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Sorry for late response.. like months !
well hope you were able to suvive this situation

an item for water pump replacement is resetting timing belt which also inches a hydraulic tensioner... just double that that happened otherwise the markets which may have appeared lined up are not when under tension and running

if you are going to redo this operation please use new components parts ... google deluxe timing belt replacement and there will be the package list which includes sprockets, tensioner, etc... it is worth to replace as a set. Even if you are going to sell..pay it forward to the next Subie family member.

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check vacuum line to heater if vents are open you will get that smell.

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You need to plug an OBDII scanner into the vehicle's port for the scanner. It will give you the various codes, which you can look up online for your vehicle. Some auto parts stores, (Auto Zone) do this for free so you do not have to buy a $250.00 scanner.

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Please be more specific on status as of now and clarify your question.

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Possible bad pcm. (Engine computer) if you need one call Cam auto computers. They are good.

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On this website you find fuse box diagram and description for Subaru Outback (2001 - 2002)

SubaruOutback 2001 2002 fuse box diagram Auto Genius

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It is doubtful you can repair this yourself so I suggest you take it to a Subaru car repairer.

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I have read your problem and i can understand the problem which you are facing right now.. You can easily get the solution of your problem at the given link http://toolsnyou.com/ .

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Check the fluid level and quality in the transmission. Its dipstick is on the left (from sitting inside the car, US driver's side) often hidden by hoses/cables. It is the only fluid that must be check while IDLING. If the fluid is low and coffee colored, time for a drain/fill or maybe 3 drain/fill cycles. Only about half the fluid will drain out. 3 cycles of drain, fill, drive-a-little with fresh fluid can often clean some deposits out of the trans. You can also try , on the last fill, to put in a bottle of Trans-X additive. It has helped a lot of people with 'delayed engagement' problems. The low-high marks on the dipstick are only about a pint apart - not a quart like engine oil so, refill a tiny amount when close to full. Without driving the car, difficult to suggest anything else. You might post the issue at w w w.subaruoutback.o r g for more help.

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Gas line was only repaired, not replaced. I don't repair gas lines because of this problem. The entire line is replaced, both of them, supply and return. From the tank to the injector rail. This is the reason for the long start. Loose of fuel pressure.

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hi.fault codes indicate feul presure or leaks.if feul presure is ok and no vacuum leaks at vacuum pipes intake manifold or brakebooster it can be a exhaust leak if no leaks it can be a blocked cat or not enough back presure like exhaust box removed or cat insides removed .hope this helps

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A stuck thermostat is the most common cause of overheating, that would also contributed to the hose failure.

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The is a short rubber hose in the the fuel line that connects to metal tubes on the driver side of the engine. When it is cold, the rubber shrinks, and if the clamps are loose, the fuel will leak from there. Tighten the clamps or replace the short hose with a hose that has some flex, a bit long, to accommodate the shrinkage movement. 
Good luck with the dealer, because when the engine heats up the hose the fuel does not leak at all. This was a recall on WRXs but even with the same setup, Subaru denies there is an issue in the 2.5 fuel line layout.  My dealer told me to call a tow truck when it happens again, no matter where or when, and bring it in?!?!?!

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Some cars are simply like that. You may find that holding the gas nozzle lifted just a bit helps. I've been living with that same issue for 20 years.

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If you look on top of the steering column, between the gauges and the steering wheel, you will see a rocker type switch. If you see any orange color on the switch that means it is activated. Push the switch so that there is no orange showing and your park/running lamps will turn off. It is your park lamp override switch, Subaru has this option due to all power for lights turn off with the key in the off position. So they gave people the option to turn them on with the key even in the off position.

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This is common issue early sign head gaskets failure for EJ251 SOHC engine for external coolant leak. Second gen 96-99 with EJ25D is worst because when head gaskets failed, it's an internal leak that allows coolant and oil mix together in the combustion chamber to destroy engine.
You can drive it for at least 6 months or more as long as you keep top up coolant since the leak should be small at a slower rate leak. I drove mine for a while before change head gaskets. You're looking at `$1000-1200 job a dealership since you might as well change the timing belt, water pump, idlers while engine is pulled to replace head gaskets.

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P1446 Subaru
P1446 Subaru - Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve Circuit Low

Possible causes
- Faulty Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve
- Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve harness is open or shorted
- Fuel Tank Sensor Control Valve circuit poor electrical connection

Read more: http://engine-codes.com/p1446_subaru.html#ixzz3XW7JPocn

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You will get a cam shaft code if the timing belt is broken. This could be you issue. I would check the timing belt before you go any further.
It can damage your engine if you keep trying to start it.

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Code 340 usually means the engine computer is not getting a signal from the sensor in crank mode.
If you have replaced the sensor, the problem could be in the wiring or the object on the cam that the sensor reads.

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