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need the radio code for my 1999 honda accord

need the radio code for my 1999 honda accord. the radio will not
play since my battery died. Bought the car 2nd hand and can't find the
5 number code anywhere

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*** Please click the "Was this helpful? Yes" (thumbs up)! ***

FREE and EASY methods to get your Honda radio UNLOCK CODE. (Dealerships usually charge)

Assuming you don't have the Anti-Theft Code and Serial Number that is found on the credit card sized Anti-Theft Radio Identification Card that comes with the vehicle at the time of purchase and is usually found in the glove compartment....

You have FREE options to retrieve that code by phone or on the internet BUT, the RADIO SERIAL NUMBER is REQUIRED (no matter what). (see bottom about removing ERROR E3)

***IF your Honda was made BEFORE 2001 the serial number MAY not be accessible without removing the radio from the vehicle.***

* TO GET THE SERIAL NUMBER (so that you can get the unlock code)

1. Get something to write with and on (you'll need it to write down the serial number)
2. Put the ingnition key in and turn it until your able to turn your radio on (accessories position).
3. Then turn your radio OFF by it's knob/button (but leave the ingition key in place).
4. Hold down the preset buttons 1 and 6 at the same time.
5. Turn the radio on while pressing down both the 1 and 6 buttons.(***IF your Honda doesn't have preset buttons on the radio then hold down the top part of the 'Seek/Skip' button AND the top part of the 'Change Disk' button instead.*** )
6. Write down the 4 numbers you see first and then 4 more that display. These eight numbers are the SERIAL NUMBER. This is NOT your CODE.
7. Make sure your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is handy to get the unlock code. (can be found on your insurance card, driver's side door jam, small plate on dashboard by registration and inspection stickers, etc)

* TO GET THE UNLOCK CODE (using the radio Serial Number and VIN)

---Internet option:

1. Go to (YES, it's run BY HONDA and IT'S FREE)
2. Follow on screen instructions (Serial Number and VIN required)
3. Type in the 5 digit code into your radio. This will unlock the radio and return it to a functional state.


---Telephone option:

1. Call American Honda Customer Relations (800) 999-1009
2. When the automated message starts 'Press 3' for 'Radio and Navigation Codes'.
3. Tell the Customer Service Agent you need your radio code. (They will ask for your name, your radio's serial number, VIN, etc)
4. When they give you your radio unlock code--WRITE IT DOWN and KEEP IT SAFE!
5. Type in the 5 digit code into your radio. This will unlock the radio and return it to a functional state.


****If you entered too many wrong codes and got an ERROR E3 message displaying you'll need to do an additional step for even the correct unlock code to work.****

Disconnect your negative battery terminal (or pull the radio fuse out if that's easier for you) for 30 seconds then reconnect it and then the radio will say "CODE" again and you can put in your correct unlock code.

So what happened to begin with?
See also:

If the power from your battery to the Honda radio is interrupted the Anti-Theft feature kicks in, the radio is rendered inoperable and the screen reads 'CODE'. You must enter in the Anti-Theft Radio Unlock Code (usually 5 digits) to make it operational again. You know that much by now.

Posted on Sep 09, 2009


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Horn in Honda accord not working, where is the

Horn in Honda accord not working, where is the fuse located?

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Well, the chances of a fuse being the CAUSE of your horn not working is SLIM to NONE. Blown fuses do not cause electrical problems, electrical problems cause blown fuses.

With that said, the fuse that protects your horn circuit is Fuse #47 (20 Amp) located in the Underhood Fuse and Relay Box.

HINT: This fuse also protects the circuits for your Brake Lamps, your ignition switch key light, and your key interlock switch. If these things are working, the fuse is not blown.

Posted on May 20, 2012


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Honda Accord 1999 Fuse box diagram

The automatic transmission shift lever get stuck in Park. One solution is to change the fuse. I believe they refered to the transmission solenoid fuse. Where is this fuse located in the Honda Accord 1999? Thanks

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question for you do you have a shiftlock slot near the shifter if you do try sticking your key in it

Posted on Mar 15, 2009


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honda accord ex code p1457 how do you fix the

honda accord ex code p1457 how do you fix the problem

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The EVAP canister temporarily stores fuel vapor from the fuel tank until it can be purged back into the engine and burned.

Posted on Mar 28, 2011


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1999 Honda Accord EX won't shift out of park. It

1999 Honda Accord EX won't shift out of park. It is stuck. I think it's the shift lock solenoid but I'm not sure. How do I get the car out of park. I pushed the brake in but the button on the gear shifter won't go in.

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If you press the Break pedal and the shift button does not engage, Your Solenoid did not activate to release it out of park. either the: solenoid is out - Bent levers - Solenoid harness disconnected - Break activation wire may be damaged. this piece is easy to replace as it sits on the right side (passanger side) of the shift lever. remove center console cover to access the soleniod which is held on by two 10mm nuts. and a C- clamp

Posted on Sep 03, 2010


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trunk/gas tank latch wont work (honda accord)

The trunk/gas tank opener latch (inside the car) will not work. Can't open the tank and the trunk will not close. It's a 1999 Honda Accord. Help.

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I have this problem now i got my trunk to lock by going in the trunk and removing the wire from the hook that was keeping it loose. Now i can lock my trunk but i am still looking for a way to get in my gas tank. Help me please if you can.

Posted on Dec 10, 2009


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I have a 1999 honda Accord EX. The engine check

I have a 1999 honda Accord EX. The engine check light comes on in the last couple of days and never goes away. I took my car to Advanced auto parts and one person in the store read the code of my car. The reading indicates some misfiring in 3rd or 4th cylinder. The engine check light also came on before. Could you please help me diagnose what is wrong with my car? Thanks a lot.

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  • If you can please list the code that was read and also the symptoms for me I may be able to give more specifics on the code itself. As for a misfire in any cylinder I will lists some things that are indicative of this.

  1. Spark Bad fuel injector
  2. plug
  3. Plug wire
  4. Coil
  5. bad 02 sensor
  6. bad computer.
  7. out of gas
  8. bad catalytic computer
  9. burned exhaust valve
  10. poor compression.

  • Symptoms can be a hard to start engine.
  • Hesitation or bucking when accelerating.

  • A rotten egg smell from the exhaust can indicate a bad Catalytic Converter.
  • If it has been a long time since a tune up then plugs and wires may be in order.

Hope this helps and thank you for using FixYa.

Regards, Tony

Posted on Jun 22, 2011


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unlock code for radio 98 honda accord

unlock code for radio 98 honda accord

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Your battery must have gone dead or you replaced it.
Your car’s audio system will disable itself if it is disconnected from electrical power for any reason. To make it work again, you must enter a specific five-digit code in the Preset buttons. Because there are hundreds of number combinations possible from five digits, making the system work without knowing the exact code is nearly impossible.
You should have received a card with your manual(if you have one) that lists your audio system’s code number and serial number. If you don't have the card, you can get the code number from your Honda dealer, but to do this, you will need the system’s serial number, or maybe the accord's vin number.
If your car’s battery is disconnected or goes dead, or the radio fuse is removed, the audio system will disable itself. If this happens, you will see ‘‘Code’’ in the frequency display the next time you turn on the system. Use the Preset buttons to enter the five-digit code. If it is entered correctly, the radio will start playing.
Hope this is helpful.

Posted on Oct 26, 2009


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Honda Accord Outside handle broken and Child lock is on.

I have a 1999 Honda Accord LX . The driver side back door has a broken door handle. Now the child lock seem to be on so we can't open from the inside either.

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Remove the panel and disable the child lock or some cars have an option to just bypass the child lock either or

Posted on Jun 07, 2009


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how to reset malfunction indicator lamp on honda

how to reset malfunction indicator lamp on honda accord

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You need to hook up your diagnostic tool to the connector beneath your steering, read the error code and look for its its meaning in a Honda Error code book.

disconnect your battery terminals, allow 10 minutes and then reconnect, that should clear the check light. if the check light comes on again, it implies that the reason for the fault is yet to be cleared.

Posted on Sep 16, 2010

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