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Computr cud b failn. But first unplug it and clean connectn pins..older cars not uncommon. Or try reprogramin bfor replacin..not at a dealer

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their is a special tool or you can carefully use a screwdriver to pry hem off

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Ask youtoo n there always a Vedio how to install them

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Go to youtoo they show you a Vedio

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Your codes indicate misfires. What was done in the "tune up"? Misfires can be caused by any of several different causes including (but not limited to):
spark plugs
spark plug wires
coil packs
injector wires

The term "tune up" used to mean, "replace points, condenser, distributor cap and rotor, and plugs". Since most cars no longer have points, condenser, distributor cap and rotor, we need to ask what was done...

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Next time Use your key and unlock then lock the doors again .

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Have the check engine light scanned for codes related to this problem first. You may have a charging system issue causing low voltage resulting in the lights flashing/stalling.

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Try tightening your battery bables.Do they need cleaning,if they have battery acid buildup,pour coca-cola on them,then rinse with water.

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replace it one might think

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Have you checked fault codes? There are so many things that could be causing it, checking and repairing any codes would be a start.

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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that is usually done with the original key of course .many times you need to wiggle the wheel to get the key to turn

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give the car back unless you want to go to a bad place after you die.

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Well an exhaust leak is not usually a hum, more like a rumble.
You should be able to listen under the car while someone is revving up the engine and hear an exhaust leak.
The ticking sound is normal for metal that is very hot and cooling off.
The burning smell could be oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold or pipe.

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Which model/year is your car? Do you step on the break pedal when you attempting the start? Do you have a push start button or you need to use key? Is your remote starter battery ok or depleted?

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You need to find out why it shuts off. Immediately as it fails test for spark at plugs. OK? next use fuel pressure gauge to see if pressure drops just before it dies. No spark means bad coil/ignition module, crank/cam sensor. Bad fuel pressure = bad pump, filter, relay, regulator.

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Most likely burned one of the high amperage fuses in the fuse relay center. Check owners manual for fuse location and identification. They are the larger plastic rectangle ones in a variety of amperage.

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Should be metric, so 13 or 12. Try each to see.

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Owners manual wi;ll give fuse location and identificartion

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sorry to say my alldata doesnt list no1 cylinder ,but engine can be timed to any cylinder ,1 to 6 without any timing marks but you would need to have studied at college for 6 yrs like me to do this but trust me its not complicated ,bring up any cylinder to top then look at the cams ,if in doubt ask a local mechanic to have a look dont play as if its wrong you could bend the valves and in extreme circumstances knock a hole in a piston crown

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Its used so if the coolant turns to ice the engine doesnt crack. Usualy at the bottom. Napa has complete engine info.

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