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Well, an engine needs 3 things to run....fuel, spark, and compression. But they also have to happen in the right time in the right amounts. If you are sure that you have fuel getting into the engine, and you are sure that you have spark at the plugs. I think I would be checking the timing and the compression. And remember, just because you have fuel pressure at the fuel rail doesn't nesissarily mean that the injectors are opening.

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This is a method of specifying how many additional degrees of rotation to turn a bolt after reaching a specified torque value.

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It may be a good idea to have an experienced AC person take a look at the problem. It may be as simple as recharging the system or a seal problem. Whatever it may be, you don't want any Freon leaking into the environment if you can stop it. Have them take a look and see if they can find the problem for you.

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The problem could be:

- Dirty or low engine oil
- Valve timing
- Oil control valve
- Variable Valve Timing controller assembly
- Engine Control Module (ECM)

There is an oil control valve on the head that allows oil pressure to change the cam timing. If it gets dirty or sticks, you have this error.

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Also what no one is mentioning is to make sure you have oil pressure, or that the oil pressure sensor is working, alot of newer vehicles run the fuel pumps off of them oil pressure sensor so if your vehicle stops pumping oil and lubricating, it shuts the fuel pump off to protect itself from damage or further damage

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There are several all around the engine block and cylinder heads.

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I thought it was my fuel pump. It's likely your ECU.
The capacitors may have begun leaking.
I redid mine and fixed the problem.

See here:

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Possibly a defective speed sensor

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There are so many possible causes: Worn/defective spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, vacuum leak, ignition coil, sensor problem...Have you done any diagnostics at all?

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Your owners manual will let you know for sure. It should be in the underhood fuse / relay center

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Google the codes and their general meanings tips...have you released your manual break?

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have the OBD I codes read ,it might just need a reset but will also tell you if there is an issue with any sensors/switches etc

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A noisey fuel pump can be an indication of a worn pump. You have to do a fuel pressure test to determine if the pump is supplying proper pressure and volume

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There isn't a fuse. Clocks are very low voltage and ampere draw. Access the plug. Pull it and replace it(corrosion). If it starts working agian, you are good to go. Otherwise replace the clock module.

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It doesn't have one. That function is done by the Powertrain Control Module directly to the coils.

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the lock actuator inside the door has failed or the wiring between the door post and the front of the door may have a broken wire

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Check you have any mil codes on the dash?

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