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I recommend that you replace it as soon as possible; My dad had a similar problem that you had then when he turn it on it made a noise at first and he left it for at least a couple weeks or so and 1 day his car started to loose power and he was doing 70 and he had his foot on the gas when he noticed he was doing 60 and he pressed down on the pedal but to no prevail until he shut off the A/C and he regained the power back and so he got it replaced with a new one. So I definitely would replace it as soon as you can or you will experience it like my dad experienced it.

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some times you will just need to turn it off by pressing the off button on the radio itself.
if it doesnt have one you will need to check the settings.

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Hi there my name is Brandon I am a electronic and mechanical engineering technician I am the man that mechanics bring cars too when they cant fix them or cant find the electric problem I am a 4 generation mechanic OK what fuses are you talking about bc the radio may have some in it or in line fuse link I need more information

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First check the accesory fuse.

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Most likely it is either the fuel level sending unit attached to the fuel pump or the stand alone unit (there are two sending units, both located in the tank), or, as counter-intuitive as it seems, it could be the speedometer assembly. Personally, I lean toward the latter.

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If it's spraying out of the spout and is boiling, it's very possible that one of the head gaskets blew depending on how long it takes to overheat.

A few things to look for:
Inspect the radiator. Make sure all of the cooling fins are there, and not obstructed by dirt/debris.
Make sure the cooling fan is turning on (it should turn on when the temperature is approximately at the halfway point of the temp gauge).
Look at the color of the "smoke" coming from the tailpipe. White = steam. Some steam is normal, however, if it's constant, and a lot of it, it's a blown head gasket indicator.
Blue = burning oil. Black = unburned fuel,

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sounds like a bad thermostat its stuck shut causing overheat and no hot air in the car make sur to bleed air out of cooling system after replacing cooling system

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Is your stereo fuse been shared with the lighter,if so then disconnect lighter and see if that solves the problem.What year is your car?I could look it up and see if it is,my Nissan shares the same fuse.

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If your Infiniti is more than a few years old, the CD player may need replacement.

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have u checked the water pump? the gasket could be bad! if that's not the problem check the thermostat. they also make a dye u can poor in the radiator called auto pro uv dye. you can get it at advanced auto parts store! use a black light and it'll show you where the leak is coming from! hope this helps!

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sensor maybe bad. check them with meator

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Fault with a valve sensor ,if you rotate the wheels like you should on a service then this is what happens

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Has the switch been tested? When you press the window control switch do you see the doom lights dim just a very tiny bit, if so you need to replace the power window motor.

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Your owners manual will have a diagram of each fuse box and what fuse is for what component, also most of the time on the inside of the fuse box lid will show the same info. Most of the time relays do not go bad, you can find a matching relay that you know works (maybe horn relay) and swap it with the Fuel pump relay. If a fuel pump is working you can hear it when you turn your key to the start position for a few seconds with out starting the car, you might have to go to the rear of the car while some one else turns the key.
The best way to take care of this problem is:If you can't hear the pump working you find access to the top of the fuel sending unit or a portion of the fuel pump wire harness and take a light tester and test for power to the pump, if the pump has power and its not working than you need a new fuel sending unit.

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1st step get a can of silicone spray & wind down window & spray in both window rails from top to as low as you can. operate windows & repeat. This may free them up.

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You need to have the code pulled, then cleared. That should have been done with your diagnostic tests. Many parts places like AutoZone will do this for you for free. It could be something as simple as a gas cap but it could also be more serious like a catalytic converter.
If there is a fuel vapor leak, it will record the same code as a faulty gas cap. That would mean that you need a new filler hose which is where you put the nozzle in to fill up your car with gas. This is a more expensive fix than a gas cap. I am guessing that the code which was pulled suggested a gas cap OR something more serious.
You may have more than one code being recorded. Your best bet would be to disconnect your battery for 20 minutes or so, then drive the car until the check engine light comes on again then take it to have the codes pulled. Those codes sometimes stack up and maybe it wasn't reset after you replaced the cap.

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No the window regulator is not going bad in most cases, but to make a final determination of what the cause is, answer this, does the window make any attempt to roll up? if not then the switch is defective, if it does try to move lubricate the window channel's with dry Graphite spray and see if that eases the roll up problem.

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does the rear wiper have a delay..?
turn it on and after it stops, leave it for at least a minute.
Some of these vehicles also have a moisture sensor so if the window is dry, the wiper will not operate until the sensor detects moisture.
You may also have a timing relay issue but the location of the relay is hard to determine as some have the relay under the dash while others mount it at the rear of the vehicle..

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