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it sounds like an oil cooler pipe or an oil breather most likely the oil breather for the turbo, this is quite common that oil will build up in here and does leak due to the pressure from the turbo, remove the pipe as it should not have loads of oil in it basically just oil vapour that builds up over time then leaks out. cklean it all out everywhere you can see that has oil and see if the problem persits, also the car has a plastic pan / cover under the engine to stop any damage to the bottom of the engine when you go over things, however this is also like a pan to collect oil so it tends to gather in there in small amounts then drips out when the car is moved. the best advice I could give is have the engine professionally steam cleaned with engine degreaser and hot steam.

Once clean any leaks would be more apparent and this ofetn helps diagnose the fault quicker.



1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Jan 05, 2011

a clogged fuel filter will cause this. also check for kinkm in fuel lines

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Jan 05, 2011

Clean battery ends and battery cables at all ends

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Jan 02, 2011

I have a Volkswagen Passat 1998 1.8 T ver since buying the car i have put alot of money towards repair.

First of lot was the head gaskets i soon found this out when whilst driving at a moderate speed and the car all of a sudden pushed forward i loked under the hood of the car and my water was mixed with the oil, the soon over heated and the oi pump blew which i then had replaced.

Afew months later my power steering started to leak and all i could hear was a loud screechin sound evrytime i turned the wheel, i went to go get it checked out and my rack and pinion was not in the best of condition, I removed the rack and pinion with the help of my father, this was not an easy job as we did it using a jack and man power.

Now only a week ago my car was then again on the road the engine all of a sudden started to shake heavily and evrytime i went to accelerate the car would lag and make a loud sound like a diesel tractor (my car is a petrol car) i got it checked out.

To my suprise my transmission mounts were shredded and were not safe so i had that repaird at a price, i thought that this would stop the shaking of the car but the mechanic soon found out taht it didnt so back to the drawing board agian and to my suprise it is the cylinder heads that has the problem i am not to sure whether its the engin coil or the spark plugs or if it could be the actual piston head itself

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Dec 29, 2010

The dipstick is marked ATF Engine Oil and is close to the oil. Pull this dipstick out. Wipe it off with a clean paper towel. Look at the fluid on the paper towel. Transmission fluid needs replacing if it is brown. Fresh transmission fluid is translucent red.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 26, 2010


1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 25, 2010

you need to go to the dealer that code is unique to your cars vin number

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Nov 23, 2010

if you peel away the interior trim you can get to the release wire,its inside the cars filler flap.(bit more difficult if its a shooting brake)

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Oct 10, 2010

You will need to remove the top engine cover, this is just pushed on, with a little effort it can be lifted off, You will then see 4 caps with wires connected, Press in the locking lugs and disconnect the wires of all 4, you will then need to pull the coils out one at a time, ( may need help of a small lever, but be careful not to damage casings ) plugs can then be seen inside of the head, You will need a long plug spanner ( normally in tool kit of car ) undo them in anti clockwise motion and remove plugs, refit in reverse of above

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Oct 05, 2010

you may need a special star wrench.roll the seat fully forwards to see the bolts holding the runners to the floor,remove these then pull the seat right back and undo the fronts,they then just fall out...HEAVY.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Oct 04, 2010

did you vent the system by undoing the highest hot hose clip to vent any trapped air?????

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Sep 25, 2010

The fan may be bad, or the fuse may be blown, or the fusible link may be blown, or the relay is bad.

In any of the above cases, the car will overheat when the electric fan doesn't operate to cool the coolant/antifreeze down in the radiator.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Sep 20, 2010

Replace the theremostat first.Fill system and top off after the themostat opens..check for a leaking reservoir, Then fill the radiator,if it is low,with engine running. then, pressure check the cap with a tester,or just replace with a new one,it may be cheaper just to buy a new cap. Look at the fill neck of the radiator down where the cap seals,look for any uneven sealing surfaces cracks ect.
You can also load the car in gear Automatic transmission application a bit, about 1/3 throttle, with the cap off and look for bubbles comming out of the radiator.fill the radiator while making the test with a helper,friend. If you see a bubble now and then it may be a bad head gasket or a cracked head. You can remove the plugs, and check them for anti freeze,they will have a smell of sweet antifreez,if the engine got over heated enough!

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Sep 09, 2010

Check your ground wires and connections for the grounds. Also check the condition of the battery, by what you have stated you have a voltage or ground problem. Check and repair these items as needed and you should solve your problem.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 31, 2010

if memory serves its on the left of the engine bay,black in colour,square with a round cap,marked p.a.s.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 25, 2010

Welcome to FixYa.com Do you have the premium IV or V system ? If so, below is the location of holes to remove radio. Regards, Lee d4f9f93.pnga8e4424.png3928517.png

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 20, 2010

Fuse 14 is for the comfort contol module (CCM). It also supplies positive to the remote key unlocking switch for the trunk and trunk unlock switch on the drivers door. Unless you have some mods that have tapped this positive, a larger fuse is not the answer. The only load should be the CCM. Any water / moisture under your driver's side carpet? Check the wiring harness to the CCM for bad connections and the wiring to the switches.----------Fuse 14 blows the trunk release button is operated on the door or the key fob. Turning the valet lock on prevents the fuse from blowing.it's most likely a failure in the trunk latch module. Since power is getting there and causing it to attempt to work, I don't think it's a wiring issue. If there were a short in the wiring, it would likely blow the fuse before the latch has a chance to do anything.The little electric motor in the trunk actuator can be shorting internally and would blow fuse 14 knocking out the Comfort Control Module and causing the car not to start.If this is the case then replacing the actuator will solve the problem.the trunk lid actuator -- i.e., the solenoid that pulls the cable that opens the latch.You can solve this problem this way.But also opening and closing the trunk manually is nice.But without fuse number 14 the car will not start as you will have to bypass the connections.Also this can be the issue with short in the interior lightings of the car.If there is a short then this causes fuse to blow which is fuse number 14. Thanks. Keep updated for any more query. You can rate this solution and show your appreciation.

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 19, 2010

low on transmission fluid

1998 Volkswagen... | Answered on Aug 18, 2010

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