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Normally, when the dash lights are out, so too are the tail lights. Check your tail light fuse.

It would be very unusual for all of the lights to go out at one time. If in fact, this is what happened, you should be able to reach up behind the instruments and remove the lights one at a time.

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Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Apr 10, 2011 | 174 views

More than likely it's a leaking heater core (common for that age) and yes no pressure (leak) in cooling system = no heat. It's possible hose but heater cores are notorious failures.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Feb 25, 2011 | 121 views

The newness of your van is starting to wear off. The headlight switch has probably seen about as many off-on cycles as it was designed for. Time for a new switch.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Feb 13, 2011 | 155 views

i would check wires leading to tank sounds like you have a bad connection or possiably a bad ground wire if connection s look good and your getting good ground more than likely you have a bad sending unit in the tank

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Feb 06, 2011 | 220 views

  • Code 12 just means that the battery input to PCM has been disconnected within the past 50 Key On cycles. After the 50th. Key On cycle, the code would go away.
  • Code 17 means that the thermostat is probably stuck open because the coolant temperature remains too low during vehicle travel. A defective temp. sensor could also send the wrong information to the PCM, which in turn makes the air/fuel mixture too rich and makes the vehicle stall.
Besides checking the two items above, also inspect the following:
  • Fuel Pump output pressure, the pressure with the Key On, engine OFF should be 53 - 57 psi. If pressure is below range, replace fuel filter and test again. If pressure still low, squeeze shut return hose while someone turns the ignition key to the ON position, if pressure increases, replace fuel pressure regulator. If pressure still not within range, replace Fuel Pump.
  • Vacuum hoses for cracks, disconnected or broken lines.
  • Sticking EGR Valve

Replace Air Filter and PCV valve. These are regular maintenance items and should be replaced periodically.
Good luck!! Keep me posted.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Dec 13, 2010 | 54 views

FIRING ORDER FOR 5.9L 360 CU IN. IS - 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Oct 16, 2010 | 183 views

5 quarts

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Aug 19, 2010 | 23 views

It is on the end of the fuel rail which feeds the injectors, has a thin vacuum pipe going to it.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Nov 21, 2009 | 208 views

It's a Dodge, what more do you want?

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Nov 11, 2009 | 197 views

Code 11 means no rpm reference at pcm(engine computer) you probably need to change the pick up coil, located under the distributor cap. Won't promise that will do it but thats what the code means. Hope this helps.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Oct 25, 2009 | 262 views

You have to feel and look with a flash light for all the bolts that hold the dash in place,at the same time move and disconnect wire harnesses.Then you can take it out.

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Jul 23, 2009 | 634 views

normally the diagram for the fuse box is just inside the lid and my suggestion to you is to stop by a dodge dealer and the parts department would print you off a diagram

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Feb 09, 2009 | 1,060 views

the code is for intermitent loss of cam or crank sensor...one of the sensors maybe going bad or i have run into the wiring where it comes over the rear of the engine chaffing at the valve cover causing the loss of the signal

Dodge Ram B250... | Answered on Nov 16, 2008 | 1,106 views

Do you have any service codes or a check engine light on? My guess is that the transmission is actually in the default 2nd gear - which seems like first gear - and if there aren't any service codes other than gear ratio error codes then the transmission will need to be removed and repaired.

Dodge Cars &... | Answered 20 hours ago | 26 views

Odds are about 98% that you'll need to remove the transmission and have it rebuilt. My guess is that you have a broken clutch drum or bad drive discs. Pretty common failure.

Dodge Cars &... | Answered 20 hours ago | 32 views

No. A good parts store can give find you the correct part.

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Lock and unlock drivers door with key or key fob

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Put water in it and see where it comes out

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Might help but probably not. In my considerable experience, when scale and sludge blocks a heater only high pressure flushing has a chance of shifting it and a blocked heater is blocked - not blocked one day and ok the next.

More likely an airlock is preventing circulation, maybe the degassing system is blocked...
Try checking both heater pipes are hot when the heater is blowing cold - if they are the trouble could be with the climate control or a stuck air mixing flap or actuator unit that works sometimes...

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