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as you've had the OBD scanned i'd go with getting the codes erased, after noting down what they were, and see if problem persists, if does then change whatever the codes indicate

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German cars are weird. Changing a battery can disable many things. It will have to be reset by computer. Don't be surprised if you have to go to the stealer dealer for that.

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fan electronics start at the sensor in the cooling system, and sends a signal to the ECM which in turn closes a relay and turns on the fan/s
There are 2 fuses in the system. one for the power to the sensor and one for the power through the relay
I suggest an accredited auto electrician with experience on your vehicle to quickly find the problem point.

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The EGR valve opens when the engine is warming up, which allows exhaust to enter the intake manifold. This is essentially "extra air" coming into the engine. The engine has an "idle speed control" function, which is either a solenoid or small stepper motor connected to a valve that allows a controlled amount of air to "sneak" by the throttle plate in the throttle body. Fundamentally, it is the amount of air entering a fuel injected engine that controls engine RPM. A defective idle speed control ("ISC) motor or solenoid can cause the problem you stated. (I do not know which type is used in your BMW.) Often, a check engine light will illuminate of the engine computer cannot adequately regualte engine idle speed.

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Change thermostat since you change coolant. Also did you fluch radiator and clean the fins on radiator? Make sure new fan clutch works and also that you have proper pressure cap on radiator

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for P0740 it is:
OBD-2 P0740 - Torque Converter Clutch Circuit/Open
OBD 2 net 24048029-pmx1u32kwnqlluv3tiqttm5t-1-0.jpg TCC malfunciton P0740 OBD II Code

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High pressure pump pressure sensor.

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If you just got gas, check your gas cap is closed tightly. If it isn't it can't pressurize correctly.

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Remove all spark plugs and see that they all look the same as each other in the electrode area if one looks darker than the others or oily
then you have a faulty plug or ignition unit. In the case of an oily plug it's going to be a bit more serious

1997 BMW Z3... | Answered on Apr 19, 2014 | 73 views

I too had similar problem when replacing the thermostat on my Z3. My advice is top up with more coolant and check the level.

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Check all belts pulleys could be injector prob

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You need to replace the airbag. It needs to be replaced, usually after at least 10 years.

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That info is in the owners manual.

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1st when the airbag light is on the system is disabled, so if u have an accident they will not work, as to the common cause read below.
When the airbag light is on it means a fault has occurred in the system and the airbag diagnostic monitor has disabled the system, the most common problem that turns the light on is a break in the connection to the steering wheel mounted airbag, this is due to a rotating ribbon contact that breaks under the steering wheel that connects the airbag to the wiring harness and the diagnostic monitor, the part is called th clock spring contact, a coiled up ribbon electrical contact that turns with the wheel

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I've never heard of that problem. But racers have to disable those steering wheel locks, so if you like, I'll talk you through it.

The way the lock works is that a pin is forced up through the steering column from underneath. The pin is at the end of a little hinged flap, and a spring pushes this flap up towards the column. When the key is removed, the flap is freed, and the spring pushes it upwards. So, all you need to do is remove the spring. That way, gravity wins, and the pin never gets pushed upwards into the column.

Removing the spring is not that hard, really. You don't even need to remove the steering column trim. Under the center of the steering column, at the end of the ignition switch, you'll find a rectangular metal piece. Drill a 3/8" hole right smack dab in the middle of it. If you aligned the drill right, a spring will fall out of the hole (or maybe just get wound up on the drill bit). Once you remove the spring, the little flapper that sticks up into the steering column to lock it should be allowed to drop, and your steering will unlock.

Of course, yours is already stuck for some reason, so I can't guarantee that removing the spring will allow the pin to fall out from the steering column. If necessary, I suppose you could try to insert a screw into the flap through your new hole, and then use the screw head to try to pull the flap down.

Good luck!

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The brake lamp circuits on your 1997 BMW Z3 are pretty "old-school" and straight forward. Fuse #46 (15 Amp), located in the Front Power Distribution Box at the left rear side of the engine compartment supplies battery voltage to the brake light switch via the VIOLET/GREEN wire going into the switch. When the bake pedal is depressed, the voltage leaves the brake lamp switch on the BLUE/RED wire and supplies power to all of the brake lamp bulbs.

The brake lamp circuits do branch off and go to several control modules. This is ONLY for module INPUT to tell the module that the brakes are being applied. These modules include:
> Transmission Control Module
> Cruise Control Module
> ABS Control Module
> Slip Control Module

The ONLY way that any of these modules could be affecting the operation of your brake lamps is if there is an internal short to ground in the module that is causing the brake lamp fuse to blow.

If NONE of your brake lamps are working, the most likely causes are:
> Fuse #46 open (blown)
> Defective brake lamp switch
> Bad ground connection at ground G400 (Left side of luggage compartment)
> All 3 of your brake lamp bulbs burned out.

Yes, the BLUE/RED wire could be broken as well, but I would check all the other things listed above first.

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DTC P1423 - Secondary Air Injection Incorrect Flow detected

Click over link if need additional details to solve it.

Hope this helps. Your feedback is important and I'll appreciate your time and consideration if you leave some testimonial comment about this answer.

Thank you for using Fixya, and have a nice day.

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Negative, like every other modern vehicle. It's only some old classics from before the late 1960's which use positive grounding.

1997 BMW Z3... | Answered on Aug 15, 2011 | 209 views

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