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Sounds like you need to land the Key On Power to a different point.

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Check the ground wire to the radio and speaker because it is probably loose. You may have to solder your connections to the radio and speakers.

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ask the parts guy at the dealer for the # and a picture you may be able to make one easy

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You should be using line out from your aftermarket stereo if using the vehicle's existing amp. Then again, you may choose to bypass it, depending on the power being put out by your new stereo.
In both the Expedition and Excursion, the sound systems are different than smaller Fords. The Eddie Bauer typically had the Premium sound system, and the wiring can get tricky with those. You want to make sure it's done right so you don't short out and damage the amp circuit in your new stereo.
If all you're using is the existing speakers, then go ahead and bypass.

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the thermostat should open around 180 although the engine temp might run a little higher than that

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How do I change the weather from Fahrenheit to Celsius on my Fitbit versa? To change the units used for the temperature in the Weather app:
  1. From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap or click the Account icon > Advanced Settings > Units.
  2. In the Length section, select a different measurement. ...
  3. Sync your watch and then open the Weather app on your watch to see the updated units.

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Hi there's this website something like reliable-store and it is very amazing for manual for repairing servicing anything
someone on fixya recommended it to me and I thank him even today
They have full manuals and it's verrrrry cheap and mine
I got free in offers
3rd time I also had an issue with
the file so the girl replaced it in 30 mins
there is one more but i don't remember its name it was 2 years back bitman something link this
Try it out brother

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The switch is failing.
Is the switch not double pull and double throw with 6 pins? What does the motor do when you change the polarity?

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Why it is important to change spark plugs

Changing the spark plugs is a way of assuring top efficiency and performance. The misfires that may occur will increase exhaust emission as well as harm gas mileage. ... It is therefore is very important for a car owner to heed the warning signals of possible spark plug problems.

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Brake lubricant, why it's important to use the correct type

When replacing brake pads and rotors. Make sure to use the correct lubricant in the correct location. Slide pins should always be lubricated with a synthetic/silicon brake lubricant. Never ever use Anti-seize on slide pins, or anything rubber for that matter. Anti-seize will cause rubber to swell and cause slide pins to seize in the caliper brackets. Using any kind of lubricate formulated for brakes will prevent unnecessary repairs down the road.

You may use Anti-seize on any other metal to metal contact point. This means brake hardware that contacts the brake pad, the back of the pad where it meets the caliper piston and fingers, the hub face that meets the back of the rotor hat, and the pilot whole where the wheel centers itself.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you replace your pads and rotors and you will be on the road to success! Until next time, happy driving!

If you have any questions or need help while replacing your brake pads, trust a professional! Please feel free to contact me for advice on your current or next repair. Follow this link to contact me directly:

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could be the temperature switch

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The ref voltage is 12 volts, probably goes hot with key on. Lo ref, should be ground, A computer safe test lite should work to check ground. Then you have the signal wire. With a digital sensor, the signal, in this case would switch between 0 and 12 volts depending on engine position. It's a dual crank sensor, that's why you got 6 wires.
The battery has a full charge and connections all good? Engine cranking you have spark--proper fuel pressure and fuel injector pulse? Any applicable trouble codes? Those are the basic checks, in my opinion.
crank sensor-orfecnhligdjmsg4ftmwzmla-4-0.jpg

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Yes, it should show a code and is more serious than a steady check engine light. A blinking CEL usually indicates that your vehicle's engine is misfiring, which could severely damage your catalytic converters. ...Engine misfire is a severe condition that requires immediate attention to avoid expensive repairs or even a car fire! You should stop driving and seek immediate repair.

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Just because injector has fuel doesn't mean its firing engine requires air and fuel squit some start assist spray into air intake pipe if it starts it means injectors not firing then check electrics

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How to fix simple car computer problems

Often time with these computerized vehicles they may start running rough, not shift right, and have little glitches while driving. Yes, you can take it to the dealer and have them check it out, and at the same time pay an exorbitant fee. Often this is not needed and there is a simpler solution to what appears a complex problem. Not trying to tell you that it may not be, but at least try this simple solution first. Disconnect your positive or negative battery cable for about twelve minutes, then put it back on. By doing this you reset the computer to its original stage. Be warned, after doing this most computers will have to relearn your driving habits.

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