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I might have a solution. I have the same problem. I just got an 09 accent and I think it is going to be a great project car to performance up but have problems finding parts because it is so new. I found a company that can help us with our problem. They are called KFX Performance, it is a specialty company for Korean aftermarket car parts. The only problem the representative told me, which you can get his info. on the website, is that they are having trouble bringing out the parts because I believe he said of either patent or demand problems. He did state that soon they are going to put the parts on sale. When I talked to him on the phone I stated that they would have plenty of people buying their parts because of the growing accent community, So do me a favor and help me spread the word so we can get some good parts going for this car, I am with you on the performance thing. The representative stated that in the future they are going to bring out the headers and possible turbo kit, I know nice. They offer headers now for a 1.6L engine but it is for the 06 Kia Rio. He told me to go to a Kia dealer and find out if the 06 Rio and the 09 accent share the same engine set up, if they do then I can be gold for a custom header job or I can just wait until they come out for the accent. He did state that just with their headers that they offer now you can get 9hp and if you get a high flow cat you can get another 9hp as well, very nice and with a AEM short ram intake that is a great start. Let me know what you think.

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This would be a major engineering job, it would be time consuming and very costly if new original parts were to be used and i suspect it would invalidate your warranty.

Would it not be better to trade in your car for an automatic version?

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hiya bonnie if you intend to DIY the brakes ? front pads? or rear shoes ? the front pads are easy enough for you to change in fact the pads/and calipers are virtually the same as ford and peugeot they are sliding type calipers that are held in position by 2x bolts that screw into the pins from rear of caliper when bolts removed the caliper pulls off reassembly is reverse after you push piston back the pads fit into the caliper carrier then refit/secure the caliper and pump brake pedal to take up the pads to discs B4 you move car then!bleed each brake a couple of pumps till fluid is clean the fluid that comes out first will be dirty due to heat absorbsion resulting in spongy pedal you will find pedal is more positive/hard when you bleedbrakes as i suggested brake fluid does absorb heat and moisture over time that is why it is recommended you bleed fluid to clear old fluid in lines nearest the cylinders hope this helps ? if you req further help come back will be glad to help best wishes from rochdale

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how was the ECM broken? and who diagnosed the ECM as the problem? thanks -jeff

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Sep 18, 2008 | 345 views

Brake booster specs ("Save picture as" to another location and use ZOOM IN utility to have a better view.

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You have to find what causes front tire early wear. Tire Quality or front wheel misalignment.
First check your front wheel alignment and correct if necessary.

Warranty Duration
Each manufacturer specifies the duration of their tires' limited warranty in months or years from the date of purchase. Therefore, tire warranties begin at the time of delivery for new vehicles, and at the time of purchase for replacement tires. Consequently a new vehicle's registration certificate or the replacement tire's sales invoice will establish proof of ownership and the tire's in-service date. If no proof of purchase is available, the week and year the tire was manufactured (as identified by the DOT tire identification code branded on the sidewall) will be used.
Tire warranties also expire when the tire's original tread is worn down to 2/32nds of an inch (1.6 mm) of remaining tread at which time the tread blocks are worn flush with the treadwear indicator bars.

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yes but mostly it needs to be done by dash tech recommended or apolstry shop <<< spell check

but here are the steps
remove dash place out of sun
mix batch of heat resistant resin
apply resin to dash the whole dash make a little thicker on dash
let dry
now when dried and hardened after 24 to 48 hours you take a sanding block and sand down smooth with sand paper then repaint with color dash that was before

you can use this same resin to also fill in the cracks of dash but you will still have to sand and repaint the area you just applied the heat resistant resin too this is called touch up the dash

dont use a power sander on this type of project you could damage your dash permanently

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Jun 11, 2008 | 209 views

Any particular torque specs or do you expect us to look up all of them and post them here?

Hyundai Accent... | Answered on May 02, 2019 | 20 views

The first suggestion is that you have drained the battery when working on the lights. First remove the battery and use a good quality charger to fully charge it. **Note* Charge the battery in a well ventilated area and on a hard surface**. Leave it on charge for at least 8 hours.
Refit the battery and try to start the engine. If the problem continues it could be a faulty battery.
Please comment below For any more help.

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Either the interior door handle or the cable inside the door is broken. You'll need to remove the door panel and look to see what is damaged.

Hyundai Accent... | Answered on Sep 29, 2018 | 687 views

check all suspension bushes n, shocky mounts and ball joints

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possibly the anteena coil faulty,immoblizer module faulty,wiring fault or key needs reprogramming

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You have not indicated the year of the car, but the most likely reason for your problem is the wires are broken or unhooked to the front.
I would wonder if the car were in a front end collision and was improperly repaired.
Take a test light and test the sockets that plug in to the lights, and see if they have current.
Also, check the ground wires, if they are bad, the lights will not work. Also, check the fuses, under the dashboard and also under the hood of the car to see if there is failure.
God bless your efforts.

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Over time, belts get a glazing, slicker, or will stretch out some. Sometimes you need to replace the tensioner arm.
Since it typically is cheaper and quicker to replace the belt(s), I would do that first. If that doesn't fix the issue... the next potential problem would be the tensioner arm or pulley.
Semper Fi,

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An auto parts supplier should be able to help.

Hyundai Accent... | Answered on Apr 25, 2018 | 20 views

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