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the 2 ports are one underside on compressor, one under bonnet on reciever drier red hp blue lp

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Scan for codes and post them here. Any recent work or service done ? Any black smoke from exhaust ?

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go to www.automecanico. com translate the website with your browser and get the topic and proceed according.
God bless you

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That is something you find in either the original owners manual for the car, or from the dealership.

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Hi there?
When the engine turns over it drains a lot of the power from the battery which your radio reduces the volume. what's happening with your radio, it's probably fine. I don't konw if you have noticed, but when you have the lights on and you turn the engine over, the lights go deam, cause of the power drain from the battery.

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Hi this simply means you have one shock absorber worn more than another creating an imbalance, depending on the scale % of the imbalance depends on how much more worn it is ie,, 90% imbalance worn shock is a totaly ruined and 3% not to much to worry about but will need attention
Hope this helps

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fuel problem...fuel pump,fuse,relay,injectors,computer,filter, electrical problem....crank sensor,computer,ignition,fuses relays there can be literally 20 different things that cause a vehicle not to start start with the basics...check the fuel pressure...push on fuel pressure valve and see if there is fuel if no fuel it is mostlikely a fuel problem then ckeck for spark on plugs

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Sony Vaio VGN-FZ38M battery

Type: Li-ion

Capacity: 5200 mAh, 8800 mAh, 10400 mAh,

Volt: 11.1 V

Size: 209.90 x 47.50 x 20.40 mm

Color: Silver

$ 89.33

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you should at least take it in for the normal interval servicing to make sure that you have a good service reference point.

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The smallest restriction is right at the end, so all you have to do is stick a pin or needle down the jet. It is usually clogged with wax from the last time the car was cleaned. If that does not do it, then it would be lint or something that got into the fuild bottle when you filled it. In that case, you need to take the hose off at the final jet, so see if it squirts out of the hose. If it does, then use air pressure to blow through the jet backwards. With the hose off, the obstruction should be blown out of the system, and you can put the hose back on.

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Sorry I have never found any.

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Unfortunatly this is normal, nothing can be done about it. Get pads checked every 15,000 miles to save discs.

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This is down to the way the vehicle is driven, if you are doing a lot of short stop start journeys the dpf will fill up a lot quicker than when driven on a motorway.
If you have an amber light and 'DPF FULL' displayed you can do a particle filter regeneration. To carry out a regeneration the vehicle must be driven on a motorway at around 60mph for approx 20 mins to carry out re-gen, there will also be a burning smell when this is complete.
If you have a red light and 'DPF FULL' displayed then there may be a fault which will require investigation.

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Is your bluetooth in Jaguar discoverable to devices?

I would suggest the Jaguar may not be transmitting a signal - In the 2007 Model X Type - There is a specific code ##3#*# Followed by Call button - Which then changes from Phone to SIG *****

Have you tried the above? The Quickguide Jaguar Manual does offer the code specific to Make of Car - It is near the last page of the book.

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Probably a shortage in the fuel pump / gauge sensor

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Here you go:

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Directly from the bulletin:
To ensure that your Bluetooth system functions correctly, we recommend that your handset
be fully charged whenever you use it with this system.
1. Switch ON ignition
2. Press the phone mode button on the head unit or the touch screen to change to
phone mode
3. The display will show "Handset" (or "Handset in Use" for up to 15 seconds).
4. The display will show "SIG_____" (or "No BT Phone") for up to 2 min whilst the
system is initialising.
5. The display will then show "SIG ****" or "SIG *****" (or "Discover Me") if the system
has not been paired to a handset, otherwise
6. The display will show "SIG *" (or "Phone Connected") if the system has been paired
to a handset.
Vehicle Procedure for Pairing
· If the vehicle display is not already in 'Discoverable' mode, ready for pairing i.e.
displaying "SIG ****" (or "Discover me"), then there are 2 ways to put the system
into this mode:
a) Key sequence 1
1. Key in ##1#*# followed by the send / end key. This will put the system
into discoverable mode for up to 5 min.
2. If a handset has not been paired to the vehicle within this time, the
display will show "Handset" (or "Handset in Use").
3. For non-touch-screen systems, the display will switch back to the
previous audio mode.
4. Switch OFF ignition for 6 min to allow the system to shut down and
recover, before switching ignition back ON and repeating step 1.
b) Key sequence 2 (RECOMMENDED)
1. Enter key sequence ##3#*# followed by the send / end key. This will put
the system into discoverable mode for an indefinite period.
2. We recommend that you use this key sequence to give you sufficient
time to pair the handset to the vehicle.
· After entering this key sequence, follow the specific instructions for your handset to
complete the pairing process.
· During this process, the display will change from "SIG****" to "SIG_____" (or from
"Discover me" to "No BT Phone") briefly whilst the system connects the Bluetooth
· It will then change to "SIG*" (or "Phone Connected").
On your BB options make sure that you have the following set;

Discoverable: yes
Allow outgoing calls: Always
Address Book Transfer: All entries
However - if NO device connects - chances are the antenna will need to be replaced.
The BTM is in the trunk and the antenna module is in the center console.
The BTUM incorporates the antenna. It is under center console. The module in the trunk is the PSE module that communicated everything to the audio unit. Also stores your phone book.

2007 still under warranty? it should be replaced where you bought the vehicle, if you are unable to connect via the procedure outlined above.

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Please see.

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0000 or 00000?

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