26, 2017 | 521 views

Your description indicates the engine/coolant thermostat is faulty and allowing at least some coolant to continue circulating so at higher road speeds the engine is over cooled.

2003 Jaguar... | Answered on Apr 03, 2017 | 145 views

the wipers are contolled by the gem module generic electronic module. located lh lower a post inside car. the relays are located in th engine bay fuse box the rh side most likeley cause of the problem is corroded wiring behind the front bumper liner between the gem module and the engine bay fuse box common problem

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