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Not on the paint, not in the radiator nor coolant overflow, not in the wiper washer reservoir, not in the transmission, not in the crankcase, not in the power steering pump. That leaves only one more hole, usually on the firewall near the hood's bottom when closed and more or less in a straight line with where your foot would be when placed on the brake. Will be a cap, most likely black plastic, which unscrews from the top of an opaque reservoir. Should be some type of fill mark on the side. If the reservoir is empty and the brake light on then have it towed to a shop.

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You are right this is a classic MAF problem or rather the air mass meter AMM which is the MAF working with the closely associated intake air temperature sensor IAT(a little bead like thermistor on wire sitting close to the MAFF in the air stream). The ECU was getting poor information from the MAF. The ECU had to rely on slow input signals from the IAT and feedback from the oxygen sensor on the exhaust to keep the engine running. The ECU hunted for the right mix, first rich and then lean but never settling hence the 'surge and slow' of the engine revs. When you disconnected the MAF you also disconnected the IAT and now the ECU had just the one signal from the oxygen sensor to depend on and so now provides a slightly rich mix giving the rough idle. You have done the hard work just change the MAF and IAT assembly.

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Try cleaning all connections.

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yes it did? and its swamped the gear switch now wip off the gear boot and spray every thing with wd40,,,it wont hurt any switches but may clean up the mess there

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Aug 14, 2010 | 178 views

bulb failure warning system.

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I have the same problem. Have you checked the fuses and had a diagnostic electrical check? I am going to have a diagnostic check Monday, but from what I have read so far it may be the circuit board. I have read this is a very common problem in these vehicles between 90-98.

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Sounds like the wiring to the relay is crossed to allow power to the pump at all times. The relay normally receives a signal from the computer to run the pump and pressure control cycles the pump as needed. I'm surprised that the battery is not being drained (but you may be driving often enough to keep the battery full charged). Someone had to have been poking around the block to make that change. This could be a dangerous situation if you ever had a fire around the engine. Hope the helps!

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Are you sure the filter was installed in the right direction ? On some models the fuel filter has an arrow marking where the front of the filter is supposed to point.

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The bearing is a one piece bearing that has to be slammed out of the axle housing with a slide hammer,after removing the axle,4 bolts hold the axle in.

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My 1991 Lexus LS 400 does something similar. When the alarm goes off I use the key to unlock the passenger side front door and it turns the alarm off. Go figure, I know it sounds funny but it solves the problem for me.

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have the insturment cluster checked. known for going bad.

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Oct 02, 2009 | 121 views

computer is known for going bad. auto computer exchange in davie fl can fix it.

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Make sure the tire pressure is proper..
Be sure to rotate them every 6-k miles or so..
If they are not rotated - the tread could get the fish-scale effect..
Run you open hand gently across the tread in the direction of up and down - not side to side..
If you feel the fish-scale effect - it is from not rotating them and that is what is causing the humming noise..
Rotate them asap.. if it has been TOO long - the "humming" might not go away until your next set of tires..

Good luck ;o)

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To determine your battery problem or your alternater problem not providing charge enough, you can:
1-Measure Voltage of your battery without the engine on. It should be 12.3V.
2- Measure Voltage of your battery with the engine on. It should be 13.4 V
3- Your readings come out low than reference then you have a faulty parts to replace.
4- Before replacing a battery, charge it up to 12 hours with house charger to see if you can salvage it. If it is not fully charged, then replace it.
5- The cost of a charger is compatible to a new battery, If you don't have one then just replace the battery if it over 5 years.
6- If you don't have multimeter to do the test, bring the car to Autozone to test, it is free.

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The first thing I would do is remove the hose connected to the intake and see if there isa lot of blackish brown buildup on the plate, if there is you need to buy some top engine cleaner and with a tooth brush clean the throttle plate on the back side and also the pipe that it sits in. Over time Gum builds up from back fires that you can't feel and causes the plate to open up and gradually will cause this problem.
Check this first and if you find that it is dirty then let me know and I will tell you how to do a top engine clean to get it running better, I do this in a order that won't cost you as much. If there is build up in the engine it will also cause the engine not to get good fuel mileage. Check this first and let me know so I can help you save money, you can do the top engine clean yourself. As far as sensors go I do the simplest things first before moving on to the sensors.

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Have someone get one for you at a local junkyard. Now I know what you are thinking JUNKYARD !!
Many junkyards out there specialize in late model cars like yours and usually have great pieces like the one you need.

So call many junkyards using your local yellow pages and you'll fing one that specializes in late model used parts. Have someone with good mechanical knowledge remove the cluster...it can
be tricky.

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Jul 21, 2009 | 208 views

it's fine to add any fluid to this model , its versatile, you can even use milk or tomato juice.

you're welcome

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Apr 25, 2009 | 756 views

if motor work right , only replace the mastil antenna and not need to remove anymore

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Apr 15, 2009 | 176 views

to find the starter motor you must be remove the manifold air intake from engine its under this

Lexus LS 400... | Answered on Apr 15, 2009 | 430 views

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