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I got this free Pdf manual from reliable-store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the 20 times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

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the dealership has not tried everything if they have not done a compression test
water pumps seldom are responsible for overheating as their major failure is bearings and pump seal
if it has plastic radiator tanks, the plastic cracks and there is no pressure build up so the coolant boils off at a lower temp
there are a lot more tests that can be done other than what the dealer did

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Contact the dealer for the location of the blower motor and then roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Before you take out the motor you might want to verify that it is receiving power. If not receiving power the motor could be good and the problem could be with the wiring - no need to replace a motor that is still good!!!!!!

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What's the trouble Rich , A 2013 shouldn't need refrigerant added already ! Unless you work on A/C systems all the time I suggest you take it to someone who does . These newer system take very little refrigerant , an is very easy to over fill , which means it won't get cold , just like with too little refrigerant ! It should be evacuated an recharged , the recharge is weighted to exactly the right amount ! They shouldn't be allowed to sell refrigerant too the public , me as a tech , I have to be certified ! If I let refrigerant escape into the atmosphere I can get fined , it should be the same for joe Q public !

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most likely leak in one or more of the vacuum lines and or out door air damper not closing

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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stuck where, and when? (stuck in PARK>?) ??????????
all automatic cars have a feature called park lockout.
this car is under warranty, and most cars there is a bypass method stated in the operators guide, did you look there , in that book in glove box?
key on, step on brake, and see if you can get it to shift.

one some newer cars they took away the bypass feature. those cars should be avoided, (why invite getting stranded for so silly a reason ,huh)

page 9-19 shows no bypass... says call dealer.

the same book, shows, car can never be flat towed.
(no park bypass)

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the car has many systems
name one.

what lever, where.

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Everything you mention is in the same door. Look for a connector between the body and the actuators in the door. This may be accessible or just inside the door itself, past a rubber grommet. Pull the connector apart and inspect it. Spray with silicon or WD40 and reassemble.

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DTC P0497: Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System No Flow During Purge
Circuit/System Description
The control module tests the evaporative emission (EVAP) system for a large leak, or a stuck closed EVAP canister purge valve. The control module monitors the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor signal to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. When the conditions for running are met, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve OPEN and the EVAP vent valve CLOSED. This allows engine vacuum to enter the EVAP system. At a calibrated time, or vacuum level, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve closed, sealing the system, and monitors the FTP sensor input in order to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. If the system is unable to achieve the calibrated vacuum level, or the vacuum level increases too slowly, a DTC sets.

Diagnostic Aids
• A loose, missing, or damaged fuel fill cap can cause this DTC to set.
• A stuck closed, blocked, or restricted EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, can cause this DTC to set.
• A blockage or restriction in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve vacuum supply hose, EVAP canister purge solenoid valve purge pipe, EVAP canister, or vapor pipe, can cause this DTC to set.
• A temporary blockage in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, purge pipe or EVAP canister could cause an intermittent condition. Inspect and repair any restriction in the EVAP system.
• To help locate intermittent leaks, use the J 41413-200 Evaporative Emissions System Tester (EEST) to introduce smoke into the EVAP system. Move all EVAP components while observing smoke with the J 41413-SPT High Intensity White Light. Introducing smoke in 15 second intervals will allow less pressure into the EVAP system. When the system is less pressurized, the smoke will sometimes escape in a more condensed manner.
• To improve the visibility of the smoke exiting the EVAP system, observe the suspected leak area from different angles with the J 41413-SPT .
• Observe the Freeze Frame/Failure Records vehicle mileage since the diagnostic test last failed may help determine how often the condition occurs that caused the DTC to set. This may assist in diagnosing the condition.

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Is it the Bendix? Is your alternator working? Is your fuel pump working correctly. It could be a few things, just troal and error. Good luck.

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Engine off,ignition on, gas pedal to the floor 3 times.

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usually the underneath connector is just loose .try to remove the connector and clean .if the same problem occurs check the for the ground and blown up fuse

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DTC P0877: Transmission Fluid Pressure (TFP) Switch 4 Circuit Low Voltage

The transmission fluid pressure (TFP) switch 4 is part of the control solenoid (w/body and TCM) valve assembly and is not serviced separately. The TCM supplies 12 volts to the TFP switch 4 on the TFP switch 4 signal circuit; the TFP switch 4 has an internal case ground. TFP switch 4 is normally closed, Low. When oil pressure is present at the TFP switch 4, the switch is open, high. The normally low clutch pressure control (PC) solenoid 4-5 controls the transmission fluid to the 1-2-3-4 clutch. The TCM monitors the normally closed TFP switch 4 signal circuit to determine the 1-2-3-4 clutch status.
The TCM detects that the TFP switch 4 signal voltage remains low, 0 volts when the 1-2-3-4 clutch is commanded ON for 5.5 seconds or greater.

Action Taken When the DTC Sets
• DTCs P0877 and P0878 are Type C DTCs.
• The TCM freezes transmission adaptive functions.

Circuit/System Testing
Ensure the TFT is near the temperature displayed in the Failure Records.
Start the engine and place the transmission range selector in D6.
Observe the TFP switch 4 parameter while commanding 4th gear and then commanding 5th gear with the scan tool. The TFP Switch 4 should transition from High in 4th gear to Low in 5th gear.
? If the TFP switch 4 parameter state does not change, perform the Control Solenoid Valve and Transmission Control Module Assembly Inspection .
? If no concerns are found, replace the control solenoid (w/body and TCM) valve assembly.
Component Testing
Perform the Control Solenoid Valve and Transmission Control Module Assembly Inspection .
Repair Instructions
Perform the Diagnostic Repair Verification after completing the diagnostic procedure.
Control solenoid (w/body and TCM) valve assembly replacement - refer to Control Module References for replacement, setup, and programming.
Perform the Service Fast Learn Adapts

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My personal suggestion would be to go for these repair catalogs. I know this website www.reliable-store that i used to buy them from, and they sold online it was very good manual. Go ahead, I bet.

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On most vehicles there are 3 blinker bulbs on each side. One at the front corner, one at the rear corner and a third side repeater usually mounted in the front wing, (fender).
Some more modern car companies have started fitting the side repeater into the door mounted 'wing' mirror body.
The blink rate will usually be around 60 to 120 flashes per minute. If the rate on yours is usually slower, a higher speed flash suggests there is a blown or missing bulb.

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Replace the passenger side blend door actuator

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Fuel injector cleaner

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