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i presume your asking about the clutch slave cylinder ,this will be located under the hood at the bulkhead end of engine compartment ,there will be a small fluid resovoir sitting on top of the actual hydraulic slave cylinder , the clutch fluid resorvoir is smaller , and usually not opaque, than the brake fluid resorvoir, which are usually next to each other , incidentally the brake also has a slave, or more usually known as the master , cylinder

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P0103 OBD-II - Mass Air Flow (MAF) Circuit High Input
This DTC means that there is a problem with the Mass Air Flow High (MAF) sensor or circuit. A more technical description would be that the MAF circuit had higher than expected voltage (air flow). Other MAF sensor circuit DTC trouble codes are P0100, P0101, P0102, and P0104.

A code P0103 may mean that one or more of the following has happened:
- The MAF may be disconnected, or a wiring connection may be bad
- The MAF sensor may be damaged
- The vehicle computer may be faulty (very rare)

Feel free to contact us in this DTC P0103 code link, if you need additional details.

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Accessing a Lexus Side Marker LightIt's actually not as difficult as it seems.
Look in the fender liner area (where the wheel wheel is) and you will see the screws that hold the liner in place.
Once you remove the bottom screws (or be it the screws that hold the edges of the fender liner), you can carefully pull it back a bit to expose the bulb and socket. To remove the socket turn it counter clockwise until you can pull it out. To reinstall the socket turn it clockwise until it locks in place
Carefully remove the bulb from the socket and replace with same type. To remove the bulb pull it straight out. Push the new bulb straight in. The bulb is a 194 5w bulb.
Note: most of the time the reason the bulbs are burning out in the bumper is due to water getting in behind the lens and not being able to drain.
What I have done is use a Dremmel tool to carfully drill a very small hole along the bottom of the lens to allow the water to drain. Another option is if you have clear silicone you can suirt some around the outside of the lens. This will prevent water from getting in. However, if there is already water in the lens you will have to drain the water first. To drain the water use a ratchet wrench and unscrew the nut that holds the lens to the bumper.
In severe cases of corroded sockets you might have to replace the socket where the bulb goes into.

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Where is my 2001 Lexus is300 coolant sensor located at can write at drevargas70@gmail.com o can text 414-856-6955 I'll appreciate

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Car not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressure or no spark at spark plugs due to dirty spark plugs or faulty ignition coil or injectors getting cracked or dirty and needs to be cleaned.

To confirm the problem, the basic troubleshooting is required.

From start to end troubleshooting these problems I suggest you to check the help link below and follow its procedure: -----

Mostly all types of car no start problems are discussed here with solutions:---

These will help.

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The code is for a failed throttle control motor or circuit.
You might check to see if the throttle control is plugged in, otherwise you may need a shop manual to test the component.

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the lights burned out try taking it apart and taping on it might just be loose but it just might be shot. u will need to buy a new panel or get on a junk yard not hard to replace

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Terry, thanks for choosing FixYa and welcome. You may have a weak alternator killing the battery, Make sure you test it. If it checks out, You may have a bad connection in the battery charging area. Check the terminals and post. Check your wire that leaves the battery and goes to the alternator.

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why don't you try ebay, or doing a google search, or going to the manufacturer's website and clicking around in the customer service or support area.

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there are leveling adjustment screws on the back part of the assembly.

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The ABS system and TRAC system are very similar. Signals from the speed sensors in the wheel hubs and one on the output shaft of the transmission are checked against each other. If when you apply the brake a wheel is detected as running much slower than the others brake fluid is relieved from this wheel to stop it skidding. Likewise when you accelerate the speed sensors detect a wheel speeding up faster than the rest and the brake is applied to it to gain traction control. So you can see that the speed sensor operation and their signals are central to both ABS and TRAC. If you have a problem with one then you invariably have a problem with the other. You need to check that the speed sensors to the wheel hubs are intact, that the connections are good and that the wiring has continuity. Also check the speed sensor on the side of the output shaft on the transmission casing, the connection and continuity. If any part is loose this will be enough to upset the complete system.

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83ft/lbs for the balljoints and 57-76ft./lbs for tie rod ends.

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Check the bulbs, If one burns out it sometimes breaks the current flow and both stop working, Raz

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Check the voltage of the battery first. If you are under 11 volts you have a charging issue. Most likely though, if your lights are working at full power it is your starter.

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let me know if you want new or used and where you are located i find car parts as a profession, especially hard to find stuff

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Does the stereo have a cd slot along the top??

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You will get the solution with diagram to fix the problem in service and repair manual and you will get the manual from the given link https://toolsnyou.com/

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