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With the doors shut, insert the key into the drivers door lock. Lock and unlock the door 5 times. This should reset the system. If that doesn't work you should contact a qualified repair shop.

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you have to hold down the trunk button for aprox. 4 seconds. then it should open. let me know if this helps if not we can find your problem.

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most likly is the air idle controll valve.needs replaced.

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If Your Looking At The Radio There Is A Black Bezel Around It. Get A Small Flat Head Screwdriver And Pry Forward On It And It Will Pop Off Then Behind It There Are Either 2 Or 4 Screws Holding The Radio In Place. Once You Remove The Screws The Radio Will Slide Toward You And Come Out.

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you have a bad light switch

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go luck on getting them to do anything, based on past experience they will deny all, get an attorney if u need to, they did something that is for sure.

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3 sensors

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try unbolting the female section from the car floor and beating it against the floor while it is upside down. My car had the same problem when my daughter dropped potato chip crumbs into the connetor. You can also try running hot water inside the latch (once it is out) incase someone spilled soda in the latch.

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On this website you find fuse box diagram and description for Lexus ES300 (1997)

Lexus ES300 1997 fuse box diagram Auto Genius

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The O2 sensor goes in the exhaust pipe just below the exhaust manifold. That model may have an O2 sensor on each side of the engine, but they should be the only thing screwed into the exhaust pipe. And I would use TOYOTA brand parts or, if you have to replace it again,(and you probably would), you may have trouble getting it out.

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I would suggest you try Ebay, over the years of building and repairing cars I have found it to be a great source of used parts, only one caution check the feedback score of the seller before you bid or commit to buy.

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Make sure that the transmission is in park or neutral. Possible to have a bad neutral safety switch.

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indicates a bad connection in the wire or harness or ground point

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Hi. Thanks for your question. For overhead cams ypu can refer to and download the entire service manual which includes all the information along with the diagrams for better understanding. Good day!

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It sounds like your previous thermostat was stuck partially open ( that's why the engine temp never reached mid point on your temp gauge) . Why you are smelling the rubber is another issue. I suspect some antifreeze from the thermostat change got onto your car's serpentine belt and is causing it to slip some...until it wears off or you clean it off the belt it will stink.

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The key to your inquiry is the word magazine. You have to remove the magazine to remove/insert discs.

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This fuse may serve the compressor clutch. Were you using the AC at the time? If yes, you may need to replace the compressor clutch. There are also a few other circuits on this fuse. See diagrams at the link below.
Repair Guides Overall Electrical Wiring Diagram 1998 Overall Electrical...

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An oxygen sensor by itself should not cause the car to stall and have almost no power. This sounds more like a misfire, which is typically the cause of a flashing Check Engine Light (CEL). Since the CEL has illuminated, there should be a stored diagnostic code at a minimum. Many of the chain auto parts stores will read out the diagnostic code at no charge. Request the actual diagnostic code, not just the parts store's interpretation of the code. Unless the diagnostic code is very obvious (few of them are), don't necessarily purchase any parts without doing some further research. For example, a code of "P0302 - Cylinder #2 misfire" does not always mean the spark plug for cylinder #2 is bad. It could be a bad spark plug, but it could also be a bad coil, a bad plug wire (if your Lexus still uses plug wires), it could be a bad fuel injector, it could be a bad valve, etc. Similarly, a code for "B2S1 oxygen sensor out of range" does not necessarily mean the bank 2, sensor 1 oxygen sensor is bad, it just means something is causing that sensor to read outside of range. This could be a misfire, this could be an exhaust leak, it could be an exhaust restriction, it could be a wiring issue, or it could be a bad oxygen sensor.

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