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90% of the time, these problems are tire related. You should also check the: wheel alignment, Rotors, wheel bearing, brake pads, shafts and bushing. Hope it'll help you.

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Please check the information that came along with the owner's manual. It should be printed on a card that comes with those booklets. I assume you've already done that though. I've attached the procedure for entering the code below. Let me know if you have any trouble with it.

If the radio is disconnected from the power supply it is not ready for operation when reconnected. After switching on the ignition and the radio the word "CODE" appears on the display and the letter "C" flashes.

NOTE: The five-digit code number for this radio is printed on the CODE CARD which you were given.

Enter the code number with station buttons, e.g. number 1, station button 1.

After entering the first digit the word "CODE" disappears and the digit entered is displayed followed by 4 dashes. The next digit to be entered flashes. After all 5 digits are entered, the first digit flashes again. In this state the code number can be written over repeatedly. A correction can be made only by reentering the entire code number.
Confirming the code number: Press seek-UP/seek-DOWN or SCAN button. The radio switches on automatically and displays the station or frequency stored for station button 1.

If the wrong code number has been entered and confirmed, the word "CODE" appears on the display again. After the code has been entered three times incorrectly the word "WAIT" appears on the display and the radio is disabled for approx. 10 min .

NOTE: The waiting time continues to run only when the radio is switched on.

After expiration of the waiting time the word "CODE" appears on the display again and the correct code number can be entered. After 3 more incorrect entries the radio is again disabled for 10 min . After 3 more incorrect entries (a total of 9 incorrect entries) the waiting time is increased to 60 min . After 3 more incorrect entries the radio locks up again for 60 min .

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In the fuse box under the hood, fuses 3, 6, 7, 10, and 12 are all directly related to the sound system. In the trunk, fuses 3, 6, and 7 are also directly related to the sound system. Please check all the fuse.

And also unplug the CD changer's power and fiber cable and then recheck the radio.

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Here the website but I think you have to call the dealer since most radio have their own codes
Owners Manual Go To Source for Information on your Vehicle Mercedes Benz

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The neutral safety switch prevents the starter from engaging while it's in drive.

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Outside of Engine , Not in Engine it's self,

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I would have the battery checked for a dead cell and acid level, also, if you have a meter that will measure amps, disconnect the battery and install the meter in line with the main power lead and see what leakage current there is, if none, its battery, if there is leakage, there is a problem on your vehicle which needs resolving

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The Engine and Automatic Transmission (not applicable to manual transmissions) in this vehicles drive train are fully electronically controlled by a computer called the PCM and TCM (Power Train Control Module, Transmission Control Module). When a problem like this or other drive-ability related problems occurs the computer stores a record of the problem (there are of course some exceptions to this, like the fuel pump, engine coolant temperature sensor and MAF sensor for instance) in the form of a fault code in its memory, to read these fault codes you must have the systems memory scanned with a special tool. Once the fault code(s) are read you then must perform the appropriate diagnostic testing to find and resolve the problem(s) DO NOT REPLACE ANY PARTS UNTIL A TRAINED TECHNICAIN HAS DIAGNOSED THE PROBLEM TO AVOID SPENDING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON PARTS THAT MAY NOT CORRECT THE PROBLEM. Also always check fuel pressure for correct spec for your make and engine type.

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take a look at www.airbagmodul.com

They're working in Airbag-Simulators and Occupancy Sensor-Simulators.



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Check connection to battery. If the mounts on the battery are corroded then its because its getting a poor connection. Just clean them off.

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I had the same problem recently.

To the passenger side of each rear head rest is a small line/mark (about 1cm long). Take your allen key from the document wallet (or a piece of coat hanger about 30cm long with a 2cm length at right angles, ie an L shape).

Insert this straight down along the mark. Move it around until you get it into a small hole where you will feel a springy resistance.

While depressing the spring fully, get a friend to depress the headrest fully. Doing this on your own may be possible if the roof is down, but unlikely if it triggered with the roof up.

Release the spring and the headrest should be back in position.

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All those warnings are controlled by the computer, so it might be a computer glich. But most likely it was hot in the car and maybe even humid in it that caused an electrical component not to work. Then when you started it up the next day it was cooler or less humid. Which is an indication that something is getting weak (electrically).

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My seat belt as well as the latch is stuck on my mercedes 320 clk. Any suggestions on how to fix?

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alicantecoli_21.tifalicantecoli_22.tifmight take time for the pictures to be check for censorship

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you have to go to authorized workshop

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You can not reset the SRS system without speciallist equipment.

The light on means there is a fault or something has been disconnected.

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left tun signal means you most likely ha a bulb blown on that side.turn key on turn on signal light to each side and check your lights out side for one thats not working.

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you can try disconnecting the battery again and see if the light goes away but usually when a srs light comes on the only way to clear it is with the 'sds' which the dealer has and sometimes the independent shops might have one too. Mercedes doesn't allow you to reset it from the vehicle due to it being safety related. when the srs light is on all your airbags and seatbelt etr's are disabled. if your vehicle has pre-safe then you will have to just drive it around til it relearns the steering angle sensor again. if that's the case it will say see owners manual in the display of the instrument cluster when showing the fault.

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Suggest you have bearings inspected/replaced and oil pump checked as there is no longer a real oil pressure check in the system and knocking at temperature is slop in a bearing or lack of lubrication.

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