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I was told to check user manual

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Jun 13, 2014 | 93 views

go to Hyundai dealer workshop they should steer you the right way or any car radio fitting workshops should be able to ether fix the problem or tell you how to to fix it.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Apr 10, 2014 | 115 views

remove obstacles first, you need to twist the bulb holder and then pull out.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Apr 10, 2014 | 53 views

check the wire in the window carefully to see if there is a break.. u can get repair kit at auto zone

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Apr 10, 2014 | 230 views

check the contacks on the back window and the smoll elements in the glass if browken you can bay the slushon to vmend them

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Apr 10, 2014 | 70 views

-Always refer to its repair manual.

Good luck


2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Mar 26, 2014 | 464 views

please can you help me with this fault code c1292

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Jan 29, 2014 | 1,399 views

Sounds like a sticking fuel pump.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Dec 22, 2013 | 166 views

how many miles on vehicle?

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 187 views

if same as 2004 Accent, then remove right front wheel, slide underneath, and start wrenching. should be 2-3 bolts

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 253 views

if the same design as 2004 Accent then just remove right front wheel, slide underneath, and start wrenching on it. should be 2 or 3 bolts

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 135 views

probably need to be using a lighter weight oil. I use 5w-30 in central Texas. If you are that far north, where oil gets cold and thickens up....

have dealer verify by dropping off for service, parking outside overnight, and then try to bring it into the service bay next morning for service.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 438 views

check fluid level, check belt tension. add fluid if needed. depending on mileage/driving conditions, may need to replace p/s pump.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 58 views

not really. if you are getting different air flow at different fan speeds then the problem is the mixing door that allows warm air thru to mix with the ambient air. something is preventing it from opening if you are not getting heat.
if your fan speed stays constant then something is either blocking the fan output or something is wrong with the fan itself.
check your temp gauge. if it is getting hotter then you are losing coolant and need to fix that ASAP.
last, depending on where you live, you could conceivably be not getting hot enough air. I had a car 23 years ago like that. At temps below 0F it just wouldn't get warm enough to put hot air in the car and I had to wear gloves, jacket, neckwarmer, and hat to stay semi-warm. I actually had to block off part of the radiator with a cardboard sheet. to get some heat in the car.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 28, 2013 | 91 views

run fault codes and check for faults . Don't guess as that costs dollars

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 18, 2013 | 152 views

run fault codes to stop wasting money as the codes will indicate exactly where the faults are.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Nov 17, 2013 | 339 views

You need to take your car to Autozone and have them read then clear the code before worrying about anything,it needs to come back on to be a hard code,Make sure you tighten your gas cap three or four clicks past tight
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2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Oct 17, 2013 | 287 views

usually near to the thermostat or the rear of the engine but dont know what engine you have in cc.

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Oct 10, 2013 | 177 views

Did you remove the battery or jump-start the car recently? that gives your radio an ICDE error.
To fix it: Easy fix - firstly, you'll need to remove the stereo to get to the serial number. Have the following tools ready, either: a) 2 metal rulers b) 1 metal ruler and 2 kitchen knives you don't mind bending c) 2 kitchen knives and one fork you don't mind bending d) possibly 2 forks will also work
Okay, here goes (I used option c):
1) use a kitchen knife to remove the black plastic border around your stereo. 2) on either side you should see the metal bracket and a smaller metal flap - place your fork between the bracket and the flap on the left hand side. jam it in quite far, so it can release the internal clips. 3) place your knives so that the flat (non-cutting) edges are touching and jam it in on the right side (basically so it works like a metal ruler for the clips, which I didn't have on hand) 4) use leverage to prise the whole unit out slightly. You can then remove it by hand. You don't need to remove it fully, you just need to see the serial number, which is on the top in the upper, right corner. 5) take the last 4 numbers of the serial and do some maths! You need to add 1/2/1/2 to the numbers in sequence. For example, if the last 4 numbers are 9462 then your maths should give you 0674 (9 1, 4 2, 6 1, 2 2). Another example is 1234=2446. Remember the number you end up with!! 6) start the electrics of your car (2 key turns). The radio should say ICDE. 7) For this example, pretend the number you ende dup with is 0674. Press the "1" on your stereo until the first number after ICDE says 0. Press "2" until the second number says 6. "3" until the third says 7 and "4" until the fourth says 4. You should end up with the display saying: "ICDE0674". Press the "5" on your stereo and MAGIC, your radio is working again!! 8) push the stereo back in at re-attach the face plate.
p.s. I accept no responsibility if you get zapped or break anything while trying this. I may feel a bit guilty (but not responsible, remember) if I hear on the news that you got zapped though. enjoy your tunes!

2007 Hyundai... | Answered on Jul 10, 2018 | 6,649 views

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