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Better inspect them again. If you have grinding noise when braking. It's only one thing the brake pads are rubbing on the rotors. Now the question is which front wheel. Remove the brakes and inspect the caliper see if it's not sticking and the sliders. Then inspect the pads and the rotor for a ridge that can cause noise when the pad rubs the ridge. Just looking at the wheel won't be enough you have to remove the parts to find the problem

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As the commenter said, check if the tranny fluid is full. A clear pink or red is best, a dirty brown or cloudy color is probably trouble. It's a '93- it is 24 years old, everything wears out eventually. I'm as old as the hills myself, and I can't run anymore. Start looking for a replacement transmission, or have a transmission shop diagnose it. Unless you are attached to the car, don't let them talk you into a new transmission-the cost may be more than the car is worth. You might want a used unit- try to get ANY kind of warranty-even 30 days is better than nothing. If it lasts beyond 30 days without a problem, it might go another 24 years---pshaw! not really.

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Damaged retractor on some vehicles when the seatbelt retractor gets damaged. Either by getting in a crash or in some cases a hard stop when the belt is worn by someone it will not retract

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it is carburetored sounds to be the choke on it

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Go inside the local Autozone and ask for the cylinder head torque specs. They will look it up and print it out for you. It will contain the torque specifications as well as the sequences. Happy torquing.

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What is a driving light bulb ?

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if it wont undo from the buckle you will have to unbolt the belt at its anchor points and take to a garage to see if the buckle can be repaired or just put a new one in

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Hi Sandy,
it is hard to do by yourself and major problem is reaching that area is not much easy.and sometime the fan pinion is loosen by itself and sometime motor shaft key lost or it can be loosen nut.
but you must see the mechanic ,
its good idea.

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still busted? can help

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coil , rotor, cap, wires and spark plugs if that does not help you than your clutch needs to be replaced !!

1990 Honda... | Answered on Nov 21, 2013 | 88 views

if is a H22a4 or h22 motor, u need to get the timing marks lined up then put the belt on, make shure it is a h22 bent and not a F22 SOHC belt

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I had to take my whole breather assembly out to reach it. Once out it will be on top of your transaxle but its still a little tough to get to because of the hoses on top of it. It took about 2 hours to replace.

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I believe that next to the distributor is the thermostat flange with the water hoses. Check if the leak is from the flange or any of the hoses. If it is from where the jubilee clips is try to tight the clip,if there is a leak from hose on other place ask a qualified mechanic to do the job as you might have a cracked or hole any hose and if you try it on your own is a risk to either burn your self or overheat the engine.

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Got the same problem on my 91 prelude..it's probably a loose /broken speedometer cable or a bad speed sensor (if electronic). I tried to find this sensor but could not see any cables running to the top of the trans.

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If the starter is not turning over; i.e., clicking sound and not turning, you have a starting/high tension circuit problem. (Check the accessory belts too!) Forget about the fuel issue. Check your battery, to include the GROUND connection to the frame. Also, check your starter and its GROUND connection to the frame. Clean the ground connections with sand paper or a wire brush, if they are rusted/dirty. Have a friend with booster cables, attempt to jump your car to a start. If it starts, you are certain its the battery (buy new) or starter (just buy a rebuilt one or have it rebuilt by someone you trust... sometimes only a starter solenoid or diode (newer type) is required). If your high tension circuit is okay then it could be the fuel pump relay or simply just the FUSE. Check the fuse panel first and then unplug the relay and give it a visual inspection... if any terminal looks corroded or in doubt, replace it. Otherwise, its the fuel pump. Just get a new one and be done with it. Bosch Aftermarket should have a replacement fuel pump for your car. Avoid cheap parts, if you can as a fuel pump is a critical component. If you need a battery, A rebranded Yuasa is the OEM for most Asian cars like Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Toyota; however, Exide and DELCO make excellent batteries for most cars. Car batteries only last 4 years or so; so don't believe the sales hype. Question? Did you disconnect the fuel line and then crank it over when you stated there was no fuel coming out of the fuel line? If you plan on keeping the car, a good buy is the Haynes Repair manual for your car. You can buy it on-line.

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It is on the fire wall about a little to the middle of passenger side seat.

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Sounds like you are having a thermostat problem. It sounds like it is sticking at times and you may also have a bad temp. sensor. At times, if the thermostat sticks in the closed position, the sensor in the outlet side of the t-stat housing will not read the proper engine temp..Next time it gives you problems, lift the hood and carefully check the temp. of both of the water hoses to the radiator. If the top hose feels hot and the lower hose is only warm, then the t-stat. is stuck in the closed position and needs to be replaced.

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CHeck harnesses andf groudn connections at/from devices connected at this circuits.

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Hello, The problem is there is a short in the system. What you need to do is this.
Disconnect the battery cable from the NEG terminal and then ground the end of that cable to the body of the car.

The fuse block you have should be dead in that fuse holder position. Put an Ohmmeter set to OHMs and then attach each terminal to one end of the fuse holder positon.

Now your Ohmmeter is acting like a fuse. Do not connect the car battery. Instead look at the Ohmmeter and see if it is at ZERO. Anything that is shorted will make a reading on the Ohmmeter. If there is a reading now, then start unplugging your connections to the turn signals, guages, etc. until you break the connection. When you find the correct circuit, fix that circuit or part.

Next, You should not have had any reading with the Ignition switch off, but you did need to test for that condition. With the Ignition key on, RUN position, repeat your testing. You should find something grounding now. Start eliminating connectors until you find the wiring that is grounding. Then trace that circuit.

You see the power side of the circuit should not be able to reach the body side at all with the switch off. The power side should have very small readings if grounding through a gauge or the fuel sender after the Key is on. What you are looking for is a dead short in one circuit that pegs the Ohmmeter off the scale. Remember to have the scale set to High Ohms.

Things to try without this intricate process would be to remove all of your bulbs on your turn signals front and rear, check your connections to the trans(If Auto)like a bad Backup switch, or Replace the Ignition switch.

I hope this helps you.

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